Eye Candy: November 2012 Anthropologie catalogue

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bubbled Glass Punch Set ($398). LOVE this photo so much.

This post needs to start with a smile! Because unfortunately most of what I have to say about Anthropologie's November 2012 catalogue isn't exactly positive. I don't mean to beat them up -- I adore Anthropologie. I am just not loving the clothes lately. My hope is that in expressing what's not working for me it will help turn the ship around. But if this post comes across as negative then please accept my apologies. It's not my intent.

Let's take a look at the good and the not so good, shall we? And then please share your thoughts in the comments.

Anthropologie's November catalogue is typically a love letter to sweaters with some party dresses mixed in. Unlike most months I'm not really looking for practical with my holiday party card starting to fill up. So the lack of work-appropriateness in this month's book doesn't bother me.

The styling however...

...is just yikes. Am I supposed to desire clothing worn by a model who's just survived a lightning strike? Je ne comprends pas Anthropologie. She seems cool with it I guess. Moreover, I really do not understand the proportion play Anthropologie is so into right now. Every top is oddly heavy around the hips or incredibly bodycon. Nothing is boob friendly it  seems. Skirts and skirts on dresses are either in danger of revealing the tush or matronly long. Out of the whole fit-and-flare section maybe two dresses interest me.

Once again I return to the question: who is this woman Anthropologie is portraying? Where does she live, what does she do? More and more I'm thinking she's a wealthy Park Ave octogenarian who is slipping into paranoid schizophrenia. She doesn't trust anyone and wears all her jewelry at once so no one can steal it. She's partial to gold and layering in ways that make no sense. Her parties are well attended by her pet goose, duck, fox, rabbit and sheep.

Of course then there are the items where Anthropologie redeems itself. How gorgeous is this dress? I predict it will be polarizing in the community since paillettes tend to be either loved or reviled. I fall firmly in the love camp. I could wear this party frock to at least two gatherings. And I just might.

A familiar Tracy Reese coat brought back. Beautiful boots that won't fit over my calves.

Reminiscent of the Spring 2012 Dolce & Gabbana dresses. Pretty, but right for the season...?

Mariposa Lace Dress (on promo for $130 in black), High-Tied Knee Boots ($298).
This dress has officially crossed into bridesmaid territory for me. I'd be terrified to wear it,
for fear of running into someone else in the same dress.

Lovely look! I have a very similar dress from Free People from over the summer.

My favorite look in the catalogue! That collar is ridiculous. I MUST HAVE IT. 
Pity I only feel that way about one item.

What are your thoughts on Anthropologie's November 2012 catalogue?