Reviews: So Saturated Blazer, Ascot Swing Coat, Keswick Coat, Scarborough Jacket, Slackened Utility Jacket, Frilled Echelons Peacoat

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Note: There were just a few markdowns this morning so no sale post. Check the Sale Guessing Game comments for details!

Over the weekend the NYC weather abruptly changed from pleasant and summery to cold and blustery, making it perfect coat weather. I can't believe I'm saying this but I wasn't quite ready for fall yet! I've worked so hard this summer that I guess I was hoping for a couple more weeks of warm weather to relax in. Alas it wasn't meant to be. So I headed up to Anthropologie to try on some of their fall toppers. Before we get to the reviews an important reminder.

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So Saturated Blazer ($88) by Daughters of the Liberation, size up
style # 22755169, gold (070) or green (030)

For those of us that missed the adorable Thatch Palm Blazer over the summer here's a nearly identical alternative, the So Saturated Blazer ($88), that comes in either the same saturated green as its predecessor or an appealing yellow. This newer version is made from a stiffer cotton but has the same double pocket effect, the same tri-button placket and the same cute collar. This jacket is fine for days with a light breeze but won't keep you warm on days in the low 50s.

I usually wear a 10 in jackets. And normally I'm an 8 in Daughters of the Liberation jackets. When I tried the So Saturated Blazer on however there was no way the 10 would button. I would have to size up to a 12. I wonder if Anthropologie used the same pattern on this blazer as they did on its ancestor, because I remember sizing up in that one too. No big deal either way; once you've got the sizing figured out this blazer's a winner. Wishlisted!

Seriously, tell me which one of these is which...

Left is the Thatch Palm, right is the Saturated Blazer.

Ascot Swing Coat ($168) by Tabitha, TTS
style # 22761449, yellow (072)

Last fall I was on a mission to find the right swing coat for one of my (offline!) personal shopping clients. I only wish Tabitha's Ascot Swing Coat ($168) had been around. I know she would have loved it! The waffled wool/acrylic mix is a little rough against the skin but I like the mustard yellow color and the adorable collar. I felt a little Hepburn-ish in this and it's wonderful. Four big buttons lend a touch of mod and when paired with straight leg jeans this is an instant modern classic look. You can almost see the little puffy hearts floating all around me.

A medium fit me fine though once I had the coat on I noticed the bell shape tends to depress a bit. A back vent is a nice detail but I wish this coat was full wool instead of a poly mix. I'm sure Anthropologie did this to keep the price down but the material doesn't quite feel right to me. Looks great, feels wrong. You're almost there Anthro! A move in the right direction for sure.

This photo shows the flared sleeves which I did not expect to like. They are very well done and add to the overall effect nicely. It's because they're only ever-so-flared right at the end. Too much flare and these would have looked like heavy triangles. The design detail on this coat is wonderful. So nice to see the thoughtfulness returning! This coat is a pass for me but recommended for others.

Keswick Coat ($188) by Daughters of the Liberation, size down
style # 21079751, brown (020)

An urbanite coat if I ever saw one, I can see the Keswick Coat ($188) on some fashionable lady in London or a busy New Yorker. It's got military heritage with the cutest origami print lining. You can leave the collar open portrait style as I did here or button it up for a wind-breaking collar. A thick, sturdy sash can make you look like a two-story mushroom define your waist though I preferred the coat open (photo below).

I found my usual size medium to have a lot of extra room. Now there's the Daughter of the Liberation fit I know! I love all the pockets and drawstrings everywhere. But there's one quirk Anthro fans know well: this coat isn't waterproof. It's made from non-lacquered twill. It will keep you dry in a quick shower sure but once it's soaked through I'd bet this would take days to dry. No sense in catching pneumonia. This is a windy day jacket but not a rainy windy day jacket. 

Here's what the coat looks like without the sash done. Much better in my opinion. This is a coat I'd consider on sale. Wishlisted until then.

Scarborough Jacket ($128) by Hei Hei, size down
style # 21066931, neutral (014) or beige (024)

I previously reviewed the beige version of the Scarborough Jacket ($128) in this post. I came back for another round with the neutral version you see on me above. (Could these color names be any more confusing? This is "neutral"?? I thought beige was neutral? Very confused.) I still love this sturdy cotton/spandex topper. I still wish it were waterproof. In color to color comparison I decided I'd get more use from this neutral version, which reads as either blue, grey or khaki green depending on the lighting.

I have debated internally between the medium and the small versions of this coat. The medium you see on me above is pretty big on me but the small is a little too short. So after consulting with some personal shoppers I ultimately settled on the medium. If you're a bit more compact than me or have shorter arms you can easily size down. Even though I'd love to pick up both colors I couldn't wait any longer on this coat. It's colder now so this one came with me. A satisfying full-price buy.

Slackened Utility Jacket ($138) by Daughters of the Liberation, size down
style # 21270079, green (030)

The Slackened Utility Jacket ($138) is mysteriously attributed to Cartonnier online but it's actually by Daughters of the Liberation. Another military-style jacket, this one's more of a blazer with light military details like brass buttons, hooked pockets and sharp angles on the front drape collar. Do I like it? Yes sir!

I sized down to an 8 in this topper -- the 10 was too large across my back. The microfiber material is soft and luxurious and there's a drawstring back to help create shape. (It also makes it easier to size down.) I hope that drawstring won't make this uncomfortable to sit in. Either way it's a cool detail. I know this jacket doesn't look like much on its own...

...but add a scarf over it and you've got a really cool look! This is the Leaf On Water Scarf, which rings in at an inexpensive $248. I bought 4! Just kidding. It's a total budget buster but my goodness what a pretty design. Like the jacket, the scarf is wishlisted.

Frilled Echelons Peacoat ($148) by Elevenses, TTS
style # 21268321, turquoise (046) or moss (031)

Anthropologie has been experimenting with this silhouette for a few years now. In 2009 we saw both the Skirted Peacoat and the Wrapped in Ruffles Jacket which I think were brought together to make the decidedly aristocratic sounding Frilled Echelons Peacoat ($148). This turquoise version is the loveliest shade of blue that attracts anyone like me with pale skin and dark hair. It just looks good on us! In fact this color is universally flattering. It's a bummer that polyester is the biggest contributor to this coat. Maybe Anthropologie thought boiled wool would draw complaints? (It would from me.)

The problem with this silhouette is that the beautiful ruffle tiers which make this jacket unique also make me look all hip. To Anthro's credit I think this is the best version yet, on me at least. But any way you slice it this coat accents hips. And if you already have hips the effect isn't especially flattering. The jacket is so pretty though! You know how sometimes you find an item, know it's wrong for you, but want it anyway? That is my dilemma with this coat. I am trying to resist and the coat is selling out so maybe I'll escape its clutches. The turquoise siren song is calling to me so I've wishlisted it to try to evade temptation.