FREE SHIPPING from Anthropologie is back for everyone!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy days are here again! Just around lunchtime on the East Coast Anthropologie unveiled a new free shipping promotion that is good for everyone in the USA. This time around the promo is free domestic shipping on orders over $100, now through November 30, 2011. You can get all the details on Anthro's Help And Info page. Canadians, are you seeing a shipping promo too?

Our EU friends have not been left out of this promotion! The wonderful British Anthropologiest reports that the EU Anthro site has Free Shipping on orders over £50/E60.

This is great news although greedy me still longs for the days when free shipping was on any order no matter what the size. Still I'm very happy to see this promo in place (right on time too) as I have a ton of stuff in my cart and plan to pull the trigger.

How about you community? Will you be partaking in the free shipping goodness too?