Watch your mailboxes Anthropologie lovers!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanks so much to Jess, who let the community know that Anthropologie is sending out an adorable gift to some Anthro lovers!

The precious rock-paper-scissors necklace you see above is making its way out to Anthropologie adorers. My guess is that this is the annual gift that certain people receive. I have no idea what the exact criteria is (I'm guessing it's your annual spend but don't quote me on that).

While not everyone who shops at Anthropologie will get this piece, I think it's a lovely gesture on Anthro's part. I haven't received the gift in several years nor do I expect to this year if spend is the guiding factor. I'm down nearly 50% at Anthropologie this year and if I didn't qualify before I'm sure I won't now.

Take a look at the cute message on the back of the card:

Very cute, Anthropologie. Very cute. Jess's is the first report I've heard about this necklace and I expect that people who are on the list will receive it over the next several days. This little loyalty gesture is a nice touch! Here's hoping everyone in the community gets one.