Reviews: Corded Dots Pencil Skirt, Broken Pleats Skirt, Textured Ponte Skirt, Metallic Maxi Skirt, Gauzy Mint Maxi, Bike Lane Dress

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Corded Dots Pencil Skirt ($88) by Maeve, size down
style # 23298011, gold (070)

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I love me a good corduroy skirt! Maeve puts on a spin on the ordinary wale with its Corded Dots Pencil Skirt ($88), which has artistic polka dots in a pleasingly geometric pattern. I already own a cord skirt in a similar color from J.Crew but I couldn't resist trying this Anthro skirt on! There are a few subtle details that add to this piece's allure: tailored darts at the waistline make this otherwise straight skirt nip in nicely at the waist; a side zip makes it easy to slide on and off. Not sure why Anthro calls this a pencil skirt -- the length maybe? It does not hug the body the way you expect a pencil to.

In fact, this skirt is very loose. My usual size 10 didn't stay up and even an 8 (in the photos above) was pleasantly loose. So you can easily size down in this skirt. Can I just say how nice it is to have a work-appropirate, knee-length, not-boring skirt from Anthropologie? This is the kind of piece I expect to find and I'm delighted to see it selling quickly in-store! It's even machine washable. I probably will not purchase this since I own multiple cord skirts already but I love the piece. Might be tempted on sale.

Here's a full-length shot with the skirt. The shirt is Bailey 44's Striped Intersection Top ($98) which I'll cover in an upcoming reviews set.

Broken Pleats Skirt ($148) by O by Organic, TTS
style # 22931307, navy (041) or pink (066)

A more eco-friendly option, the Broken Pleats Skirt ($148) is made of recycled materials, though you'd never know it. It feels like any poly skirt with a mix of tight accordion pleats and inverted v pleats near the hemline. Such a cool pattern! You can choose between a bright pink that's sure to show off these design details or a much more subdued navy which will draw curious onlookers closer to see the pleats. A side zip leads up to a very small waistline.

On the product page, reviewers have noted having to size up in this skirt. However, if you're shaped like me with an hourglass -- small waist giving way to rounded hips then go with your normal size. I was able to fit into my usual size 10 with no problems. The waistline is significantly smaller than the hip allowance. This helps to show off hourglass figures nicely...though perhaps not combined with white socks, I'd recommend heels instead. I liked how the skirt moves when you walk and found the design to be lovely. This one is wishlisted!

Another full-length shot. The top is the Bright Forecast Tank ($88), which I reviewed in this reviews set. Note that in the shot above I'm wearing a size 8 in the top, though I ended up purchasing it in my usual size 6. See the review for more info on fit.

Textured Ponte Skirt ($118) by Ganni, size up
style # 23943533, black (001) or red (060)

On the other end of the spectrum, here's a skirt that was clearly not designed for my body type! M from Stuff Jewish Girls Like just rocked a similar skirt yesterday. But the Textured Ponte Skirt ($118) did not work on me at all. The design itself seems promising -- a high waist with slim straight pockets; a basketweave cotton-based material that has should hold everything in place. There's a long zipper in back and the skirt has no vent.

Here's the thing: this skirt is cut straight but meant to fit like a pencil. It's bodycon without the spandex. And if you're curvy like me this shape may look ridiculous. I tried on a large and found the skirt to hug me in all the wrong places. I'm thinking an XL would have been better but there was no XL in-store to try. So while the skirt looked much better paired with a long shirt...

...I can't say I was bowled over by it. In fact it was just OK on me. If you're like me with full hips and thighs o'thunder you may run into the same issue, but if your body is straighter on the bottom give this skirt a shot. For me, back to the rack.

Metallic Maxi Skirt ($178) by Rina Dhaka, size down
style # 23404353, grey (004)

I'm feeling conflicted! On the one hand I'm not a big fan of maxi skirts. On the other hand here's a sparkly one, and I like sparkly things!! This is the Metallic Maxi Skirt ($178), which has a subtle sheen that gives the grey base a golden appearance. It literally caught the sun in the Westport, CT Anthropologie during my recent weekend jaunt to the country. I wasn't impressed by the elastic waist but I'm happy to see that this otherwise sheer skirt is lined given Anthro's recent propensity for all things see-through.

I was able to size down easily in this skirt, taking an 8 instead of my usual size 10. The fit is easy and the skirt was long enough on my 5'8" frame. It hit low-calf, so not as long as many maxis I've tried this year but serviceable with flats. No wonder the model is bent or sitting in the product shots. I love that this skirt reads as a neutral color even with the captivating sheen. Have to admit I wishlisted this skirt for sale!

Gauzy Mint Maxi ($138) by Sanctuary, TTS
style # 23789738, mint (102)

I'm not sure I understand the Gauzy Mint Maxi ($138). It's ostensibly a maxi skirt but it has a much shorter front hem. It's January but this skirt is a springy mint. (Yes I know, it's resort.) It's translucent bordering on sheer. OK. The good news is a reduced lining inside at least shields your private parts from showing in public.

My usual size 10 fit fine, though I found the front pleats to be less than flattering. The crinkles ended at an odd point on me. If I lived full-time on a beach I'm sure I could get miles of use out of this skirt. Here in NYC I'm not so sure. The material requires dry cleaning and I'm not sure I think this is worth it. Love the color, not thrilled with the design. Pass.

Here's a full-length shot, with the Reversible Seamless Tank ($24). This tank is pretty sweet!

Bike Lane Dress ($158) by Pilcro, TTS
style # 24068793, red motif (069)

Continuing a recent trend, one of Anthropologie's most delightful dresses is frustratingly strapless. But let's talk about how wonderful Pilcro's Bike Lane Dress ($158) is before I get to the quibbles! The print is We Love Vera-dorablesque while crisscross pleats at the bust add an extra touch of adorable. Is this dress practical? Not as much as some may want. But it is whimsical and fun and that is something Anthropologie has been woefully short of. So I approve! There is a side zip on this dress that's so well concealed I missed it. Instead, I unbuttoned the back details to slide this baby on.

I tried an 8 initially and was surprised to find it loose, so I traded that for my usual 6 which fit much better. The voile dress has an ivory base that appears on the white side in harsher light. The dress comes with removable straps which are pretty much useless. But the rest of the shape is so nice! Nips in at the waist before gently flaring out at the hips, without becoming comically voluminous. The dress hits midcalf so you could actually wear it while biking if you like. Is this not the perfect summer picnic dress? I am tempted! Wishlisted!!