Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

Saturday, June 30, 2012

photo by Jeanette :: Fashion Valley (San Diego) Anthropologie
On the left dress form: Sunny Repose Dress ($98), Filigrana Belt ($38).
On the right dress form: ??? scarf, Striped Scoopneck Tank ($48), 
Summer Sounds Wide-Legs ($88). 

Happy weekend! It's time for another edition of Eye Candy: Store Inspiration. Each week we take a cruise to different Anthropologies around the world to see how each store dresses their mannequins. If you'd like to submit a photo for the Eye Candy: Store Inspiration monthly contest please read the guidelines and then send in your shot! On to the dress forms...

photo by Aliza :: Don Mills (Toronto, ON, Canada) Anthropologie
On the left dress form: Freemont Shirtdress ($148), Neon Splash Scarf ($58).
On the right dress form: Hanalei Buttondown, Floral ($78), Basal Flounce Skirt (now $40).  

photo by Aliza :: Don Mills (Toronto, ON, Canada) Anthropologie

photo by Aliza :: Don Mills (Toronto, ON, Canada) Anthropologie
On the left dress form: Great Outdoors Buttondown (now $60).
On the right dress form; Given Then Gathered Column Dress ($128).

photo by Aliza :: Don Mills (Toronto, ON, Canada) Anthropologie
On the left dress form: Cascade Snapshot Cardigan ($88),  
Backtracked Top ($68), Pilcro Novelty Roll-Ups ($88).
On the center dress form: Prismatic Winds Dress ($198).
On the right dress form: Cap Sleeve Column Dress ($178).

photo by Aliza :: Don Mills (Toronto, ON, Canada) Anthropologie
On the table: Jubilation Necklace ($48), Shivali Dolman ($158). 
The card reads: "SUMMER DRESSING/made easy with a statement necklace."

photo by Loraine :: Scottsdale (AZ) Anthropologie
On the left dress form: Sagiso Blouse ($168), AG Simona ($198), Sugar Coated Necklace ($58).
On the middle dress form: Painted Peacock Tee ($68), Striped Mesh Skirt ($68).
On the right dress form: Stone Harbor Dress ($128). 

photo by Tara :: Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) Anthropologie

The weekend in-store community post

Friday, June 29, 2012

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be! Please note that items for sale belong in the Trade Market, as do 'looking to find' requests for past season items. Comments that erroneously get posted in this thread will be deleted.

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by either clicking the small RSS icon at the top right of the comments section or by selecting either subscribe to "all new comments" or "replies" in the comment box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap

Guide to commenting with IntenseDebate.
How to add photos to your IntenseDebate comment.

**IMPORTANT NOTE** At the moment,  the 'subscribe' feature is not working consistently in the comments. It's only working for people with IntenseDebate accounts, and only sometimes.

{Weekly} Popbacks Open Thread

Note: Eye Candy will run tomorrow, Reader Outfits on Sunday! (To send your Reader Outfit in, simply email me.)

By request of the community comes this weekly post. Please use this post to list website popbacks that you see on your wishlist, via search engines, or in your shopping cart. Popbacks go very quickly but hopefully by having them in one place will be helpful. Please do not use this post for store sightings -- those should go into the weekly Weekend In-Store Community Post which runs on Fridays at 12:05 PM ET.

What is a popback? It's an item that is no longer accessible through Anthropologie's product sections, sale or search because it previously sold out. Now the item has "popped back" into stock in select sizes and colors but does not show up on the website like other products do. These items are either found through people's wishlists, their online shopping carts, clicking through affiliate links on my old sale posts, or search engines. 

Here is a general sample for how to post a popback (note: this is not an actual popback, just a sample!):
Veiled Alder Dress, $298
STYLE #22887426
dark grey
sizes: 2, 6, 8
find it on my public "Effortless Dresses" wishlist by searching for snapsparkchik@gmail.com

And here's a sample for a sale item (note: this is not an actual popback, just a sample!):
Elevenses High-Waisted Trousers, now $30
STYLE #21313945
dark denim
sizes: 4T, 10T
find it on my public "More Effortless" wishlist by searching for snapsparkchik@gmail.com

If possible please include a product photo with your popback. Not sure how to include a photo in a comment? Here's a tutorial.

If you claim a popback please respond to the original comment. 

1 - Call Anthropologie's order line at (800)-309-2500. You'll need the style # to place your order.
2 - If you have the item saved to your own wishlist log in, go to your wishlist, add to cart and checkout!
3 - If the item is on someone else's public wishlist, below is a mini-guide on how to find the item.
4 - Google/Bing the product name + Anthropologie (i.e. "Veiled Alder Dress Anthropologie") and choose the result that takes you to the product page.

How to find a public Anthropologie.com wishlist :: Effortless Anthropologie
click on the photo to zoom

1 - Log into your Anthropologie.com account.
2 - Go to the Wishlist page on Anthropologie's website.
3 - The bottom right box is called "Find a Person" (boxed in red in the photo above). Click on the blue search button.
4 - Paste the email address of the person whose wishlist is public in the "email" field and click "search."
5 - The search results should give you a person's name. Click on that. Then choose the correct wishlist.
6 - Once you find the item you want, add it to your cart. Once it's in your cart you can save it to your own wishlist, save it for later, or delete it.

**IMPORTANT** - if an item is OUT OF STOCK you WILL NOT be able to add it to your cart from another wishlist.

If there is other information you'd like me to cover here just let me know in the comments! This post runs every Friday.

{Weekly} EA Community Anthro reviews!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to the weekly EA community reviews post. This post was inspired by a similar J.Crew-themed community reviews post over at J.Crew Aficionada.

In this post, you can:
- Leave a comment with your Anthropologie product review
- Link to your reviews page on anthropologie.com
- Link to your own  blog reviews
- Ask if there are any reviews for an item in  the community
- Link to someone else's blog if they  have reviewed an item someone is inquiring about (no links to copycats please)

For full guidelines, please read this post.

Guide to commenting with IntenseDebate.
How to add photos to your IntenseDebate comment.

Reviews: Era Plumes Dress, Revisited Impressionist Dress, Stone Harbor Dress, Becca Halter Dress, Striped Fitnflare Dress, Denim Bustier Dress

A garden in a dress.

Era Plumes Dress ($138) by Maple, size up
style # 25037276; multi (095)

The Era Plumes Dress ($138) has such a beautiful mix of colors. While visiting Anthropologie's store at The Grove in Los Angeles, this dress pulled me across the store and demanded, try me! How could I say no? It's a got a long, slimming shape with side pockets and a v-neck that is generous but not revealing. It's made from viscose and has a lining that is somewhat tighter than the dress. In the back buttons run down the dress while a pictureframe opening showcases the back but will also reveal the bra. There is darting on the sides to create a nice fitted look through the waist.

I started off in my usual size which didn't work. Not even close! So up to an 8 I went...and that didn't work either. Finally a 10 slid over my hips for these shots above, though it was of course tight around the hips and loose up top. So while the name doesn't imply it this dress is a shift and it's cut very narrow through the hips. It means no matter what size I go for I'd be wrong, and that means this dress is a pass for me. I'm also not a fan of the side pockets, which add bulk in the worst possible spot on my thighs. But if it works on your shape I think it's lovely.

Revisited Impressionist Dress ($298) by Tracy Reese, TTS
style # 24853541; green motif (038)

Tracy Reese makes fantastic party dresses. The Revisited Impressionist Dress ($298) is a wonderful garden party dress! Or perhaps a brunch dress? A beautiful mix of sky, flora and greenery are imprinted almost photographically. In the back of the dress four panels come together for the expert fit you see from the front. The tank-style dress is cut inward through the shoulders which I don't like -- I think it makes me look broad across that area. But otherwise I love every little detail. Down in the skirt, the lining is topped by a think layer of crinoline before the skirt itself cascades. It makes the skirt flowy but not too poufy. It's a really nice touch! The back zip is a pain to close but there's some air before a button brings the neck together. It could be worse.

I fond my usual size 6 to fit fine. It was comfortable up top which is what usually forces me into an 8 in Tracy Reese. Not the case here. In-store the dress was styled with the Gleamed Bark Belt ($58). The color combo worked well together. The belt runs large -- they gave me a M/L to try and it was so big I had to tie it around my waist instead of cinching it. But it shows how nice your waist can look in the dress which I appreciate. I own enough party dresses to last me a lifetime, but this one's wishlisted anyway.

I also reviewed the bowed version of this dress in this post.

Stone Harbor Dress ($128) by HD in Paris, TTS
style # 24484024; turquoise (046) or black (001)

I'm not much for peasant style. Still, the Stone Harbor Dress ($128) has many things going for it. The teal color is beautiful. The sleeves have a nice drape from the front and the length is good (just scraping the tops of my knees). Lightweight cotton makes this dress and there's a separate slip in the same blue color included. I love that the slip is removable! The dress has an elastic waist and some shaping darts in the back. It's pullover style which totally ruined my updo but was probably worth it.

I felt comfortable in a 6, my usual size. The keyhole front wasn't too revealing. I guess I almost felt too covered up in this dress if that makes any sense. I think it would be lovely for church or maybe an after-school function but I'm not sure where I'd fit it into my lifestyle. If you like peasant dresses I think this dress does an excellent job of creating more of a shape than the style normally lends. For me though it went back to the rack. 

Becca Halter Dress ($168) by Girls From Savoy, TTS
style # 24564387; red (060) or black (001)

Last year the Gull Wing Dress was mighty impressive (jog your memory with the review here). Girls From Savoy seems to want to repeat that triumph with the Becca Halter Dress ($168), a light and breezy frock that's silky and summery. In my store only the persimmon red version was out and man is it bright! Almost too intense a color to look at. I envision myself sunburned, wearing this dress and blinding people with my radioactivity. Or not, hopefully. The dress has a two front cascading ruffles that criss-cross, a generous sash and a cool split strap. In the back though the fabric falls loosely in a deep scoop and my bra band was clearly visible.

I am between a 6 and an 8 in Girls From Savoy dresses. In this case the looseness meant a 6 was fine, bordering on large. The sash in particular had lots of extra fabric but that's not a complaint! I much prefer a plentiful sash to a disappointing one. I love the length of this dress; I just wish the back wasn't so low. Likely a pass for me.

Striped Fitnflare Dress ($118) by Free People, TTS
Style: 24933509; antique, black or neon ocean

I'm breaking convention for a moment to head over to Anthropologie's sister store Free People. More and more recently I've been wooed by the dress selection of Free People. They've come out with some really nice knee-length, easy-going summer dresses this year. And I want to review a couple in part to make the community aware and also to remind Anthro that these are dresses they should be making!!

The Striped Fitnflare Dress ($118) is a mesh dress with thick horizonal stripes running from top to bottom. Though it is lightweight it is opaque (yay!) and has straps thick enough to conceal a bra (double yay!). It's made from an unfortunate mix of nylon and spandex but I have to admit that it's very breathable. In store this dress was styled under a leather jacket. It's way too hot right now to even think of replicating that but come fall I'd be down.

From the three available color choices I selected antique, which is an ivory color with a beige base. I often have to size up at Free People but here my usual size medium worked well. Don't be fooled by the model shot -- this dress came almost to my knees on my 5'8" frame. It's maybe half an inch above. The skirt flares away from the body gently and I think it would look lovely with a sweater over it in the office. A perfect, delightful, easygoing dress. I bought this.

Denim Bustier Dress (now $70 at FP, $118 at Nordstrom and Shopbop) by Free People, TTS
Style: 24219149; polka dot, railroad stripe or solid
A couple of years ago Anthropologie came out with the cutest polka dot dress. And of course it was strapless. And of course it didn't fit me right (it actually fit hardly anyone correctly, but I'm jealous of those that it did work on!). That dress was the Sun Dot Dress from January 2010. Two and a half years later Free People comes along with the  Denim Bustier Dress (now $70) which answers basically every quibble I'd had with the Anthropologie dress. Instead of strapless we have straps! Instead of bodycon we have a flared skirt! And a defined waist! Have Anthropologie and Free People switched brains?!? I'm beginning to wonder.

This dress is certainly not work-appropriate. But on a hot summer day I'd wear this to a picnic in the park or maybe on a day date. I found the straps thin but surprisingly supportive, and they're adjustable to boot. The bustier cups were somewhat revealing on me (I'm a 34D) but nothing too bad. About what you'd expect from a summer dress. It hits about an inch above my knees on my 5'8" frame when standing but when sitting it barely clears my bottom. This is likely due to the flare style of the skirt. I tried on both a large and a medium and found the medium to fit best (the large was very loose at the sides, and the straps were a little too long even when adjusted).

The dress has a left-side zip. I really like this indigo polka-dot version, though it also comes in a lighter blue railroad stripe and a solid dark indigo that strolled straight of the set of My So Called Life and into Free People's 2012 stores. 

Here's a full body look at the dress. Why, oh why can't Anthro make dresses like this? I bought this dress too, but one final note: it smelled heinous. Like it had been next to a batch of rotten eggs on the delivery truck. A washing took that smell right out but be warned if you try this dress on. It smells no bueno.

Coming up next week: tops. I have sooooo many tops in the review queue, plus a few jackets. Requests? Let me know in the comments! I'm also eager to hear what you think of the Free People dresses. Would they fit in at Anthropologie? Or am I off-base?

Reviews: Given Then Gathered Column Dress, Midsummer Flora Dress, Allegra Boatneck Dress, Changing Stripes Dress, Oleander Openwork Shift, Melora Dress, Scalloped Stripes Dress

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Anthropologie makes all their cutest dress designs strapless...what gives?

Given Then Gathered Column Dress ($128) by Bordeaux, TTS
style # 24724130; bright red (063) or turquoise (046)

Perhaps the longest product name ever, the Given Then Gathered Column Dress ($128) is actually a simple ruched dress in two beautiful color options. The ruching helps to cover any flaws, and as someone who both hippy and busty I appreciate the way the cowl on top helps to balance everything out. The dress is a modal-spandex combo that wants to slide along the skin; I'm not in love with this material but it's not awful.

This dress seems to run a bit large; there are lots of extra folds and such in the medium on me above but I didn't size down because the medium worked across my hips. So size down if you have fewer curves; stick with your normal size if you're curvy like me. I appreciate that this dress fully covers the knees without going all the way to tea length. It manages to not emphasize my calves which is no mean feat. This would make a great client meeting dress or a nice casual evening dress. Wishlisted!

Update 7/12: I had a chance to try on the striped version of the dress...

...which fits exactly the same as its solid cousin. You see a small on me above which was the only size available in the store. This dress is selling quickly in NYC but I personally prefer the solid version.

Midsummer Flora Dress ($248) by Leifsdottir, size down
style # 24351678; multi (095)

I'm willing to give anything by Leifsdottir a shot. With the Midsummer Flora Dress ($248) it was the color scheme that initially attracted me. I love the purple and red and blue and green all mixed together. It's made from silk so light and airy; the length is also great as it lands just below my knees. This dress has a lovely romantic quality to it.

It also has a lot of extra material. Seems as though with Leifsdottir I'm either sizing down to a 4(!!!) or up to a 10 and this dress was another case of the former. I tried my usual 6 but a 4 would have been better. The dress also seems a bit shorter in back than up front. This is odd. One final quirk -- there's no lining. The front v dips down generously so you'll need to layer something under this for sure. I ended up feeling like I was in a nightgown so back to the rack this dress went.

Allegra Boatneck Dress ($118) by Maple, size up
style # 24538688; sky (045)

For the last couple of years 50s shapes have been all the rage. You'd think this would fall right into Anthropologie's wheelhouse but their attempts thus far have been mostly lackluster. They've gone too far off the deep end with length, or cut, or shape. The Allegra Boatneck Dress ($118) is the best effort to date; a dress that is mostly successful with a few quibbles.

The dress is made from soft cotton. The back is mostly open with two wide straps bringing the sides together; my bra didn't show at rest but I wouldn't be surprised if it shows while moving. A wide waistband helps to define the waist and an uneven hemline of pleats and such.

If the Von Trapp household had striped curtains, I think Maria would have made a lovely dress like this. It's very flattering and easy to wear with a timeless style to it. It's not exactly a modern shape though; I think the uneven skirt is my biggest issue. The sleeves are just long enough to avoid flying away. I tried on a size 6 and though it fit I felt like my chest was being over-emphasized. I'd size up to an 8 to buy.

I do like this dress but will wait for sale to decide. For now, wishlisted!

Changing Stripes Dress ($158) by Maeve, TTS
style # 24575813; black motif (009)

*dusts off the ol' soapbox*

And now for the part in Effortless Anthropologie's reviews where I complain about how Anthropologie makes its cutest designs strapless, thus alienating the busty customer contingent. Thanks to the alluring quality of these designs I own 4 or 5 strapless dresses which is 4 or 5 too many. In the fitting room I always fool myself into thinking thhat with the right bra the dress will be fine and damn it's too cute to resist. But without either a) sewing a bra into the dress (as I did with Lil's Lace and Light Dress, OOTD here) or b) faking my way through the day with an uncomfortable, unsupportive strapless bra it's an utter failure.

Oh sure, the Changing Stripes Dress ($158) comes with "straps." But they're about as effective as dental floss. Would this dress look any less cute with thick grosgrain shoulder straps? I think not. But alas here I am again, in love with a strapless dress that I really shouldn't buy. Blargh, Anthro. Blargh.

*steps off the ol' soapbox*

Meave has taken varying degrees and thicknesses of stripes and combined them into one super-cute dress. Though it's hard to tell the bottom hem also has a stripe of green peeking out from underneath which adds just one more dimension of cute to this dress. I love how the bodice has different stripes, and I love the origami-like side pockets.

Sizingwise my usual 6 fit nicely, but was tight across the bust in the push-up bra I was wearing. The v-tip of the bodice will show some cleavage depending on which bra you wear and your cup size. I tried the dress later with a different bra and that worked much better. This dress is a cotton-linen-poly mix that's lined and machine washable and wonderful. But I really shouldn't buy it.

...which means of course that I'll probably give in if this dress hits sale. I am weak!!

Oleander Openwork Shift ($188) by Postmark, size up if curvy
style # 24540718; neutral (014) or black (001)

So I'm going to go in a different direction than the product page reviews for the Oleander Openwork Shift ($188). If you have curves, this dress sucks. Yes I know it's a shift which will of course be cut more narrow than an a-line or even a straight shot. But I have been able to make many an Anthro shift work. This one not so much. Even with the shift shape this dress still has issues. The shape of the neckline (conveniently obscured in the model shot) makes it hard to wear a bra. There's a back square vent which is a nice touch in a work dress.

The dress is a sturdy linen material that seems susceptible to wrinkling. It's surprisingly thick. The top portion features 3D florals. It's lined at least so nothing will show through. In the shots above I'm wearing an 8 but I had no qualms about trying a 10... 

...which wasn't really any better. I had a lot of bunching around the middle in both sizes, probably because the dress was squeezed over my hips. So yeah, this dress will be a pass for me. Too bad because it's very pretty.

Melora Dress ($118) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
style # 24518987; gold (070)

The Melora Dress ($118) is just a polka-dotted version of the Sweet Enticement Dress ($118, reviewed here). Back in January I'd wishlisted the original hoping for a sale on the winter-ready date dress. Joke's on me! It's still full price and Anthro keeps churning out new color and pattern options.

Like its solid cousin the Melora is a cotton-spandex mix that feels funny to the touch. The skirt is thick with pleats and the bodice has tuxedo pleating down the front. And like the Sweet Enticement Dress I found my usual size 6 to work well; it was maybe even a bit loose.

The real differentiator for the Melora is the back...

...where the contrasting white lace makes for quite the lovely picture. I don't think I'd buy this at full price but it's got potential on sale. If it ever hits sale. In the meantime, wishlisted!!

Scalloped Stripes Dress ($128) by Bordeaux, TTS
style # 24872442; blue motif (049)

Bordeaux puts a slightly different spin on stripes with the Scalloped Stripes Dress ($128). The stripes are actually little tiny lines of scallops that run across the bodice and skirt, meeting at a defined waist. Little sleeves have contrasting vertical stripes to give this casual dress a feeling of summery joy. The modal material is very soft and feels a bit fragile; a full lining is also modal.

I found a medium to work great. The skirt just grazes the tops of my knees (I'm 5'8"), thankfully a more plentiful skirt means it works fine. The sleeves are a little longer than short-sleeve but not unpleasant. This dress feels pretty light on and is fun to wear.

Here's a closeup of the scallops. Click on the photo to zoom. The price seems right but I'm waiting this one out. For now, wishlisted!!

If you have any review requests please let me know in the comments! I'll be back with more dress reviews tomorrow morning.

Eye Candy: Anthropologie July 2012 catalogue

Images from Anthropologie's July 2012 catalogue are starting to trickle online. From this first glance I am in love with the new catalogue! It's back to showcasing the clothing with models that look very Anthroesque. My one complaint is that so many of the models are sitting! Yes modeling is hard work but perhaps something to lean against next time instead? Who can tell how clothing falls when a model sits?

From the looks of things my wishlist is about to explode. Eye Candy below and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! I'll be back later today with a new set of reviews.

What do you think of this morning's new arrivals? Any new additions to your wishlist?

anthro email: Free shipping has been extended + Canada now included!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Need some more time to mull over your shopping cart but afraid of losing out on free shipping? Anthropologie's granted anthro members a one-day reprieve. In an email today we've kindly been given one more day of free shipping on domestic orders of $100+. Hooray!! No sale today has me sitting back and waiting but I'm sure some of you out there will happily take advantage of this extension.

(My cart = 14 items and counting and right now. I need some help to stay on-budget Anthro!)

Also, Canadian anthro members received a slightly different version of the email announcing free shipping on orders of $150+ through July 1. Whoo-hoo! I think. Free shipping is great but that extra $50 threshold has made me sad.

Will you take advantage of the extra day? Canadian anthro members, were you happy to see that you can now get free shipping too?

The Effortless Anthropologie Trade Market Facebook Group Guidelines

Last update: February 23, 2016.

Welcome to EA's Trade Market on Facebook! I know what you're thinking -- I just want to post my items already! But before you do please, please, PLEASE take a few minutes to read through these Group Guidelines. With 3,000+ members things can get messy quickly so these guidelines are here to keep things organized and working like a well-oiled machine. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in getting banned from the group. So take a read and if you have questions PM me on Facebook.

Effortless Anthropologie's Trade Market is now on Facebook!!

NOTE: I am in the process of updating these! Look for a new version the week of May 9, 2016.

It's been a long time coming. Due to popular demand I'm delighted to announce that the Trade Market is now a Facebook group!! It's everything you love about the Trade Market (plus a few extras), now live and dynamic on everyone's favorite privacy-smushing social network.

The Facebook group does NOT replace the weekly Trade Market posts. Those will still run every Monday as usual. Rather the EA Trade Market :: FB edition is a supplement to the weekly posts. This post serves as a brief walkthrough to the group. Feel free to use the comments section here to ask questions.

A few quick notes:
- If you're not on Facebook you can't join this group. ;) Stating the obvious up front.
- EA Trade Market :: FB edition is invite-only. To join, go to the group page and request membership.
- Please read through the About section before posting in the group. This has details on what/how to post.
- Please read through the Welcome Doc before posting in the group. This has an overview of the group.
- NO EXTERNAL LINKS in the group. This means NO LINKS to ebay auctions, sale sites (i.e. Etsy, Bonanzle) or other blogs. You may only list items for sale within the group pages. Why? Because this is all about private transactions.

This post will cover where and how to post your items for sale/trade/wanted, how to leave feedback, and some basics about the group. I purposely structured the group just like some of the other popular FB swap groups (i.e. Lululemon Exchange) so if you're a member of any of those the policies, rules and guidelines should be familiar to you. The group is invite-only not to exclude people initially, but definitely to exclude anyone who conducts themselves poorly or does not follow through on transactions.

click on any image in this post to zoom

Here's what the group page looks like. Let's talk real quickly about the Wall.

To keep things as clean as possible, the Wall should only be used for:
- questions for the group admins
- text-only for sale ads (if you have photos I'll cover those shortly)

And that's it. I'll be using the Wall for announcements and such so by keeping it clean those announcements are visible to everyone. Erroneous posts will be deleted without warning. Not trying to be rude but it's the easiest way to keep things clean. Again, everything you need to know about posting is covered in detail in the About section and Welcome Doc.

If you have suggestions about how to make the group better, message me (Roxy Effortless Anthropologie) through Facebook.

The tabs (highlighted in red above) are the main navigation of the group. Just to the right of the tabs are the Notification settings -- when you first join the group you'll get emails about everything. You can adjust the settings to get fewer or no emails at all. The tabs themselves are the main dish of the group.

More on each tab...

The About tab is where the details and rules are. When you first click into About most of the text is suppressed (I dunno why, FB UX design for the win!). To see the full text, click the "see more" link which is highlighted in the photo above.

I know the About is pretty long and wordy but there's good reason for that. Please read through it carefully before posting.

The Events tab is currently empty...I may use this in the future.

The Photos tab is the heart and soul of this group. In here are photo albums devoted to each size of clothing Anthropologie offers, plus additional albums for shoes, accessories, home and kids. There's also one album for "Wanted" items. Let's say you have a jacket for sale or trade, size M...

...click into the "FOR SALE :: Size M" album and click the "add photos" button. When you upload your item photo, title it with the product name and size. If you don't know the product name use the brand instead, i.e. Elevenses Coat size M...

The photo description is where you give details about the item. Again, the guidelines for what information to post are covered in detail in the About section so I'm not going to recap them here, as the About tab may change over time. Any posts that do not meet these requirements will be deleted without warning. 

After your photo is uploaded people will only see the image thumbnail. To get more details about an item simply click into the thumbnail. DO NOT USE SOMEONE ELSE'S PHOTO for your sale post. Stock photos, i.e. the Anthro product photo, are fine. But if you use someone's photo without their permission or a blogger's photo without their permission your post will be deleted and you may be banned from the group. If you are a blogger and want to use your own photo that is of course fine.

If you do not have a photo, you may post your item for sale as TEXT ONLY on the group Wall. Please do NOT post both a photo and a text post. One or the other.

There is currently only one album for "Wanted" items. This works the same way as for Sale/Trade items -- if you have a photo please upload it to the "Wanted" album. Make the photo title what the product you desire is and the size, then give details in the photo description. If you do not have a photo of your Wanted item, you may post a TEXT ONLY wanted post on the group Wall. Please do NOT post both a photo and a text post. One or the other. There is a second home for Wanted posts in the Files tab, which you can use so that people will still see your wanted items even if they fall off the immediately visible Wall posts.


IMPORTANT REQUEST: When your item sells or you find your wanted item, please delete your photo or post. I will do periodic sweeps but in order for this group to be successful we need to keep the group pages clean. Old, outdated posts are the quickest way for this group to fail. It takes just a few seconds to be courteous to others by removing your post once you no longer need it. Thank you for your consideration of others.

One thing I've long wished for on the Trade Market is a feedback forum. But on a blog it's easy to make up new identities and it's hard to track who people really are. On Facebook that's a little easier. So the EA Trade Market :: FB edition has its own feedback system! Now granted it's a crude, rudimentary system but I've seen it work on other groups.

The feedback system lives in the Files tab. You'll notice several positive feedback posts, split by small groups of the letters of the alphabet. Please leave your feedback under the first letter of someone's LAST NAME. So if you had a trade with me (Roxy Effortless Anthropologie) you'd leave feedback under "A" for Anthropologie. If you have a transaction with Jane Doe you'd leave feedback under "D" for Doe and so on.

There's another file called Negative Feedback which I hope we never have to use. As an FYI one negative feedback may not get you kicked out, but multiples definitely will. It depends on the situation is up to the group admins. Negative feedback is anonymously posted on your behalf by the group admins; more details are in the file.

Did your item arrive quickly and packed well? Let us know. Did your item come two weeks late, with a brown stain the seller neglected to mention? We want to know that too. I cannot stress this enough, you're not tattling on someone by leaving negative feedback. You're holding people accountable.

There's also a file here for Wanted Items which supplements the Wall's text-only Wanted Items. (This file is here because Wall posts may fall off the front page quickly.) And lastly is the all-important WELCOME :: READ ME FIRST doc. I highly recommend you read that first. ;)

To re-emphasize, this group is all about conducting private transactions. That means no businesses, no auctions, etc. Although it may be tempting to post a link to an ebay auction for a highly desirable auction, don't. This group is about people working directly with other people and then leaving feedback for those transactions. To ensure community stability we will keep this as a closed, invite-only group. Thank you for respecting each other and have fun buying, selling and trading away!!

Questions? Let me know in the comments.