Reviews: Salix Petal Blouse, Graphic Framework Blouse, Sweetheart Shrug Tee, Catch-A-Glimpse Top, Pthalo-Blocked Blouse, Mirrored Deer Tee

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yeah, I've been procrastinating too.

Salix Petal Blouse ($98) by Odille, TTS
style # 21371810, blue motif (049)

Cowlneck, flutter sleeves, drawstring waist. That's a lot of elements to put into one top! Yet the Salix Petal Blouse ($98) mostly pulls it off. I love the floral print sprinkled across the top, especially the yellow flowers which stand out nicely from a navy blue base. This unlined silk top is a nice tunic length but I noticed that the sleeves wanted to curl back and the waist hits more at the hip than the waist.

My usual size medium slipped over my head easily and over my hips too. But I hated that the drawstring fell too low. I had to leave it undone, making the top boxier than necessary. Once the shapelessness came into play the top lost its luster with me. The print is adorable and the length is right. The shape, however, does not work for me. Back to the rack.

I will have a review of the Houndstooth Collage Pencil Skirt ($98) in an upcoming reviews set. 

Graphic Framework Blouse ($78) by Odille, TTS
style # 23126832, neutral motif (015) or green motif (038)

I continued on the Odille train with their Graphic Framework Blouse ($78), a pretty faux-wrap top with a sizable waist sash. This top comes in two variations and I found myself drawn to the neutral motif. The product shot shoes the sash tied to the front -- for whatever silly reason I tied it back when trying the top on. The v-neck is not horribly deep but does show a hint of cleavage. The sleeves are sizable without being overwhelming. The bottom portion of the shirt is cut straight so those with hips will find the top close-fitting.

I tried on my usual size 6. It was a close fit over the hips, but I found an 8 to hang loosely off my chest so I'd stick with the 6. I think this top is very flattering! With a pair of wide leg trousers and a slightly bigger necklace this top would be ready for work. Then I could magically change into a skirt for Happy Hour. (Or maybe if the pants are wide enough I could conceal the skirt. Or maybe not.) This top has a side zip but I found it unnecessary. Always nice to be able to through tops on pullover style. One more perk to a pretty top. Wishlisted!!

Sweetheart Shrug Tee ($68) by Velvet, TTS
style # 23685654, turquoise (046) or 3 other colors

The Sweetheart Shrug Tee ($68) had so much potential but it has a huge design flaw! Two friends and I all tried this top on during a recent store visit. We range in size from XS to L. Yet we all had the same problem: our bra shows at the sides of this top no matter how much we fuss with it. Did anyone at Velvet or Anthropologie try this top on before releasing it? I'm incredulous. There is no way that I can figure to wear a bra with any kind of strap with this top. Not cool Anthro, not cool.

And it's too frickin bad because this shirt is otherwise awesome. It's body-hugging yet flattering thanks to ruching across the center. The deep v-neck is revealing but manageable. Probably not work-appropriate for those of us who prefer demure. I'd pair this with jeans, pants or trousers, or perhaps tuck it into a low-slung pencil skirt for evenings out and about. This is one top where I think rayon is OK (cotton jersey would still be better).

None of that matters though thanks to the bra issue. My usual size medium hugged my curves nicely and showed off my bra horribly. Boo. I am disappoint.

Catch-A-Glimpse Top ($78) by Deletta, TTS
style # 23448970, plum (052) or turquoise (046)

Cool cutouts make the Catch-A-Glimpse Top ($78) a step above other slouchy drawstring tops. I would have walked right by this top but Anthropologie had it cleverly displayed on a side rack so I could see the descending openings. Well done, Anthro. It convinced me to pick the top up and try it. These kinds of tops aren't really my style but I do like the color choices a lot. A small v lip in the front can be tied into a keyhole and a wide banded hem allows you to blouse this top as you prefer.

A medium fit nicely. It's comfortably loose yet I noticed you could still almost see my waist. The sleeves could stand to be a bit longer -- they're longer than 3/4 yet not quite bracelet. I didn't like the elastic hem on the sleeves. I wish they were open. I think this top would look very cool with a contrast top underneath showing through the cutouts. I have a few ideas. Will reconsider this top at sale time.

I'll review the Scully Pencil Skirt ($118) in another post but I must mention how awesome it is that the seams line up at the sides on this complex pattern. Makes such a difference.

Pthalo-Blocked Blouse ($198) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style # 23419617, blue (040)

I'm a sucker for electric blue. Leifsdottir deploys it thoughtfully in the Pthalo-Blocked Blouse ($198). The lace portion on top has a straight cut in the front but in the back it dips quite a bit deeper. But Leifsdottir uses some clever sleight of hand to make this top work-ready: underneath the lace is a flesh-tone lining. It's pretty awesome for pale-skinned peeps like me...however it's a little thoughtless for people with darker skin tones, wouldn't you say? I'm surprised there isn't a variation with a darker lining. It's a very cool idea but a little odd.

I was happy with the fit of a size 6. I often find myself between a 6 and an 8 in Leifsdottir's tops, where the 6 barely clears my hips and the 8 pools ridiculously up top. This time around the 6 was OK. I'm not usually fan of full back zips but I think it works well on this top. I love the design. It's very cool and right on-trend. I had to stop myself from taking this home with me -- wishlisted for now!

Mirrored Deer Tee ($88) by one.september, size down
style # 22627558, brown motif (029)

Why is that I'm drawn to the Mirrored Deer Tee ($88)? The top is rather oddly shaped, with loose sides, a slouchy back and thick-banded sleeves. The bottom hem is left intentionally raw because...I don't know why actually. And the print is rear-facing deer. Yet I love it! I want to wear it with straight jeans and cute flats, a big chunky bracelet and maybe a soft leather jacket over it. The top is pretty sheer so you'll want to layer a cami underneath. It's also rather clingy so I'd recommend you make that layering cami silk or something similarly slippery and static-repellant.

I was able to size down to a small and still have plenty of room left over. I guess the only question is how large you want this top to fit. If you want it oversized stick to your normal size and if you prefer a slightly less slouchy fit size down. I can't justify $88 on a raw hem but on sale I plan to take this top home. If it ever hits sale that is. Adding to my Guessing Game list for next week!