Check your email! For some of us, FREE SHIPPING is back!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Note: looking for today's sale post? It's right here

Check your inboxes, community! Anthropologie is sending out a targeted email to some with a special offer: a one-time use FREE SHIPPING code on orders over $150 designed to empty out your shopping cart. This email is likely still being sent out so if you haven't received it yet you still may, but based on the one-time use code it looks like not everyone will receive this email.

Pretty lame if you ask me. Gets the same laugh from me as those "spend x, save y" promos the luxury stores like to run. Spend $1000, get $100! Oh good, 10% off. I weep for Anthropologie's descent into marketing schemer-y madness. Not a big fan of those kind of games. My hope is that an offer for everyone is not too far behind this.

Have you received this email? Will you use the code?