Reviews: Marled & Mixed Pullover, Frosted Pointelle Tank, Cavendish Sweater, Cropped Keyhole Cardigan, Breezed Crochet Pullover

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marled & Mixed Pullover ($88) by Sparrow, TTS
style # 23534118, green (030) or grey (005)

Though it is so very 90s of me I adore cropped sweaters. As a teen I used to throw them over my yogawear when heading home from the gym. Now retailers are releasing some options that can be worn as more than just a cover-up and I'm delighted. Sparrow has already released the Sporadic Stitchery Pullover ($98, review here) and comes at us again with the Marled & Mixed Pullover ($88). On the product page, reviewers have struggled with how to style this sweater. I envision wearing it over a dress as a final layer of warmth, or with a long tank and jeans as a weekend piece. It is purposely boxy due to the cropped style and for once I appreciate that. If this was too close to the body I would look all chest.

The fabric is a cotton-poly mix that is medium-weight. There's no itch factor to me but the sweater is soft in some parts and a bit scratchy in others. I love the mix of patterns on the outside of the sweater, the slightly rolled neck and the way the fabric is marled in lighter and darker extremes. I chose to try on my usual size medium and found it a comfortable fit. I decided I liked this sweater enough to buy it right away and I've already worn it to my weather-schizophrenic office twice.

Frosted Pointelle Tank ($128) by O by Organic, TTS
style # 22958862, peach (???), gold (070) or grey (005) 

I had hoped the Frosted Pointelle Tank ($128) was about to hit sale...until I saw this new peach color in-store. Foiled again by Anthropologie's second waves of product colors I decided instead to give this one a fitting room whirl. Made of recycled materials, this sweater shell has a preppy vibe and a diamond-work pattern that in lesser design hands could look like something from a bad 80s movie. Instead the pattern is subtle as is a hint of metallic sheen woven in. A racerback means a special bra will be necessary but it's not a dealbreaker. I appreciate the longer length as always.

Once again I reached for my usual size medium and once again it worked well. Given my hourglass shape this sweater doesn't seem quite as feminine as it does on the dress form which is a letdown. But I think that with a cardigan and a belt over top this could be a very pretty layering piece. I found the material to have a hint of give and the peach color to be bright but workable. I do wish the back had some kind of cinch to draw the waist in, but otherwise I've no complaints. Waiting for sale.

Cavendish Sweater ($148) by Rosie Neira, TTS
style # 20638425, multi (095)

A country-bumpkin-feeling sweater gets a properly British name. The Cavendish Sweater ($148) from Rosie Neira is a sedimentary open cardigan with a slight flair in the back. Online the coloring looks like kind of blah but in real life I found it to be vibrant and beautiful, very eye-catching! It's pretty shapeless though. One nice trick is how the side cowls trail in at the hips which helps narrow the torso nicely. But there's a lot of extra material here.

I think the medium looked fine, though I also think a small would have worked too. The fabric isn't super soft but it's not rough either. The length is good, hitting low-hip. I think this would make an awesome office sweater to throw on over Thursday/Friday outfits. But an office sweater for $148 seems like a lot to spend so I'll wait on this one. Wishlisted for reconsideration at sale time.

Cropped Keyhole Cardigan ($228) by Tracy Reese, size up
style # 24099863, black (001)
There's cropped cardigans and then there's cropped cardigans. The Cropped Keyhole Cardigan ($228) might not even qualify as a true sweater -- it's more shrunken sweater than anything else. Though I'm sure this item will be polarizing I feel it has a rockstar vibe what with the holes and the shiny black buttons and the mix of black and grey yarn. The material is treated cotton though this should not go anywhere near a washing machine given it's fragility.

You'll want to size up in this cardigan. I tried on a large and it barely fit. So I'm pretty much sized out here. I found the arms to be tight and the buttons to pull, fitting accordingly with the style. But if you're smaller than me and can make this work I think it would be a cute topper for a concert, ghost hunt or angst-ridden camping trip. Or maybe I've just been watching the CW too much. Back to the rack.

Breezed Crochet Pullover ($68) by Yellow Bird, TTS
style # 23778418, ivory (011) or black (001)
Another airy open-knit sweater. This is Yellow Bird's Breezed Crochet Pullover ($68) and I'm crying foul on the product shot -- in real life this doesn't taper in at the waist at all! Not cool Anthro, not cool. The sleeves are also considerably longer than they look online. If you can get past those deceptions the sweater itself is a cute cotton-linen mix with layering potential.

A medium fit me but was boxy. It was also shorter than I expected, hitting at my waist rather than being shruggy like on the model. The higher neckline gives the sweater a classic feel while the mix of opening sizes lends a casual vibe. This seems like a nice, beachy sweater to me. Not really fitting in with my style but with potential. Pass.