Reviews: Bright Forecast Tank, Adelie Blouse, Fringed Lace Top, Plentiful Grace Top, Charmeuse-Spliced Cowlneck, Ainsley Pullover

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bright Forecast Tank ($88) by Girls From Savoy, size up
style # 23587595, blue motif (049)

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Girls From Savoy has been a roll, offering up a bunch of mutually flattering tank-style tops. The latest in this family tree is the Bright Forecast Tank ($88). The top looks like a bubbling fountain to me -- dotted white chiffon plays base to an erupting center of a darker blue playful spew. The top is purposely bubbily on both the top and bottom halves, expanding outward somewhat from a cinched waist. For girls with a straighter shape this will create lovely curves. For already curvy girls it creates a bit of a challenge -- it can make us look wider than we are.

My main complaint about Girls From Savoy tops continues to be where the waist hits. I am short-waisted yet these tops still manage to hit above my natural waist. The result is that I look overly busty. The waist on this top was much closer than previous pieces but still not quite low enough. I typically size up to an 8 in Girls From Savoy tops since they're cut small in the bust. This top was no exception. Despite my quibbles I think this top is lovely and envision it as the perfect work top to pair with a fitted blazer. I put this top on the birthday wishlist! (The birthday wishlist which by the way I'd like to make in my account but can't because they limit you to 5 wishlists. Huh?)

Adelie Blouse (now $50 plus 50% off) by Charlotte Taylor, size up if busty
style # 23382815, blue motif (049)

Who can say no to penguins? Certainly not me. I've had an eye on the Adelie Blouse (now $50 plus 50% off) and when it hit sale and then was discounted further I trotted to a store to grab one. I love the slippery feel of the silk and the silhouette-enhancing details like the thin waistband, structured shoulders and slight peplum of the bottom half of the top.

Much as I like the design it's a tough sell on most bodies. The combination of the structured waist and Peter Pan collar create an imbalance for most people, myself included. I looked overtly busty in this top. I wish there was a v-neck instead. And is it me or is the collar slightly off-center? Maybe I'm just off-center. The downward slope of the sleeves was also a bit difficult to reconcile against my curves. Size-wise an 8 fit me best. I did purchase this shirt but it's likely getting returned. I am sad about that.

Fringed Lace Top ($78) by TT, TTS
style # 23866544, black (001)

A beautiful model shot tempted me into trying TT's Fringed Lace Top ($78). A few surprises were immediately apparent. First, while I expected the shirt to be cotton and lace it's actually rayon and lace. The main body of the shirt feels cheap which is so disappointing. Without the crispness of thicker material the shirt lays in odd ways, especially around the neck line. Some have reported that the lace is also supbar but I thought it looked great! Not quite as significant as the model shot would have you believe around the shoulders but every bit as intricate and delicate as it looks online.

My usual size medium fit mostly wonderfully. It did not reveal my bra from the back, the length was great and the top fell easily. Unfortunately the lace shoulder panels on the medium were way off -- far too inward so it made me look like a dressed-up body builder. I'd never considered my shoulders wide before but maybe it's time to rethink that. So I switched to a large which was better over the shoulders...but very low in the back. (See a pic from the back, potentially NSFW.) I settled on the large knowing I'd need a cami underneath. Shoppers beware -- make sure you try this top on for sizing.

Plentiful Grace Top ($78) by Bordeaux, TTS
style # 24016222, moss (031)

Bordeaux, masters of draping, give it another whirl with the Plentiful Grace Top ($78). Anthropologie still loves them some sheer so one shoulder and part of the back get the see-through treatment. Grumble. Otherwise the shirt is a flowy modal cowlneck with draped tier upon draped tier. The look is very pretty.

My usual size medium was loose in the top half but perfect around my sizable hips, so if you're less curvy than me you can likely size down in this top. I had to play with the tiers a lot before I got them to rest in a pleasing way. This top is somewhat fussy. The material is light and comfortable. Love the longer length, which is somewhere between top and tunic. Over straight or skinny jeans this top would be a great day-to-night transitional piece. The price gives me pause though so I'm going to wait until sale. Wishlisted!

Charmeuse-Spliced Cowlneck ($78) by Bordeaux, size up
style # 24015794, neutral motif (015) or dark grey (005)

Another new Bordeaux top is the Charmeuse-Spliced Cowlneck ($78). Here once again we have two different materials playing together. First is the modal base of the top and then added is an opaque panel. Hooray for no sheerness! Like its sleeved cousin this top features the contrasting panel on one shoulder and one side.

Unlike its sister top I found this version to run small. My usual size medium was overly clingy so a large would be a better fit. I like the look of this top and its interesting features. The longer length is nice and I like the light feel of this top -- you can barely feel it on. Wishlisted for sale!

Ainsley Pullover (now $40 plus 50% off) by Left Coast, TTS
style # 23602980, mint (102) or navy (041)

I mentioned purchasing the Ainsley Pullover (now $40 plus 50% off) last week and a few people asked for a review. So here goes! This Left Coast lounge top has ruching on either side and a sweatshirt feel. Another dancer-chic item. This item came in at least two colors as listed above and perhaps a third -- I think I remember seeing grey in store too?

Unfortunately I could only find a small in-store to try on, which was too tight on me. This top does start off tight and loosen up over time. I initially ordered a large but found it loosened way too much so I switched to my usual medium. The bracelet length sleeves are a fun but somewhat odd choice (does Anthro like cold wrists or something?). This top is comfy as can be. With the current 50% off discount it's well worth a look!