Perk Alert! Shop Runaway by Karen Walker for Anthropologie first!

Monday, January 28, 2013

If your biggest complaint about Karen Walker's initial Made in Kind for Anthropologie collection was the synthetic fabrics, I've got good news for you. Her Spring 2013 collection, Runaway, is here and it's made from the good stuff. Plus, anthro members get to shop it before anyone else.

Details inside.

In a Perk Alert email I didn't get (thanks to all who forwarded it my way!) yesterday Anthropologie invited select anthro card loyalty program members to take a peek at Ms. Walker's latest. The collection is called Runaway and correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these designs have been available in Australia and New Zealand for several months. It's the first time we're seeing them stateside though!

The previous Made in Kind collaboration with Ms. Walker was Hi There! and the biggest community gripe was that instead of silks most of the dresses were polyester. Although that's how you get a $300 dress down to $170 the community was not having it. This time around, while poly still does make some appearances, I'm happy to report that most of the items are cotton, voile, chambray or poplin. A couple of the items even have silk in them! I'm pleased. Hi There! is also back for Spring with some appealing new items, though the dresses remain polyester instead of silk.

Below are the collections. My favorites are the Tropica Orchard Dress ($158) and the Sealife Sweatshirt Dress ($178). You can also view all the items on the pre-shop page. What do you think of these latest Karen Walker items? Anything headed to your wishlist? Are you happy to see less poly and more 'real' material?

The Runaway collection:

And the Hi There! By Karen Walker collection: