anthro perk: FREE SHIPPING is back through Sunday!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Six hours later than the USA's East Coast, I've awoken to discover that FREE SHIPPING is back for anthro card holders!! (What's the anthro card you ask? Find out more in this post and on Anthropologie's website here.) Like last time this is just a short-term perk lasting from now through Sunday.

Thanks to the wonderful community hopefully you knew about this before I did! It's wonderful to see Anthropologie reward its most loyal customers with this nice little discount. With more and more items on their website becoming "online-only" this is the only way I'd be persuaded to try those items. Plus, it de-punishes the talls and petites from having to pay shipping just for the privilege of trying certain items on.

Will you take advantage of this perk? Let us know in the comments! The email announcing this perk once again was not sent to every anthro member. Anthropologie was kind enough to send me some clarifying information on this recently:
Hi roxy! 

We recently read in your posts’ commentary some confusion around the anthro program, its benefits and communications. To clear up any uncertainty among customers, I wanted to provide you with the following:

- Anthro customers who have opted in to receive emails will receive monthly pre-shop opportunities.
- If anthro customers are not receiving emails, they can contact to sign up.
- In order to receive a birthday discount, anthro customers must have provided their birth date, opted in for mail and email, and enrolled in anthro at least 30 days prior to their birthday month.
- If a customer has opted out of receiving emails from Anthropologie at any point since they enrolled in anthro, they will have been removed from the anthro email list.
Thanks to Anthropologie for providing a way to cure what ails when we don't get emails! Hopefully the email is on its way to me, stuck somewhere in the massive tangles of the interwebs like the ridiculously cool giant Banyan tree I saw last nite in Waikiki Beach. (Yes I'm still in Hawaii, if you've emailed me I'll be responding next week. Thanks for your patience!)

The email also has a preview link for the May 2012 catalogue, which means an Eye Candy post is in our near futures. Stay tuned Anthro lovers!

THANK YOU to everyone who emailed me about this, as well as to the community members who helped to spread the word in the comments!!!