Reviews:Sailing Lace Skirt, River School Skirt, Zenith Geo Skirt, Roxanne Skirt, Olmeda Pencil Skirt, Level 99 Slim Denim Pencil Skirt

Thursday, July 19, 2012

In this outfit: Sailing Lace Skirt ($128), Studded Corset Belt ($58) 
and Animal Kingdom Blouse ($78). With In The Abstract Clutch ($128).  

This round of reviews is all about skirts. And Anthropologie is doing quite well in this area! I added pretty much everything in this set to my wishlist.

Note: I have updated my review of the Carrizo Mini (now $60) to add photos of the purple motif version. And if you'd like even more skirt reviews, check out this post.

Sailing Lace Skirt ($128) by Tabitha, size down
STYLE # 25335860; blue motif (049)

Anthropologie has turned a corner with skirts. Already this month I have purchased two and I have 5 wishlisted right now. I'm in trouble! One of those wishlisted skirts is Tabitha's Sailing Lace Skirt ($128). It's pretty much perfect. A basic straight skirt is elevated with layers of scallops, lace and darling trim. This is quintessential Anthro right here! There are slide slant pockets that I'll never use. The skirt hits right across my knees on my 5'8" frame. The skirt is lined under a cotton/linen shell.

I was able to size down to an 8 in this skirt. The cut is straight but forgiving with plenty of room where I need it most -- through the hips and thighs. I love the thick stripes on the waistband and the overall beauty of this skirt. It's amazing and I must have it. Trying to hold out for sale -- wishlisted for now.

River School Skirt ($98) by Meadow Rue, size up
STYLE # 25049305; green motif (038) 

It's not often you find a skirt at Anthropologie for under $100 these days. The River School Skirt ($98) is an impressive entry for that price point. It's got a beautiful photographic print (with seams sure to be mismatched), a defined waistband and a slightly a-line shape. Not that you'd ever know from the lack of a straight-on shot on Anthro's site! Someone seems to have picked up on EA's triptych photos, Anthropologie. The skirt is cotton with a poly lining and hits about an inch above my knees.

I found this skirt to run small in the waist and hips. Around the waist is great for me, but I need way more room than the 10 allowed in the hips. So I sized up to a 12 to purchase the skirt. The photos you see here are the 10. I love how the print has summery colors but is mostly dark. That's great for peeps like me who are bigger on the bottom. I fell in love with this skirt instantly!

Here's a full-length shot. The top is the Triad Slice Tank (now $30) which I reviewed here. I decided not to wait on this skirt. It came home with me right away.

Zenith Geo Skirt ($198) by Leifsdottir, TTS
STYLE # 25025529; black (001)

The Zenith Geo Skirt ($198) takes an early 20th century spin on colorblocking. It's nice and long, hitting me just below the knees. And I found it to run true to size, which meant a 10 for me. The zip in back was a pain to close. It kept getting stuck where the waistline begins. It's a poly skirt has a hemline that is longer in the center than at the sides, both in front and back. I like how it looks in the model shot but am ambivalent in real life.

Once again I'm reminded of skirts from Anthro's years past. Elevenses had a similar tulip skirt in 2008. I don't mind the trip into the archives when the results are this pretty. I just wish it was something besides poly, and if it must be poly then $200 seems like a lot. Wishlisted for now! 

Roxanne Skirt ($198) by Family Affairs, a Made in Kind design, TTS
STYLE # 25514944; neutral motif (015)

This light leopard print skirt is amazing! The Roxanne Skirt ($198) is part of the Made in Kind capsule collection of Kaya and Nina Egli. It takes the simple button-front skirt and updates it with leopard spots on a rayon base. It's a classic with a modern twist -- exactly what I've been asking for! (And I know I'm not alone in this.) The skirt is thin but still opaque. It's the perfect knee-length on my 5'8" frame. There are two pockets on the front of the skirt. I'm not thrilled with those. I think they add unnecessary bulk.

I found this skirt to run true to size. The medium fit wonderfully, perfect at the waist with give over my hips. The skirt I tried was unfortunately wrinkly. I think it must have been freshly added to the floor as I have seen a more concerted effort in the NYC stores to steam everything. I'll give them a pass this time. I really like this skirt but the price gives me pause, so I've wishlisted it for now! 

The top here is the Skirted Scoopneck ($68) which I'l review soon. It runs large -- size down. 

Level 99 Slim Denim Pencil Skirt ($88) by Level 99, size down
STYLE # 25435488; dark denim (091) or bond (092)

This set wraps up with two skirts that aren't online yet. (Or not where I can find them anyway.) First up is a denim skirt from Level 99. Longtime EA readers know about my love affair with Level 99's Many Moods Skirt, a denim skirt released three years ago that I will wear until it comes apart. So it speaks very highly of this new denim skirt that I'm considering buying it too. It's super-stretchy denim-spandex with a very big waist. With apologies I forgot to snap a photo of the tag so all the necessary information will update once this skirt debuts online. Update 8/18: this skirt is called the Level 99 Slim Denim Pencil Skirt ($88) and is now available on Anthropologie's website.

I sized down to a 30. The skirt is very bodycon but the waist in the 30 was already loose on me! For whatever reason Level 99 runs very large on me. I despise the front whiskering but I love the large back and side pockets. This skirt has no back vent that I recall but is still pretty easy to walk in. It will slide up though as you move.

Here's a full-length shot of the skirt paired with the Netted Meridian Top ($88). That top has a full review here. The skirt looks fantastic paired with a long top. I also tried it with the Eliza Racerback (now $40) from this morning's reviews set and they look great together. This cute denim skirt will be wishlisted as soon as it arrives online! (I would love a version without whiskering Anthropologie.)

Olmeda Pencil Skirt ($118) by Tabitha, size down
STYLE # 25433764; multi (095)

My closet is going to be exploding with skirts. This Tabitha skirt, which is called the Olmeda Pencil Skirt ($118) and has more than a vague resemblance to Yoana Baraschi's Gilded Estate Skirt ($128, reviewed here), is gorgeous in its own right. An amazingly vibrant color scheme of blue, orange, green, white and more combines in a mosaic print that's jaw-dropping. Like the Sailing Lace Skirt ($128) at the top of this post the skirt has a defined waist band, slight give around the hips and thighs, and then falls straight.

I tried on a 10 and found it loose, so I sized down to an 8 for these photos. The seams sort of match up at the sides; I can see some effort was put into making the circle medallions at least look well-seamed. But who will be paying attention in something as pretty as this? I love all of the colors and the quirky print. This is the kind of quirk I look for at Anthropologie! 

How awesome would this skirt be for the pattern mixing week over on my tumblr? For this full-length shot I've paired it with the Reversible Seamless Tank ($24, reviewed here) and I think this would work great in real life too. I hope this lovely skirt appears online soon so I can wishlist it!!

Note: this post was edited on 7/23/2012 to update the product information for the Olmeda Pencil Skirt.