Reviews: Leifsdottir Dress, Tangerine Flicker Dress, Bronwen Dress, Lepidoptera Dress, Wythes Dress, Galah Dress

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unknown Dress ($198) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style #22775480 for size 6, blue motif (049)

note: I was able to recover some additional photos for yesterday's dress reviews post.

Let's keep the reviews rolling, shall we? (Don't worry, I'm not going all reviews. I have some other features coming up next week!) This Leifsdottir dress isn't on the website yet but should be soon. This transitional dress has an abstract wave pattern, a button placket and a drawstring waist. This dress feels relaxed and aimed at the jet-setting crowd that will fly to far-flung destinations with beaches. Am I jealous? Maybe a bit.

I stuck with my usual size 6 which felt but was a little short for comfort. I think the waist on this dress is intended to be drop waist but on me the waist hits at its natural spot. This leaves the skirt ending several inches above my knees. While the skirt just cleared my hips the top was very loose to the point of almost being too big. The proportions are a bit off on this dress so I think it's a pass.

Tangerine Flicker Dress ($358) by Tracy Reese, TTS
style # 22833768, orange (079)

The Tangerine Flicker Dress ($358) is absolutely gorgeous! I love that Tracy Reese speaks in strong colors and this orange frock has plenty of pretty details going for it. Though the dress is sheer, it's entirely lined. (Imagine that.) Better yet, the lining is detailed like a slip and sewn in, so when you draw down the zip or zip it back up there's little danger of catching the liner. I have a photo of this below. It's the details that matter! Beautiful bronze embroidery covers the bodice and bottom hem, with just a hint of metallic to add some glimmer to the dress. In certain lights the embroidery looked: brown, pink or purple. The effect is very cool.

Sizing-wise my usual size 6 fit nicely. The zipper seemed to stick on the way up -- if you buy this dress and find the same either run some candle wax against the zipper or pull it through wax paper to loosen the zipper up. I like how the sleeves end up just above the elbow and the flowy skirt with hits me right at the knees. This dress has the right waist for a belt -- I'd stick to a medium belt with this dress like the Stitched Perimeter Belt ($48) or the Lush Lacing Belt ($58).

Here's a shot of the interior lining which is sewn into the dress. On a dress at this price point I'd expect these kind of details. This dress is beautifully constructed and looks lovely on. Wishlisted!

Bronwen Dress ($228) by Maeve, TTS
style # 22647424, grey motif (008)

If you think the silhouette of the Bronwen Dress ($228) looks familiar you're not the only one! The wrap dress gets an Anthro treatment here with flowy sleeves making it different from the standard version. An interesting pixelated floral print runs all over it and a matching sash wraps easily around the middle. I am not crazy about the length -- the dress is a little too long for my taste. I don't like dresses that cut across my calves. Otherwise the shape is flattering.

A size 6 fit easily. The silk/poly mix is lined in the skirt and moves nicely as I walk. Though I like the print quite a bit I wasn't bowled over by the dress. It's pretty but not very impressive. I like that the wrap provides enough coverage over my chest. And Anthro's styling suggestion (tights, t-straps and a cloche) sounds adorable. Still, I can't quite get into this dress. Back to the rack.

Lepidoptera Dress ($158) by Maeve, size up if busty
style # 22807150, neutral motif (015)

The Lepidoptera Dress ($158) has been available for awhile but I kept missing my size in-store. Finally this past weekend I had a chance to try on the dress. The top of this dress is reminiscent of recent pieces like the  Cirque A-Line (reviewed here) though the once-deco bust has been tempered a bit. The butterfly print is beautiful and I adore the sash! Its beautiful blue color isn't quite as light as the product shot but it is gorgeous. And though they aren't listed on the product page, this dress does in fact have pockets.

Though a size 6 zipped I was much more comfortable sizing up to an 8. Turns out I enjoy breathing! An elasticized back panel helps the fit over the bust line. Nice to see that this dress comes in both regular and petite sizing. The regular version falls right to the knees. Best length in my opinion.

While I like this dress I'm not as in love with it as I expected to be. Something about the print offsets my eyes; it's trying to be too geometric when it should be more free-form. A lovely dress but not for me. Back to the rack.

Wythes Dress (now $80) by Edme & Esyllte, size up
style # 21326756, green motif (038)

Edme & Esyllte's Wythes Dress (now $80) is a long, long strapless shift with a messy tilework print. I love the green, blue and purple print. I hate the sad sash (though its purple color is lovely). The poplin material is soft to the touch and the dress has just a hint of stretch. The length makes this work appropriate in theory -- I suppose strapless is never really work-ready but with a cardigan over the dress who would know it has no straps? 

I decided to try this dress on. Given the shift shape I knew I'd have to size up but I guessed wrong with the 8. I should have sized up one more size to a 10, as the dress pulled across my hips and thighs in an 8. The bodice portion has a nice straight cut for good coverage across the bust, though the back kept sliding down on me in the fitting room. The print is nice but I think this dress is a little too fussy. Perhaps it's worth it on 2nd cut. For now, pass.

Galah Dress ($178) by Nathalie Lété, TTS
style # 22569909, multi (095)

I'm pleased to see more Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie -- I was a little worried that the collaboration would be no more after some of the spring options languished on the sale rack. Luckily fall has brought us some new pieces. The Galah Dress ($178) feels more like a house robe than an actual dress. Considering some of Anthro's intimates pricing these days it doesn't seem too outlandish. The loungewear feel comes from the super poufy sleeves and the sash, which is the same print as this silk chiffon dress. I can see what they were thinking though -- imagine this dress, a large floppy hat, and chunky heels. Et voila! We're in the 1940s, getting ready for a weekend trip from the city out to the country.

I'm declaring this dress true to size, though I think a 4 would have worked as well as a 6. In no rational world am I a 4. Vanity sizing run amok! If your style tends toward vintage silhouettes I could see this dress being a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. It doesn't quite fit into my closet sadly. Likely a pass, unless a sale gets this dress down into robe-appropriate pricing.