Reviews: Embroidered Peasant Tee, Crashed Waves Top, Here & There Tee, Offbeat, Jeweled Collar Cowlneck, Lace Peplum Blouse, Slubby Ruched Henley, Flora-Spliced Chambray Buttondown

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The perfect Thanksgiving look? Shown here are the Lace Peplum Blouse ($88), 

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, let's churn out some more reviews. Will any of these items hit sale? Who knows? This week we'll be focusing on tops.

Embroidered Peasant Tee ($58) by Vanessa Virginia, TTS
Style #  25626730; turquoise (046), ivory (011), pink (066), brown (020)

Note: If you're wondering my sizing measurements/height/etc, they're detailed on this page.

Sometimes a simple, well-fit top is all you need. The Embroidered Peasant Tee ($58) is an ideal layering piece and comes in a pretty selection of colors. The construction of this cotton top is superb. There's a nicely gathered front tuxedo henley with tab-button sleeves and a back shoulder panel that keeps this top partially fitted to the body. It's lightweight which makes it perfect for those last warm fall days and ideal as a layering top. The material is thankfully opaque with slight heathering.

A medium fit me well, comfortably loose through the midsection before ending low hip.There seems to be a little extra material where the sleeves and top meet but otherwise I have no complaints. This top feels terrific on and is a great casual piece.

Comfy, cotton, consider this top wishlisted!!

Crashed Waves Top ($68) by Vanessa Virginia, TTS
Style #25650698; purple (050)

I see what Anthropologie was going for with the Crashed Waves Top ($68). The pattern inset to this otherwise purple top is too loud to stand on its own, so instead Anthro tried to deploy it in shared fashion. The shape of the inset is very strange and not exactly flattering. It would be better in my mind if both sleeves were pattern, with curvy darts of purple down each side to slim and trim before pattern takes over again in the middle. This particular set looks fine from the side of back but kind of like a psychedelic mammogram from the front. I've already got two breasts. I don't need a third.

The top is very form fitting. While my usual size medium fit best I'm not sure I'd be comfortable in a top that hugs me so closely. Maybe for going out but certainly not for the day-to-day. The top was not nearly as ruched on me as it was on the model, yet the large sagged off me loosely. Seems like this top and I were not meant to get along. The rayon material is theoretically washable, but the bold pattern means care is needed to prevent bleeding.

Cool idea, odd execution. Back to the rack.

Here & There Tee, Offbeat ($48) by Postmark, TTS
Style # B25931551; navy (041), neutral motif (015), dark blue (042)

If you missed out on the Eze Sur Mer Tee or its descendant the Curated Tee you're in luck! The design is once again back in new patterns, this time as the Here & There Tee. I chose the dotted Here & There Tee, Offbeat ($48) for my review. Polka dots may not seem too offbeat but the dark blue version of this top has hot air balloons going in every which direction and that qualifies. The neckline of the tee seems to have changed slightly from a higher boat neck to more of a scoop and I'm thankful for it -- it's more flattering on me now. The sleeves are ruched with just a touch of pouf. The top is long, hitting low hip.

A medium felt best on. It was hugging, especially around the bust, but not painfully so. This cotton top is another great layering option and when warmer weather returns you can wear it on its own easily. I like that it's work appropriate but still fun enough to wear to happy hour after. It feels easy and light on with no itch factor.

Lovely top! Wishlisted, and I'll probably pick up more than one pattern. The skirt here is the Sailing Lace Skirt, reviewed here.

Jeweled Collar Cowlneck ($88) by Leifnotes, TTS
Style # 25532284; ivory (011)

Oh, painful lighting of the 5th Ave Anthropologie fitting rooms, thank you for showing off all my arm fat with your shadows cast from above. I'm embarrassed to say I tried on the Jeweled Collar Cowlneck ($88) back in, umm, the summer, and am just getting around to running the review now. Oops. The real star of this simple draped top is the neckline which featured stones and flowers attached via metal holders. I wonder what this top will feel like when layered -- potential ouch factor. The top is made from double-layered viscose jersey that gets the thumbs up from me. It's susceptible to wrinkles but they come out very easily with a light steam.

There were no mediums in the store, just smalls. So above you see me in a small and yes I needed a medium. That makes this top true to size. The shadows are doing a terrible job of showing this top off so you'll just have to trust me when I say that it's really cute and flattering on. It's ivory, not white, so I think this would make a lovely winter white top. I'm thinking date night would be a good time for this.

My main objection to this top is the price. So I'll wait for sale. For now? Wishlisted.

Lace Peplum Blouse ($88) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
Style #25443623; red (060), black (001) or gold (070)

Although I always think of them for dresses first, Moulinette Soeurs does quite well when it comes to tops. This lovely item is the Lace Peplum Blouse ($88) and it's a real winner. Peplums are a challenge when you already have hips. I found this top very flattering and am so happy that it has a waist that actually hits me at the waist! Hooray!! WE HAVE FOUND THE WAIST. I'm so used to waists going empire on me that I almost forgot what it's like to have a top that actually hits there. Save this pattern forever, Anthro. Please!

The top is lace in cotton and nylon with a poly lining underneath. It's not sheer at all. A concealed side zip makes it easier to slip on and off. The high scoop neckline can be a challenge on people like me who are prone to turtleneck-induced gagging. The sleeves drop just below the elbow. I found this top true to size, meaning a 6 for me. Larger busts will want to size up. (I'm a 34D and just made it in to the 6.)

Wishlisted in every color, even the mustard-gold. Love this top!!

Slubby Ruched Henley ($58) by Meadow Rue, TTS
Style #  26140533; blue (040), ivory (011), green (030), yellow (072), orange (080)

The Slubby Ruched Henley ($58) is the even more casual version of the Embroidered Peasant Tee ($58) up at the top of this post. It feels like a pajama tee on and I mean that as a compliment. I like the tuxedo henley. And I like the button sleeves. But for whatever reason this top does not fit as well as the as the other henley in this set. It's much looser as Meadow Rue tops tend to be.

The cotton material is very nice and breathable. The top is oddly longer in the back than the front. My usual size medium was loose but not overly so. I like this top but it would be weekends/around the apartment only. Wishlisted for reconsideration at sale time.

The skirt here is the Jacquard Sweater Pencil Skirt ($88, review).

Flora-Spliced Chambray Buttondown ($88) by Postmark, TTS
Style # 25876293; navy (041)

Although I'm getting sick of these back-patterned pieces permeating through Anthropologie's top assortment, I have to admit that the Flora-Spliced Chambray Buttondown ($88) is pretty friggin awesome. Made from the softest chambray with a super cute tiny floral print, this top is comfortable, flattering and ready to come home with me. The cuffs have the floral pattern on the inside (I've got the cuffs turned up so you can see it in the photos above). There's a lighter blue trim on the placket. And the buttons on this top are just delightful.

I wish the chest pocket was a little bigger and a little more centered. Otherwise though this top is great. A 6 fit wonderfully. It's longer in the back (why?!?) and looks great partially unbuttoned or done all the way up as the model shot online shows. Over skinnes, over leggings, over dresses, this top's got a myriad of styling options.

Is it too soon to hope this hits sale? This top is in my cart was we speak.

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I'll be sharing some more sponsor deals over the next few days. The support is always much appreciated!! I'll be back with another reviews set this afternoon. What do you think of the tops in this set?