Anthropologie tries turning a lump of coal back into a delight

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If you are one of the Anthropologie customers who experienced cancellations in your online order from Black Friday, check your inbox! The retailer is sending many affected Anthrolovers a one-time use coupon for 25% off your next order -- not just sale items!! -- that is good through December 8.

It doesn't equal the initial cancellations I know but this is a pretty cool move on their part. Hopefully all of the affected customers will be able to find something similar to their original order items. Or perhaps something even better to numb the loss? I love that this coupon works on both full-price and sale items. I'm kind of wishing I'd had a cancelled order. Coupon recipients, will you use this treat? Does it make up for your cancelled order?

Wishlist: December 2011 (Dreaming Big)

1 - West Elm's Tillary Modular Seating; 2 - Cavallini & Co's Butterfly Wall Calendar 2012
3 - Adam's Short Feather Embroidered Skirt; 4 - Kotur's Metallic Stingray Box Clutch
5 - Bvlgari's Jewel Charms Collection Prestige Set -- not online -- call 1.877.551.SAKS (7257).

Presents to give and presents to get. With the economy still slumping the wishlists my friends and I are exchanging are mostly simple pleasures like the Cavallini & Co Butterfly Wall Calendar above. As practicality dominates the external my personal wishlist is filled with luxuries -- pricier items that I'll have to save many, many pennies for.

In two weeks I'm moving into a new apartment that will yield some amazing views of the Financial District's spires and rooftops. A new place means a fresh start and I'm hoping to mix in some new furniture. I'm still holding a grudge against Pottery Barn but sister store West Elm is home to the sectional I'd love to own. Does anyone in the community own the Tillary sectional? I'd love to hear some reports about the quality, comfort and durability.

From feathers to sparkly clutches, this season's holiday parties are all about being bold. I'm in love with box clutches right now! A Judith Lieber is probably out of reach so I'm looking for similar designs in my price range. If sparkly's not your thing this House of Harlow Leopard Clutch also caught my eye.

The final splurge on my wishlist is the pretty Bvlgari charm fragrance gift set. I've never seen them all together like Saks has them. Seriously tempting! I'm more of a Chloe girl usually but I love the idea of being able to dab on a different fragrance each day for the next several months. Dropping casual hints to the boyfriend? You bet!

Next week will bring the annual holiday gift guide. Is there a category you'd like to see me cover?

What's on your December wishlist?

Metapost: Under Construction!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I will be installing the fall/winter template on the blog shortly.

You may notice:
- comments from all posts disappearing (no worries, they'll be back!)
- the blog looks funny (we'll fix it!)
- buttons missing
- the navbar missing

If all goes well everything will be fixed tonite.

Anthropologie's SALE takes no breaks!

Despite a big markdown and promotional week last week, Anthropologie can't help themselves from giving us a bit more sale today. (Thanks Anthro!!) A smaller set lies below. Some highlights: the Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes (now $100, review here), STYLE #21036280; the Pinstriped Bag (now $80), STYLE #21085311 and the Dantela Corset Top (now $50), STYLE #22786537.

Will you be ordering anything today? Any 2nd/3rd/etc cuts we should know about? Thank you to this wonderful community for helping me pull this list together. As always, Happy Hunting! Accept no imitations.

Glinting Persica Sweater Dress (now $90, review here), STYLE #22853139

Many Folds Dress (now $90), style # 23140262

Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress (now $90), STYLE #23103690

Eldora Turtleneck (now $70), STYLE #22499586

Otono Sweatercoat (now $100), STYLE #21128129

Purl-Wise Pullover (now $60), STYLE #23114903

Soft Chevrons Pullover (now $60), STYLE #22216527

Stripe-Stitched Cardigan (now $80), STYLE #22498943

Banded Ripples Tee (now $40), STYLE #22759013

Dantela Corset Top (now $50), STYLE #22786537

Gather & Give Top (now $48), STYLE #23541519

Olympians Alight Top (now $40), STYLE #21354816

Portfolio Blouse (now $70), STYLE #22590582

Sweetheart Shrug Tee (now $40, review here), style # 23685654

Gentle Touch Pencil Skirt (now $50), STYLE #22642078

Goban Pencil Skirt (now $60, review here), STYLE #22859516

Plaid Swathe Pencil (now $50), STYLE #23179542

Unfettered Maxi Skirt (now $80), STYLE #23187834

Valea Skirt (now $150), STYLE #22958870

Colloquium Trousers (now $70), STYLE #22751853

Clarissa Coat (now $200), STYLE #22814032

Coiled Cableknit Sweatercoat (now $80), style # 23428097

Draconid Coat (now $100), STYLE #22510994

Marled & Stitched Sweatercoat (now $130), style # 23170541

True Blue Coat (now $100), STYLE #23090665

Woodland Path Jacket (now $70), style # 23631351

Asteria Flats (now $80), STYLE #22559603

Autumn Flower Wingtips (now $80), STYLE #21324827

Belted Booties (now $100), STYLE #21034459

Bowed Lacerta Mary-Janes (now $100, review here), STYLE #21036280

Charade Heels (now $150), STYLE #22560114

Crinkled Pom Flats (now $120), STYLE #21276829

Crossed Moonbeams Heels (now $50), STYLE #21130745

Divided Frond Booties (now $120), STYLE #22502660

Galina Ankle Boots (now $200), STYLE #21176649

Go Lightly Wedges (now $80), STYLE #21130547

Holly Berry Boots (now $220), STYLE #21341151

Lapp Moccasin Booties (now $250), STYLE #22509806

Marquee Gemmed Heels (now $80), STYLE #22556757

Pelted Clogs (now $150), STYLE #22556948

Portable Art Platforms (now $250), STYLE #22202741

Rakish & Roughhewn Heels (now $150), STYLE #21276761

Red Heron Heels (now $80), STYLE #22780472

Regalia Button Boots (now $280), STYLE #21238449

Sidony Boots (now $150), STYLE #21258264

Silver Shuffle Booties (now $300), STYLE #21276951

Smoke In Seville Booties (now $200), STYLE #21178199

Suen Flats, Purple (now $100), STYLE #21352638

Suen Flats, Turquoise (now $100), style # A21352638

Tamarack Loafers (now $200), STYLE #22509046

Big Pom Beanie (now $30), STYLE #22884928

Disconnected Zigzags Scarf (now $80), STYLE #22786271

Grey Frequencies Scarf (now $80), STYLE #22786321

Hamura Beret (now $80), STYLE #22707210

Jeweled Python Belt (now $70), STYLE #22827356

Pandora's Bag (now $330), STYLE #22548689

Pinstriped Bag (now $80), STYLE #21085311

Silimba Loop (now $100), STYLE #23082712

Twice Rung Skinny Belt (now $40), STYLE #23419575

Wattens Glint Belt (now $100), STYLE #22827240