Reviews: Windflower Blouse, Draped Snail Tank, Spindleflower Tank, Flora Throwback Top, Zenobia Tee, Daphne Crown Tank, Oriel Tee, Fluttered Hem Tee, Dual Convergence Top

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Windflower Blouse review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Windflower Blouse ($158) by Leifnotes, TTS
style # 23869449, green (030)

Perhaps in an effort to answer the critics of Leifsdottir's price point, the line has spun off a slightly less expensive sister, Leifnotes. The first item I saw from this new line is the Windflower Blouse ($158), a 70s-inspired top with 90s inspired shoulders. Paging Donna Karan, etc. I'm not opposed to the idea of the shirt though I knew right away the shape wouldn't be great on me. Aside from the open shoulders there's also a scallop-adorned long keyhole in the front and an elasticized hem. Appliqued flowers finish off the piece. The top is slightly sheer but luckily it comes with a layering cami in the same green color.

I tried on a 6, my usual size in Leifsdottir tops, and found the fit to be the same in this new diffusion line. I was surprised to find my waist defined in spite of the top's flowiness. I am not a fan of the elastic hem which wraps around my widest part, or the length which I found to be a little short. The keyhole is also impractical for work though I view this as more of a weekend top anyway. The included layering cami helps. I am excited to see more from Leifnotes though I'm also a big fan of the regular Leifsdottir line. I hope neither suffers for the other. This top, however, is a pass.

Draped Snail Tank review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Draped Snail Tank ($128) by Pilcro, size down
style # 24190993, blue motif (049) or pink (066)

Pilcro breaks out an adorable print with the Draped Snail Tank ($128) kind of looks like raining escargots. This silk top has no zipper, it's pullover style. As Anthro is wont to do, this top has more appeal going than coming at first glance. In the front a scoop neckline is defined by a few well-placed pleats. In the back two ruffly wings fold over each other to create a tuliped view, like so:

Draped Snail Tank review :: Effortless Anthropologie
from the back

So pretty! The effect can cause the shirt to split so you'll wan ta cami under this for sure. I chose to try on the navy version and initially started with my usual size 6. It was much too large and so I sized down to a 4, which is what you see on me in the shots above. The 4 was still big towards the bottom but fit my shoulders well. I did notice the top blouses out somewhat at the chest which could cause undesired effects on bigger chests. I was swayed by the cute print and adorable back. If you saw the Reader Outfits from a couple of weeks ago then you already know this top came home with me. 

Spindleflower Tank review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Spindleflower Tank ($88) by Sariah, TTS
style # 24243909, pink motif (059) or blue motif (049)

Sometimes high hopes lead to bitter disappointment. Such is the case with Sariah's Spindleflower Tank ($88). It has a gorgeous print in either pink or blue motif. The tank design is offset by a banded waist. From the front it looks simple but in the back buttons provide closure, such that the tank could theoretically be worn frontwards or backwards. The silk material is light and catches air as you move.

My usual size 6 was comfortably loose around the torso...but let's be frank. This shirt is ridiculously short! The proportions are probably fine on someone petite but on anyone over 5'3" this top is bound to hit above the waist. On my 5'8" frame it just looks crazy. I am trying to reconcile what Anthropologie could possibly be thinking here -- why not make a petite and a full-length version? This is so short that belly would peek through with even high waisted trousers or a high-waisted skirt. The misplaced waist on the shirt ended up making me look very bulky. I'm just upset. Even in the model shot (note her standing off-kilter and I'll bet she's short-waisted!) the top looks short. Thanks for making a top 85% of your customers can't wear Anthropologie. Pass.

Flora Throwback Top review: Effortless Anthropologie
Flora Throwback Top ($68) by Deletta, TTS
style # 23648991, black motif (009)

Deletta borrows some Floreat-like inspiration in the Flora Throwback Top ($68), a structured cotton top with side kick pleats. The throwback color meets up at a keyhole in the back of the shirt while bias-cut pleats on the side help to define the waist above. The print is a medium-sized floral with some brown spots in it. The material isn't soft but isn't harsh either. It's a thicker cotton.

I found a medium to fit comfortably. From the side I noticed the top hangs straight, which can be unflattering, but overall I like the way this top looks. The waist is placed rather high -- more on the diaphragm than the waist. As a result I felt more busty than usual. I found that wearing a cardigan over the top subdued this, so I envision this as a layering piece. I also think it would pair well with a pencil skirt for work. A potential sale winner. Wishlisted for reconsideration come sale time.

Zenobia Tee review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Zenobia Tee (now $40) by Odonate Epiprocta, TTS
style # 21214093, wine (061) or green (030)
I kept walking by the Zenobia Tee (now $40) in-store, constantly telling myself that I'd try it on next time. Once the top hit sale I realized I needed to follow through or risk missing out altogether. The roadblock for me was the sheer sleeves -- I wasn't sure how they'd look on. The sleeves have a princess effect with a touch of pouf and a ruched seam down the middle. The rest of the top is your standard rayon-poly fare. This looks like a Deletta top though it's not.

The top is body-skimming. So a medium fit but was hugging every curve. I noticed the sleeves kept pushing inward slightly towards my neck which made the scoopneck curdle a touch. No matter how many times I adjusted the sleeves as soon I moved my arms the slippery fabric trailed inward again. Despite that I found this top delightful. It comes in two pretty colors and the longer length is so nice! During the fall it would be fine on its own and then for winter it is a great layering option. This top is sitting in my online cart right now.

The skirt is the Metallic Maxi Skirt ($178), which was reviewed in this post.

Daphne Crown Tank review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Daphne Crown Tank ($78) by Monogram, size down
style # 23534647, dark orange (081) or navy (041)

Monogram's Daphne Crown Tank ($78) begins with a layer or two of viscose upon which rings and trails of flowers are embroidered. This pattern is on the front only -- the back is just a solid dark orange or navy depending on which color you choose. But continuing with Anthropologie's Maternity March of 2011/12 instead of just being a straight, loose-fitting tank top the bottom is loose and flowy and somewhat stretchy.

To combat the looseness I sized down to a small. This helped in that the tank contoured to my shape more but it also created some odd fabric bunching at the sides. This odd trend towards very flowy at Anthro continues to flummox me. Overall the tank is nice but I am not in love with it. Back to the rack.

Oriel Tee review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Oriel Tee ($68) by Deletta, size down
style # 23851199, navy (041) or green (030)
Even Deletta can't help getting into the sheer game. At least the Oriel Tee ($68) has just a strip of sheer instead of a whole shirt of it. Slightly winged shoulders also have a sheer-edged lace treatment which I found endearing. Horizontal pintucks run above the lace panel while a polygon of vertical pleats lie just below. It's a very cute top! The rayon material seems OK, a little slippery and not likely to pill.

When I saw this top online I dreamed of tucking it into a pencil skirt but after trying it on I see it also pairs well with jeans. I had to size down to a small (which is what you see on me above) -- I found the medium to feel too loose overall. The sheer panel will of course show bra straps though it doesn't creep so low as to expose cleavage. Although there is still that vague 70s feel to this top which I'm sick of, I have to admit that it fully reeled me in. Wishlisted!

Fluttered Hem Tee review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Fluttered Hem Tee ($48) by Pure & Good, TTS
style # 23939366, navy (041) or 5 other colors

Confession: I like asymmetric hems. When executed well they elongate and slim; when executed poorly they look like fish tails or production mistakes. I was looking for the Bordeaux top that's next in this reviews set when a Soho staffer pulled this blue top for me instead. I decided to give the Fluttered Hem Tee ($48) a go anyway and I'm glad I did! This mostly-linen top feels like a light sweatshirt and has an easy, comfortable vibe. Things I don't normally like such as a wide v-neck and elbow-length sleeves work well here and yes even the flowy bottom is fine...grumble.

Fluttered Hem Tee review :: Effortless Anthropologie
The Fluttered Hem Tee ($48) in yellow.

The top comes in a variety of colors but for me navy would be most versatile. As the yellow's model shot shows above, the asymmetric hem has a an extra triangle panel of fabric which creates the gentle waves on the bottom of the top. It's a nice effect. I found my usual size medium to fit comfortably; I think you could size down but I prefer the slightly loose fit. I fear the arms would be too tight in a small. My only concern with this top is the longevity; Pure & Good tends to make quality items so I think it's worth the risk. I don't want Anthropologie to go all asymmetric on me, but this top is wishlisted!  

Dual Convergence Top review :: Effortless Anthropologie
Dual Convergence Top ($78) by Bordeaux, TTS
style # 23989239, blue (040) or white (010)
This was the top I was originally looking for when I went to Soho. From the online product shot I thought Bordeaux's Dual Convergence Top ($78) would be a thicker, thermal-like material. To my surprise upon trying it on the top is actually a thin modal tee with a lot of spandex mixed in. I like this version fine though that warmer version in my head would have been nice. The top is very thin but not sheer. It has visible bias seems running across it and a few star-tailed triangles hanging off the bottom hem. The desired effect here is both lengthening and that effortless appearance of caring about how you look but not so much that you tuck in your shirttails. Or something.

In the store I felt great in a medium, though I'm rethinking that now that I see these photos. I wonder if a large would have been more appropriate. My main concern is the seam running right across the bust, pushing it down visually. The top certainly fits close to the body so I'd wear it over leggings or some bottom that won't add bulk around the midsection. The sleeves are very long on purpose so you can cuff them and the longest tail of the shirt hits mid-thigh. Though I might be lining up for a size exchange this top is otherwise fabulous. Didn't wait on this one -- it came home with me as part of the birthday haul! (I will reveal the rest of the haul next week.)

If you have an item you'd like to see me reviewed ask away in the comments! I've got a dress reviews set next that I'll try to run this weekend, plus another tops set coming next week.