Eye Candy: September 2012 Anthropologie catalogue

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The August and September books are typically my favorites of the year from Anthropologie. Though I found a few things to love in the August 2012 Anthropologie catalogue you mostly disagreed with me. Will the September 2012 Anthropologie catalogue fare any better? I sure hope so.

It's nice to see Anthropologie in some European-looking location with the clothing nicely framed in each shot. I love the use of horses and handsome men to append the apparel. This is what Anthropologie catalogues should always feel like! I recommend taking a few swings through this -- at first I rejected just about everything but now as I've been piecing together this post I see some items worth wishlisting.

I wishlisted the following: Cherrywood Studded Boots ($298), Floral Still Life Pullover ($148), J Brand Brocade Maria ($242), the entire Fairisle Blazer ($128) look, Asymmetric Pleats Tank ($78), Colorblock Cargo Trousers ($198) and the Iced Fox Necklace ($248) from the catalogue. I've also got some non-catalogue items worth highlighting. Please share your favorites in the comments! On to the Eye Candy...

Osla Necklace ($248), Acerola Chandeliers ($148).   

My favorite look in the September 2012 book. Captures quintessential Anthropologie. Rich hues, bold pattern mixes that all complement each other without going over the top and a killer pair of boots. And it all flatters! I want every single piece in this outfit, including the horse who reminds me of my Serena and the dude, pensively looking off into the distance dreaming of what we might have for dinner.

Artifacts Necklace ($178), Two-Buckle Booties ($188).   

What do you think of these catalogue preview shots? What landed on your wishlist? Any must-haves? I found a few items I love that didn't make the book. Some highlights below.

The Wrapped Watermark Top ($68) is just a new version of the Constant Salutation Top -- and that's fine by me! I love the mix of patterns on the Harlequin Patchwork Sweater ($228). And while I'm worried the Gamine Collared Dress ($188) could look too young, I'm excited to give it a try anyway. Do you have any favorites from the non-catalogue new arrivals?