{Weekly} EA Community Anthro reviews!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to the weekly EA community reviews post. This post was inspired by a similar J.Crew-themed community reviews post over at J.Crew Aficionada.

In this post, you can:
- Leave a comment with your Anthropologie product review
- Link to your reviews page on anthropologie.com
- Link to your own blog reviews
- Ask if there are any reviews for an item in the community
- Link to someone else's blog if they have reviewed an item someone is inquiring about (no links to copycats please)

For full guidelines, please read this post.

Guide to commenting with IntenseDebate.
How to add photos to your IntenseDebate comment.

Metapost: Blogroll update time and a new weekly post!

It's been awhile since the last blogroll update here at EA. Many of you are kind enough to link over here from your blog and I'm delighted to return the favor. If your blog is not currently in my blogroll and you'd like to be added, please email me. Note that adding blogs is at my discretion. Preference is given to blogs about Anthropologie, fashion in general, and/or home design. Thank you as well to everyone who has added my tumblr to their blogroll, which is where my OOTDs will be living. I will be posting new updates over there next week.

On another note, the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada continues to inspire me. There is a weekly post over there where JCAs can post their own quick product reviews, which is helpful in appending Alexis's reviews and stimulating discussion about fit, availability, etc. So I'll be starting a similar weekly reviews post over here a bit later today!

Here's how the post will work: you can either leave a comment with your Anthropologie product review, a link to your reviews page on anthropologie.com, or a link to your own blog reviews. You can also ask if there are any reviews for an item in the community. You are welcome to link to someone else's blog if they have reviewed an item someone is inquiring about. If you are linking to your own blog please make sure to list the items we can find in your link. Please condense links into as few comments as possible when possible. If you are reviewing via comment, include a product photo and tell us in a nutshell whether you like the item or not. What size did you try? Is that your normal size? How did the fabric feel? Have you worn it yet? If so, how did you style it? Have you washed the item yet? How did it hold up? Would you recommend the product? And finally, if you don't mind sharing what is your body shape? Include a link to the product as well.

Reviews of any Anthropologie items are welcome in the post -- clothing, accessories, beauty, home, whatever. I reserve the right to remove comments that I feel are spammy or against the intent of the post. There are also a couple of unfortunate blogs in the community that are nothing more than copies of already existing blogs. These bloggers know who they are as I've addressed them directly privately. There is room for as many original ideas as we can create, but there is no room in this community for copycats. Any links from or to those bloggers will be promptly deleted

This post will go live around 11 AM and will become a regularly weekly feature. I hope that it is helpful for the community!! I look forward to everyone's feedback.

Anthropologie's SALE won't wait til tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anthropologie's game of showing some sale prices and not others grows tiresome...but at least the fabulous EA community is here to broadcast the markdowns! Incomplete sale list below; I'm sure this list will grow in the morning but for now I'm back to bed. Some highlights include the Gathering Breeze Dress (now $130), style #21389614, the Strappy Dandelion Dress (now $70), style # 21097118 and the Leaf Filigree Tank (now $40, review here), style # 21014402. Fall's new arrivals have stolen away my attention, though some of these cuts are pretty tempting!

The community has shared 2nd/3rd/etc cuts in the comments here and on the Sale Guessing Game post. Confusingly, there are also a few items hanging out in the sale section that are full price, like the Map Of The World Skirt ($178). Keep checking -- my guess is they will be properly marked down later this morning.

As always, Happy Hunting! Accept no imitations.

Note: this post last updated at 8:30 AM.

Beaded Foliage Shift (now $120), style # 21045125

Bilberry Dress (now $140), style # 21110200

Bright Bandana Dress (now $80, review here), style # 20748760

Brilliant Chaos Shift (now $100), style # 21010467

Crepuscule Shift (now $170), style # 21336250

Drafting Shift (now $80, review here), style # 21282181

Electric Lights Dress (now $140), style # 22767214

Fandango Dress (now $230), style # 20863684

Fanning Triangles Dress (now $90), style # 21331418

Forever Fond Shirtdress (now $100), style # 20988044

Four Corners Dress (now $150), style # 21267398

Gathering Breeze Dress (now $130), style #21389614

Hyacinth Afternoon Shift (now $70), style # 20872958

Junebug Dress (now $90), style # 21319595

Lattice Ring Dress (now $180), style # 21009675

Muhabura Tank Dress (now $70), style # 20702403

Nuit Blanche Dress (now $90), style # 22860613

Picacho Dress (now $70), style # 22498505

Quilted Pastiche Maxi (now $120, review here), style # 22516744

Spectrum Caftan (now $150), style # 21087689

Strappy Dandelion Dress (now $70), style # 21097118

Sugared Dress (now $100), style # 21182431

Sweetpea Shift (now $100), style # 21166848

Art Class Henley (now $30), style # 20871711

Battenberg V-Neck (now $40), style # 20576278

Beekeeper Blouse (now $40), style # 21120977

Blaue Blume Blouse (now $50), style # 20886966

Buttercream Blouse (now $100), style # 21194014

Carapace Tee (now $40), style # 20808069

Chawton Cottage Top (now $40), style # 20914495

Conestoga Corset (now $80), style # 22550644

Ensnared Peasant Top (now $60), style # 21259627

Feathered Gleam Blouse (now $100), style # 21054093

Filtered Light Tunic (now $50), style # 21101357

Flimflam Tank (now $40), style # 21001003

Floriography Blouse (now $70), style # 20619946

Flourishing Stripes Tank (now $40), style # 20708137

Frannie Camisole (now $40), style # 20848917

Gallica Tank (now $40, review here), style # 22592224

Ikebana Mosaic Tee (now $40), style # 21177845

Kepler's V-Neck (now $20), style # 21337183

Leaf Filigree Tank (now $40, review here), style # 21014402

Long Stem Spectrum Blouse (now $70, style # 21327473

Lowland Rugosa Tank (now $50), style # 21043211

Lucerne Peasant Blouse (now $80), style # 20267126

Peppered Poncho (now $70), style # 21078456

Pinochle Blouse (now $50), style # 20914354

Remnant Necklace Tank (now $40), style # 21053236

Rugby Stripe Blouson (now $40), style # 21209879

Silk Blooms Eternal Top (now $40, review here), style # 20402616

Stitchery Peasant Blouse (now $60), style # 20719753

Squiggled Tank (now $40), style # 21120571

Tenacity Tee (now $40), style # 20622312

Timeworn Blouse (now $70), style # 21183108

Trapeze Tunic (now $40, review here), style # 22209332

Wingfall Blouse (now $80), style # 20979308

Bosky Lace Skirt (now $60), style # 21239215

Gradated Diamonds Skirt (now $90), style # 22650584

Infrared Skirt (now $70), style # 22593495

Manteo Maxi (now $90), style # 22799613

Million Pleats Midi (now $80), style # 21195490

Pitter-Patter Skirt (now $40), style # 21208327

Post-Impressionist Skirt (now $60), style # 22591309

Rotational Symmetry Skirt (now $80), style # 21107107

Akimbo Cardi (now $90), style # 20932778

Flipped Dots Cardigan (now $50), style # 21044342

Luzula Cardigan (now $50), style # 20838371

Ship Shape Shorts (now $40, reviewed here), style # 20229910

Aerial Wide-Legs (now $60), style # 21111679

Citizens Of Humanity Ava Straight Leg (now $100 in new vital), style # 21068846

Citizens Of Humanity Dita Petite (now $100 in oxford), style # 22792501

Doted Denim Trousers (now $70), style # 21255930

Fontanka Trousers (now $80), style # 20632287

Floristry Booties (now $80), style # 21295449

Tiny Spaces Clogs (now $80), style # 21253471