Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Monday, April 23, 2012

Though a sale seems unlikely tomorrow given last week's cavalcade of markdowns, one never knows with the Sale Guessing Game! So it's time to play again today. Will tomorrow see more clothing cuts? Home items perhaps? A long-awaited furniture sale maybe? Or nothing at all? Add your guesses, hopes, or reports in the comments to play along.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on  sale come tomorrow. All community reports are unofficial. What are you hoping to see? What do you think  will/won't go on sale?

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Belladonna Sweater ($98)
Cerise Stamped Dress ($148)
Corridor Maxi Skirt ($118)
Dropped Dots Dress ($158)
Field Biology Blouse ($88)
Field Biology Maxi Dress ($198)
Four Corners Shirtdress ($138)
Fresh As Air Top ($78)
Great Outdoors Buttondown ($88)
Layered Column Dress ($178)
Looking Glass Shift ($138)
Magnetic Fields Tee ($78)
Maricopa Point Top ($98)
Muted Stripes Buttondown ($88)
Nerja Petite Skirt ($180)
Passiflora Embroidered Blouse ($88)
Patched Heather Hoodie ($88)
Petite Pepela Shirtdress ($238)
Rain-Dotted Anorak ($168)
Ruched Martins Dress ($168)
Shiloh Silk Peasant ($168)
Slanted Layers Tee ($48)
Spiraea Shirtdress ($158)
Sylvia Open Back Buttondown ($88)
Tiered Stripes Dress ($188)
Tried & True Top ($88)
Washed Chambray Buttondown ($88)
Watermelon Ice Dress ($188)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Fluttered Hem Tee ($48) 
Fluttering Flora Dress ($148)
Openwork Tee ($78)
Pieced Column Dress ($178)
Wrap Around Blouse ($98)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Anomalous Cami ($48)
Ruffled Oska Dress ($168)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Corrigan Chair, Linen ($1700)
Benson Chair ($998)

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