Eye Candy: Anthropologie March 2012 Catalogue

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On the left model: Freemont Shirtdress ($148), Buzios Corset Belt ($48),  
Tullia Cuff ($218).
On the right model: Pointelle Diamond Sweater Tee ($88),  
Mountain Time A-Line ($128), Ingot Cord Necklace ($198). 

It's one step forward, a few steps back for Anthropologie's March 2012 catalogue. On the plus side blurry model shots where the clothing is hard to see is replaced with vivid, crystal clear shots on a plain background. On the minus side intriguing backgrounds and a story through the book are replaced with boring shots on a plain background. It's hard to get excited about the clothing when the photos look like a alternate universe family reunion album. At least the models aren't contorted into ridiculous and unrealistic poses like some clothing catalogues I can think of...

By far my favorite part of this month's shoot is the home section, which has been set up elaborately to defy the laws of gravity. Things that should be standing are nailed to the floor instead to create a funhouse like vibe. Plus, there are kitties. I'm not really a big cat fan but they sure do look cute here! If only the clothing side got such a fun interpretation. I've picked a few of my favorite looks here, what items are you looking forward to trying on? Any wishlist additions?

On the left model: Forever Hooked Cardi ($88), Mirror-Dotted Maxi Dress ($228), 
Basso Cuff ($118).
On the right model: Boreal Blear Tee ($78), Esker Maxi Skirt ($118),  
Malmo Shoulder Bag ($298), Anthurium Necklace ($198).

On the left model: Bluebottle Blouse ($118), Dice Notation Skirt ($168),  
Glossed Groundwork Wedges ($168), Ajillion Beads Pouch ($48).
On the right model: Pinstriped Patchwork Jacket ($98), Esplanade Stroll Shorts ($78), 
Pecaut Sandals ($158), Beaded Bars Hobo ($480).

 On the left model: Magnetic Fields Tee ($78), Turnaround Skirt ($118),  
Paprika-Spiced Slingbacks ($188).
On the right model: Mimeo Magnolia Blouse ($118), Soja Crossback Blouse ($168), 
Jones Wide-Legs ($98), Tipped Bow Sandals ($138).