No fresh cuts, but there's still an Anthropologie SALE!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

If you were hoping for fresh sale cuts this morning you'll likely be disappointed. But if 2nd/3rd/etc cuts are more your speed you'll be happy -- sort of! Lots of further cuts on Anthropologie sale items this morning.

Unfortunately, many of these items are showing as sold out. It looks like the store inventory fulfillment must still be turned off, as I've seen many of these dresses in the NYC stores. If you can hunt them down you'll get quite a deal and some of these pieces do still have stock as of this writing.

Starter list with clothing below! What else do you see marked down further on your wishlist? Check out all the sale items on Anthropologie's website where there are still plenty of treasures to be found.

Adelita Brocade Mini Dress (now $70), Style No. #25877515

Birdsong Script Dress (now $50, review), Style No. #25804287

Bluefield Corset Dress (now $80), Style No. #25915935

Carmindy Dress (now $60, review), Style No. #25573056

Chrysanthemum Tea Dress (now $50), Style No. #26100511

Dashed Gilt Brocade Dress (now $60, review), Style No. #26033969

Draped Tieback Dress (now $60, review), Style No. #26115485

Effervescent Dots Dress (now $30), Style No. #25898784

Flocked Sable Dress (now $60, review), Style No. #25896002

Goldleaf Cocktail Dress (now $90, review), Style No. #26001214

Glinted Sunset Shift (now $80, review), Style No. #26183905

Hequet Dress (now $70), Style No. #26120766

Lace Menagerie Dress (now $50), Style No. #25623885

Lingonberry Lace Dress (now $60), Style No. #25515792

Luella Dress (now $80), STYLE #24666703

Mariposa Lace Dress (now $70, review), Style No. #24862310

Nipped Brocade Dress (now $60), Style No. #25865254

Plumes Kimono Midi Dress (now $70, review), Style No. #26183509

Robin's Egg Dress (now $100, review), Style No. #26056358

Rosegold Stripes Dress (now $50, review), Style No. #26118893

Sasonger Tulle Dress (now $50, review), Style No. #25896317

Sapphire Lace Dress (now $50), Style No. #25865502

Shadeflower Dress (now $30), Style No. #25862699

Starburst Pleated Shift (now $40), Style #: 25935214

Striated Lace Dress (now $40, review), Style #: 25425182

Brocade Shimmer Skirt (now $30, review), Style No. #26069773

Chantilly Lace Mini (now $50), Style No. #26000687

Metallic Tulle Skirt (now $40), Style No. #25966532

Shimmered Lace Pencil Skirt (now $60), Style No. #26818633

Sparked Tulle Party Skirt (now $30), Style No. #26447664

Gilt Diamond Sweater (now $50), Style No. #25920463

Aurous Blouse (now $40), Style No. #26306720

Beaded Altitude Tunic (now $40), Style No. #25884966

Bombus Sequined Shell (now $30), Style No. #26429753

Shimmered Lace Shell (now $50), Style No. #26818484

Texcoco Tunic (now $50, review), Style No. #25889650

Witching Hour Peplum Blouse (now $30), Style No. #26121111

Paillette Trails Dress Topper (now $30), Style No. #26138115

Pebbled Foil Jacket (now $40), Style No. #25880345

Zigzag Fringe Jacket (now $40), STYLE #25279001

Cropped Metallic Slims (now $30), Style No. #25977224

Paisley Brocade Crops (now $30), Style #: 25997925