Playing the Sale Guessing Game

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Anthropologie! The store turns 19 years young today and to celebrate I'll be toasting our favorite store tonight as we wait for the markdown reports to begin. That's right, it's time for the Sale Guessing Game!!!

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? If you see an item on sale today please let us know so I can update the list. If you're looking for reviews of any of these items, use the "Search the Archives" box in the sidebar. If you have a report from your store be sure to share in the comments!

Home items that are tempting me.
Atelier Chesterfield, Bottle Green
Bright Morning Teacups
Copper Clad Nightstand
From The Deep Dinnerware
Louisa Settee
Perpetual Blooms Towels
Spiny Lobster Rug
Stippled Tapestry Rug

About due for a shuffle to sale.
125th Street Blouse ($148)
Ace Vest Dress ($248)
Adelaide Dress ($188)
Agnita Dress ($388)
Avery Pullover ($88)
Bojagi Pullover ($58)
Checked Crops ($118)
Color Category Dress ($358)
Concise Denim Jacket ($128)
Decisively Textured Pullover ($78)
Dixie Trousers ($98)
Dog Rose Pullover ($138)
Dots Within Blouse ($118)
Ella Skirt ($188)
Felted Colorbar Cardigan ($118)
High-Rise Flares ($248)
Hourglass Sand Dress ($158)
Just A Dash Cardi ($68)
Layered Column Dress ($178)
Lepidoptera Dress ($158)
Lotte Blouse ($68)
Marmara Pullover ($168)
Metier Chinos ($98)
Oka Corset Top ($88)
Point Of View Peasant Top ($88)
Portfolio Blouse ($118)
Puckered Pocket Blouse ($98)
Savoy Quilted Leather Jacket ($498)
Sloping Skirt ($148)
Starred Entry Tee ($68)
Stenciled Tigers Maxi Dress ($398)
Sweet Osmanthus Shift ($178)
Time Signature Cardigan ($148)
Tucked Peplum Tank ($88)
Twisted Ascot Tee ($48)
Two Harbors Pullover ($98)
Vanda Scoopneck ($78)
Wild Bouquet Blouse ($128)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Noon & Night Dress ($158)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Elevenses High-Waist Trousers ($118)
Gossamer Birch Shell ($148)
Hampden Peacoat ($198)
Ottoman Poppies Blouse ($198)
Ottoman Poppies Dress ($298)
Smocked Blouson Tank ($148)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Colorblocked Sweater Skirt ($118)
Corrigan Chair, Linen

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Contest time! Win a necklace from Sora Designs!!

Effortless Anthropologie's newest sponsor Sora Designs has graciously agreed to host a giveaway for the community! After perusing the shop I see (too) many pieces that would fit right into my jewelry collection and I'm delighted that someone will soon have a necklace from the shop to call their own.

Up for grabs is the Peach Flower Necklace above. Pair this pretty necklace with teal, green, purple or maroon to brighten up a cold weather outfit. When warm weather returns it will be the perfect finishing touch with a summer dress or halter top.

Here's how to enter:
Help support independent designers! This contest has three ways to enter. You may enter via one method, more than one, or all three, for a maximum of 3 entries total.

1 - In the comments on this post or via email to the EA contest inbox let me know which Sora Designs item is your favorite.
2 - You can get an extra entry by becoming a fan of Sora Design's shop on Facebook. If you become a fan be sure to note that in your comment/email!
3 - Blog or tweet about this contest. Just be sure to link to your post/tweet in your comment/email. 

The not-so fine print: You are entering to win one (1) Peach Flower Necklace from Sora Designs as described in this post. This contest is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. This contest is void where prohibited. This prize is not transferable. This prize may not be exchanged for cash. Once contacted, the winner has 72 hours to claim the prize. International entrants welcome!

The contest will close on Thursday, November 3 2011, at 5 PM ET. The winner will be announced on Friday, November 4, 2011 or thereabouts. Good luck to all!

If you're an independent clothing, jewelry or curiosities seller interested in partnering for a giveaway, please email me.

The Trade Market: Looking to Buy

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's weekly buy posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for buying only -- there is a separate selling/trade post below.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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The Trade Market: Looking to Sell/Trade

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's weekly buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for selling/trading -- there is a separate buying post above.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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FREE SHIPPING from Anthropologie is back for everyone!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy days are here again! Just around lunchtime on the East Coast Anthropologie unveiled a new free shipping promotion that is good for everyone in the USA. This time around the promo is free domestic shipping on orders over $100, now through November 30, 2011. You can get all the details on Anthro's Help And Info page. Canadians, are you seeing a shipping promo too?

Our EU friends have not been left out of this promotion! The wonderful British Anthropologiest reports that the EU Anthro site has Free Shipping on orders over £50/E60.

This is great news although greedy me still longs for the days when free shipping was on any order no matter what the size. Still I'm very happy to see this promo in place (right on time too) as I have a ton of stuff in my cart and plan to pull the trigger.

How about you community? Will you be partaking in the free shipping goodness too?

The weekend in-store community post

Note: New posts run below this one. Is your local store participating in the 40% off sale promotion? Let the community know in the comments!

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be! Please note that items for sale belong in the Trade Market, as do 'looking to find' requests for past season items. Comments that erroneously get posted in this thread will be deleted.

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by either clicking the small RSS icon at the top right of the comments section or by selecting either subscribe to "all new comments" or "replies" in the comment box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap

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{Weekly} EA Community Anthro reviews!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome to the weekly EA community reviews post. This post was inspired by a similar J.Crew-themed community reviews post over at J.Crew Aficionada. I'll be back with another set of my own reviews later today!

In this post, you can:
- Leave a comment with your Anthropologie product review
- Link to your reviews page on
- Link to your own blog reviews
- Ask if there are any reviews for an item in the community
- Link to someone else's blog if they have reviewed an item someone is inquiring about (no links to copycats please)

For full guidelines, please read this post.

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Anthropologie FAQ :: The Birthday Discount

As our community grows we've welcomed in many new members to join those who've been around as long as this blog. Several newer members have emailed me to ask about a FAQ -- things more experienced members here know about but the newbs are just coming up to speed on. I'm more than happy to oblige with this new series I'm calling Anthropologie FAQ. Each week we'll take on a different topic. I'll start the discussion in the post and invite the community to chip in via the comments. I'll update the posts as we learn new things so this series will be a living FAQ.

Moving forward when new people ask about these topics please link them to the appropriate Anthropologie FAQ page. That way we can keep all the information centralized. Whenever possible I'll also link to Anthropologie's official page(s) on these subjects.

I thought the Birthday Discount would be a good place to start, seeing as how this blog turns 3 on Saturday and then Anthro turns 19 on Monday. Craziness. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I get. Anthropologie doesn't speak about the Birthday Discount publicly but yes it does exist. If you have a question I didn't cover or have additional information for an answer let us know in the comments.

What is the birthday discount?
How do I get the birthday discount?
When does the birthday discount arrive?
What if I'm an Anthro member who didn't get it?
Can I choose whether I get the online or mail discount?
Does the birthday discount work on sale items?
Does the discount work on charge/sends?
Does the discount work on backordered items?
What if I receive both the online and snail mail discount?
Can I use the birthday discount with another promotion?
Can I get a price adjustment on birthday discount items?
Can I use the online code if it's not my birthday month?
Can I give my birthday discount to someone else?
Can I use a friend's birthday discount?
Why didn't I get the birthday discount this year?
Do I get another discount if I return a birthday discount item?
What happens if I need to exchange an item?
What happens if I want to exchange the item for a different item?

What is the Anthropologie birthday discount?
Like many stores, Anthropologie rewards its loyal customers with a birthday gift. It's a one-time use 15% off discount, delivered either via mail for in-store use or email for online use.

How do I receive the Anthropologie birthday discount?
The discounts are given out to anthro card members. The anthro card is a free loyalty card that is available by the registers in Anthropologie stores. You can also sign up online. Each year Anthropologie sends anthro members the birthday discount. As of June 2012, every anthro member receives the discount. (Want more information about the anthro card? Click here.)

When can I expect to receive the discount?
Timing varies. By mail, most people receive the discount by the 10th of their birthday month. Via email most people receive their discount by the 5th of their birthday month. However there are community members who've received theirs as late as the 22nd of the month. If you're unsure you can email to check the status of your birthday discount.

I'm an anthro card holder but I didn't receive a birthday discount. Can I ask Anthropologie for one?
Remember that the Anthropologie birthday discount is a lottery, so not every customer or anthro card holder receives it. But yes you can request the discount from customer service by emailing It's best to wait until the 10th of your birthday month to do this, since the card may be on its way to you in the mail!

Can I choose whether I receive the online Anthropologie birthday discount code or the card by mail?
No. Currently it is random luck of the draw. However, for people who live far away from a store customer service will usually issue an online code to your account. To request an online discount code, call customer service at 1-(800)-309-2500.

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on sale items?

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on charge/sends?
Yes. When you call the store, they may ask for your anthro card number so make sure you have it handy.

Can I use the Anthropologie birthday discount on an item that's backordered online?
Yes. The discount will apply when the item ships.

It's my birthday month and I received both the online birthday discount and the discount card in the mail! Can I use both?
Lucky you! Yes, you can use both but make sure you use the store one first.

If Anthropologie is running an in-store promotion, i.e. 25% off sale items, can I use the birthday discount on top of that?
As of November 2011, stores will no longer be able to stack promotions in Anthropologie's POS (point of sale) system. You cannot use the birthday discount with any other discount that an employee needs to manually key in, i.e. 25% off sale items or 20% off dresses, etc.

I used my birthday discount but now I'm eligible for a price adjustment (PA) on some of those items I purchased. Can I get the PA and still get the birthday discount?
Yes, but only in some cases. If there was no promotional discount on the item besides the birthday discount, you can get the PA and the birthday discount together. However, if there was a promotion on the item you purchased and then you got the birthday discount on top of that, Anthropologie's policy is that you can get the PA but will lose either the promotional discount or your birthday discount. (Note: some stores will give you every possible discount with a PA, but that's not Anthropologie's official policy.)

The online discount code is pretty easy to figure out. If my birthday is this month, can I just enter the code and get the discount?
No. Anthropologie has to make your online account eligible for the code. If you did not receive the discount email or card and try to place a birthday order, you'll get an error when you try to use the code.

I received a birthday discount but don't plan to use it. Can I give it to someone else to use?
Techinically this is against Anthropologie's policies, and may result in you not getting the discount in subsequent years.

A friend received the birthday discount but didn't want it. She gave it to me to use. Can I use it?
Anthropologie's official policy is that the card is non-transferable.

I have received the Anthropologie birthday discount in previous years but didn't receive one this year. Did I do something wrong?
Remember that the Anthropologie birthday discount is a lottery, so not every customer or anthro card holder receives it and you may not receive it every year. You can request a discount by emailing It's best to wait until the 10th of your birthday month to do this, since the card may be on its way to you in the mail!

If I return an item that I purchased with the Anthropologie birthday discount, will I get another instance of the discount to use?
No, it's a one-time use code. Once you've used it, that's it.

If I need to exchange an item I purchased with the Anthropologie birthday discount, will the discount apply to the new item?
Yes, the birthday discount will carry over to the new item when you make an exchange.

I used the Anthropologie birthday discount but now I'd like to exchange what I bought for another item of equal value. Will the discount carry over?
This is up to the discretion of the store manager. In most cases no it will not carry over.

Yes, Anthro Birthday Discounts do exist
You Say It's Your Birthday 

Eye Candy: Anthropologie November 2011 catalogue

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anthropologie unveiled its November catalogue preview today. The clothing seems a little non-winter appropriate but I'm in love with several of the new pieces. My favorite is probably the Fading Stitch Pullover ($128) which is showcased in an outfit below. My wishlist has several new additions today.

The collection has a mix of long and short, thick and thin which I like. I also finally see some boots worth getting excited over. Plenty of party frocks and vivid colors to adore. The price points are higher but hopefully that means more organic materials and better quality overall. This collection reminds me of the Autumn 2006 catalogue.Will anything from the new catalog be hitting your wishlist?

On the left model: Wispy Pointelle Cardi ($88) over Layered Lace Tank ($58) 
and Flounced Wrap Skirt ($128). With Knotted Buckle Booties ($278). 
On the right model: Titan Blooms Top ($98) over Dipped Pleats Skirt ($198). 
With Woven Elements Tote ($528).

Altiplano Tunic ($188) over Super Wale Skirt ($88). 

On the left model: Button-Berm Pullover ($88) 
over Feathered Village Skirt ($168) and Tegu Platforms ($168).
On the right model: Cheongsam Dress Coat ($268) 
over Deco Spark Skirt ($198) and Marquee Gemmed Heels ($148).

On the left model: Miraflores Mini-Dress ($228) with Fishbone Tights ($38).
On the right model: Starshine Bolero ($138) over Pleats Abounding Top ($98).
and Pleats Abounding Maxi ($128).

Fading Stitch Pullover ($128) over Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt ($298). 
With Thulean Necklace ($398).
Note to Anthro: This is the first look in a long time I want to recreate
head to toe.

Anthropologie wants to charm us

When Anthropologie's new charm collection was unveiled several of the pieces seemed familiar to me. A few days later I realized why -- the pieces are all designed or discovered by John Wind of Maximal Art, who I had the pleasure of interviewing last year. Mr. Wind is mostly known among Anthro fans for his amazing initial necklaces. Now he and Anthropologie have collaborated again on a collection of tiny charms and trinkets fit to tie around your neck. I've received several emails asking about the collection so I headed to my nearest Anthro to take a peek.

I have to imagine that most Anthro fans grew up loving charm bracelets and the like as I did. Growing up my friends and I would scour craft stores for just the right charms. Then the next day at school we'd barter charms back and forth with the goal of making the coolest charm collection ever. We'd rotate novelties each day, keeping three on our necklace or bracelet while the rest waited at home.

Anthro has a collection of chains and initials to start with though you can use your own chain if you choose. Then it's time to pick the right decoration pieces to showcase. While the collection online seems small (or well curated if you like) in store there were plenty of delights to choose from. In fact I was a bit overwhelmed at first.

Seeing the collection in the Soho Anthropologie (NYC) the other day I was transported back to childhood. Charms are back in a big way so I'm not surprised to see Anthro take on the trend. I love all the little details Anthro captured in its collection. The charms themselves are just far enough off the beaten path to feel new: a dog whistle, a ladder, a polished stone (it's light), a feather and a collection of small baubles just to name a few. Even the blister cards holding each item are adorable.

It's a nice collection of whimsy. I would love to see Anthropologie and Mr. Wind bring back the initial necklaces, as my "T" and "R" have both gone missing. Until then this charm collection will be just the thing to tide me over.

Artist Interview: John Wind/Maximal Art

Support the cause: Anthropologie favorite Liamolly wants to go local

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Anthropologie mainstay Liamolly is one of my favorite brands. I love their sweaters, their dresses and their adorable children's clothing. Yesterday founder Seema Sudan reached out to the brand mailing list about an amazing project they're starting: moving production of Liamolly's clothing home to New Orleans.

From the email:
Our friends at the knitting mill in Asia, increased our minimums 2,000 pieces per style, making it impossible to go forward as we have.  We wanted to expand our line by adding styles, and kids and home, not volume. We want to be local.  We want to remain unique and special just like you.  After 4 months of research,  we decided to purchase our own knitting machine and start our production right here in New Orleans.  With 1 knitting machine we can rebuild our business.

Thanks to the awesomeness that is the Internet, Liamolly does not have to go this project alone. The expense to bring the production to New Orleans is huge and Liamolly is a small business. So the company has turned to kickstarter, a website that runs crowd-sourced fundraising. Kickstarter is home to projects charitable, commercial and just plain out there. With its own kickstarter page, Liamolly has set a goal of $26,000.

What that money will be used for:
We are sold in 200 locally owned boutiques in the US and Anthropologie.  We've been self financed since our start.  We need 1 knitting machine to kickstart our local production, to prove it is possible.  We have the sales, we just need the production. 

1 machine will bring back our online retail store for spring 2012.
3 machines will let me fill my 200 locally owned boutique accounts.
4 machines will allow me to launch our Kids, Men's and Home collection.
6 machines will allow me to help other knitters with their production.

If you are interested in learning more about this project visit Liamolly's page on kickstarter. Donations can be as small as $1 and if you are interested in contributing every little bit helps. I'm sad to think Liamolly might have to shut down production because of new minimums abroad and I'm delighted to see the company try to bring production stateside. A city like New Orleans that is continuing to recover from a down economy and natural disasters could always use a boost like this.

Artist Interview: Seema Sudan/Liamolly 

Wake up to a lovely Anthropologie SALE!!

Anthropologie surprised me this morning with a relatively large batch of markdowns. Lots of Leifsdottir hit sale today, including my beloved Ottoman Poppies Tank (now $90, quick OOTD at the bottom of this post), style # 22777288. I'm also excited to see the Cissus Button-Up, Gingham (now $50), style # 20304846 on sale and I'm sure many in the community will be delighted to see the Bookbinder Heels (now $100, review here), style # 20798930 have finally gotten a cut.

Thank you as always to all the sale reports to help me compile this list! I'll take another swing through later this morning to update, the list for now is below. Reports are coming in on the Sale Guessing Game post about 2nd/3rd/etc cuts. Feel free to add yours in the comments here. As always, Happy Hunting!! Accept no imitations.

Cherimoya Caftan (now $90), style # 22773659

Galah Dress (now $90), style # 22569909

Lenox Shirtdress (now $140), style # 22767685

Persian Floral Dress (now $150), style # 22774244

Roxelana Dress (now $100), style # 22824965

Skyscraper Dress (now $150, review here), style # 22767370

Stride Style Dress (now $130), style # 22767453

Studded Isosceles Dress (now $130), style # 22814644

Tangerine Flicker Dress (now $180, review here), style # 22833768

Tangu Dress (now $140), style # 22825723

Wavering Grid Dress (now $50, review here), style # 21366869

Draped Lapel Pullover (now $50), style # 22838981

Side-Snap Turtleneck (now $50), style # 23120280

Sunset Sails Cardigan (now $70), style # 22533939

Antiquarian Blouse (now $40), style # 22510549

Aurinia Blouse (now $60), style # 22656573

Bright Broadcloth Shirt (now $100), style # 22802235

Camellia Blouse (now $90), style # 22792592

Cissus Button-Up, Flower (now $50), style # A20304846

Cissus Button-Up, Gingham (now $50), style # 20304846

Clipped Jacquard Blouse (now $100), style # 22815575

Delft Peasant (now $80), style # 22652077

Electric Lights Blouse (now $80), style # 22768303

Frays And Folds Top (now $40), STYLE #19255736

Misis Blouse (now $100), style # 22814503

Olathe Blouse (now $60), style # 22806673

Orissa Blouse (now $100), style # 22835755

Ottoman Poppies Tank (now $90, quick OOTD at the bottom of this post), style # 22777288

Paradise Ascending Top (now $60), style # 21374905

Passant Blouse (now $80), style # 22768444

Quantum Blouse (now $50, review here), style # 21239975

Ryukyu Blouse (now $50), style # 22806350

Spliced Eyelet Poncho (now $140), style # 22653935

Tokonoma Tee (now $50), style # 21240684

Vine Street Blouse (now $70), style # 22768584

Wrap Around Blouse (now $50, review here), style # 20283594

Calligraphy Strokes Skirt (now $60), style # 21362843

Cinched Ponte Pencil (now $50), style # 22863765

Liquid Acres Skirt (now $60), style # 21339072

Sumukhwa Skirt (now $60), style # 22806012

Flounced Pintuck Parka (now $100), style # 22811244

Slouched Overcoat (now $100), style # 22547236

Aljaferia Boots (now $180), style # 21316401

Anita Boots (now $220), style # 22837777

Betwixt Booties (now $100), style # 22192835

Bookbinder Heels (now $100, review here), style # 20798930

Braced Oxfords (now $100), style # 22508816

Calligraphy Wedges (now $200), style # 21175724

Corded Dressage Boots (now $200), style # 21158167

Corset-Laced Boots (now $150), style # 22556294

Different Dapple Flats (now $120), style # 21304472

Doily Flounce Flats (now $50), style # 20803433

High Tack Boots (now $150), style # 21265400

Katariina Wedges (now $150), style # 22687586

LaRochelle Boots (now $250), style # 21238589

Liisa Flats (now $100), style # 22686448

Moorland Oxfords (now $100), style # 22624175

Niina Mary-Janes (now $150), style # 22685606

Niko Wedges (now $160), style # 22685010

Nuts & Bolts Sandals (now $100), style # 20694378

Otisfield Boots (now $150), style # 21236997

Radiate Wedges (now $200), style # 22499990

Red Pepper Heels (now $200), style # 20738860

Rum Cherry Flats (now $100), style # 21234422

Wound Barra Boots (now $120), style # 21046438

Accordion Shoulder Bag (now $130), style # 21041181

Ascot Shoulder Bag (now $130), style # 21106810

Candy-Dusted Clutch (now $150), style # 21038401

Double Dutch Bag (now $200), style # 21042072

Petal Patchwork Clutch (now $100), style # 21038682

Ruche & Buckle Satchel (now $150), style # 21106737

Thales Tote (now $130), style # 20835203

Unmatched Shoulder Bag (now $160), style # 21149919