Quick note

Thursday, September 15, 2011

With apologies the reviews set I was planning to run this morning isn't quite done, so I'll run that tomorrow morning instead. The financial planning post will still run today.

Reading through yesterday's comments, I grew increasingly alarmed over the course of the day. It's clear I did not understand the full scale of what was going on. Now I probably still don't but have a better picture. Rather than respond to each comment individually I want to deliver one last statement. Part of my reluctance to take a stand is that Kim is my bloggie friend and since I never used the service I didn't want to pile on. I can only imagine the pain she's going through right now and my heart aches for her. But I need to separate that from this situation.

If you have conducted any business with the Anthroholic personal shopping business or the blog sale where you either: 1 - waited months for your item and have since received a refund/the items; or 2 - are still waiting on the items or a refund, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE AUTHORITIES. We are talking about possibly over 100 people by my count and thousands of dollars. I have contacted the authorities for less regarding the Trade Market and the lowly scammers who try to take advantage of our community. Because that's what really happened here. Our trust, our mutual respect for each other, our patience was taken advantage of. I understand the pity many of us feel on a human level but we must put that aside. It is scary to think of the consequences that could come of us contacting the authorities but I strongly feel that they must be made aware. This is a situation that's much bigger than the community and if we stand aside and say, well, she won't do it again, we are complicit by our inaction in any future schemes perpetrated.

For everyone suggesting compiling a list and sending it to me, I appreciate the respect but there is zero, nothing, nadda I can do with that. Even if I did contact a lawyer I already can guess what they would say: you need to tell the people affected by this to call the cops, contact the authorities, etc. If you truly care about getting this person the help they obviously need we must alert the people who can help. And that starts with the authorities.

I look forward to getting back to the srs bsns of the real topic of this blog, because quite frankly this sucks.