Reviews: Artist's Study Cardigan, Pompon-Dotted Tee, Ottoman Poppies Blouse, Outlined Celandine Cardi , Gossamer Birch Shell

Monday, September 19, 2011

Artist's Study Cardigan ($98) by Sparrow, TTS
style # 21057997, multi (095)

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Before I saw the tag on the Artist's Study Cardigan ($98) I thought it was by LiaMolly. It's not -- it's by Sparrow but the vibe is right for my favorite New Orleans designer. I love the combination of large, swirly flowers and stripes along the sleeves. Online this cardigan looks nice and long. I'm sad to report that in real life it's considerably shorter, hitting me at the high waist. The sleeves don't quite make it to my wrists either (they're rolled up in these shots for which I apologize but unrolled they only made it to bracelet length).

I felt that this cardigan was OK but not great on. The proportions just seem to be off for my curvy shape. These pictures are off my usual size medium. I also tried a large in case sizing was an issue, but the large had the same length problems while adding too much bagginess. So a medium is the right size; it's just this cardigan isn't right for me. One other thing to note -- the cardi is really thin. That makes it good for cold offices in the summer or as a layer in the fall but don't expect to gain much warmth from this. Sad to say this cardigan went back to the rack.

Pompon-Dotted Tee ($58) by Postmark, size up
style # 22751044, black motif (009)

All of these new brands at Anthropologie! It has me struggling a bit with sizing. The Pompon-Dotted Tee ($58) looked like something by Odille. This blouse has both a tie neck and ruched shoulders. It's a lot going on! But it works with the top's longer length and pretty light green flowers (I think they're flowers) dotting almost every space of the black base.

Sizing-wise this top seems to be a toss-up. For me, my usual size medium felt very tight. While it would be fine in the morning one meal would cause some visible belly that I'm not really eager to broadcast to the world. So I'd size up to a large. It seems like people on the smaller end of the sizing scale have been sizing down by the reviews on Anthro's product page. So your mileage may vary (YMMV).

To me this top is a nice layering option. Wishlisted for further reconsideration at sale time.

Ottoman Poppies Blouse ($198) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style # 22777213, neutral motif (015)

Leifsdottir's fall collection involves a lot of applying the same print to various silhouettes. The Ottoman Poppies Blouse ($198) has cousins in the Ottoman Poppies Dress ($298) and the Ottoman Poppies Tank ($178). Full disclosure: I've already purchased the tank version of this top and will have a review of it once my charge/send from the Charlotte Anthropologie arrives. I am so annoyed that Anthropologie finally caught onto our game of waiting for 2nd/3rd cuts on Leifsdottir items. They've responded by greatly cutting the product orders down. As most of you probably know I love the Leifsdottir line, so owning it is about to become a much more expensive prospect for me. Sigh.

I can't be the only one who feels this way as the stock numbers dwindle. This top has two kinds of floral appliques: a vivid photographic print and an inversed negative print. The combination almost makes the top look like two layers. At the neckline, small scalloped burnouts add a necklace-like visual interest point. There's also a narrow but long keyhole. You can still wear a bra with this top though I'd recommend going with a nude one.

My usual size 6 fit easily and comfortably. The shape is very 70s to me -- no collar, flowy hem and slightly billowed sleeves ending at a cuffless wrist. How great would this top look under a blazer or tucked into a pencil skirt? Seems like this top is unlikely to hit sale but since I've already selected the tank as my cut of choice I'll likely be passing on this equally pretty but budget-busting companion. Wishlisted just in case it somehow makes down a few cuts.

Outlined Celandine Cardi ($148) by Tabita, TTS
style # 23145022, multi (095)

Slowly but surely peeks of classic Anthropologie are starting to re-appear. The Outlined Celandine Cardi ($148) could easily fit in with Anthro's amazing fall/winter 2008 collection or their equally pleasing fall/winter 2007 releases. I mean that as the highest compliment. Here we have a classic shape with a unique twist that stands out without being eccentric. Throw this sweater over a blouse, knit, dress or slacks and the result will be the same wonderful look every time. The cardi is a soft wool/viscose/angora mix that is very soft -- not itchy. But it is fragile and will require special care to last forever. Worth it? In my opinion totally. We are paying a $20 premium over previous years' prices though which is kind of a bummer.

I liked the way my true size medium felt on. The sleeves were shorter than I expected but still workable at 3/4 length. I will layer a solid colored button-down underneat this and cuff the sleeves up to the cardi. Add a pencil skirt and a simple pair of heels for a nice, preppy look. The buttons are small but I'm happy to report that they are not sharp the way some cardis last year were. My fingers thank you, Anthro.

I plan to buy this sweater but not yet. The budget dictates I wait until October unless this hits sale. So for now, wishlisted!

Gossamer Birch Shell ($148) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
style # 22944326, navy (041) or red (060)

Sorry, sorry, sorry a million times over for the visible bra! Can't wait to see some eBay seller jack this photo for an auction, groan. But I want to run the review anyway because this is a popular item in the community. It's the Gossamer Birch Shell ($148), a beautiful and intricate applique plastered upon a mesh top. Anthropologie decided to save us $2 in the price and not include a layering tank I guess. Ms. Baraschi always tailors her designs well and this one is no exception. The slightest nip below the bust keeps this from being a boxy coat of appliqued armor.

My usual size medium fit nicely. I do not mind the shorter length here (it lands just below the waist) because I plan to pair this with a skirt. Eric, one of the Rockefeller Center SAs, recommended pairing this with the Diaphanous Pleats Skirt ($118, review upcoming) and he is a wise man. They look great together! I see many possibilities for this top but would rather wait for a cut before buying. Wishlisted for now!!

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