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Friday, September 30, 2011

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I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.
This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be! Please note that items for sale belong in the Trade Market, as do 'looking to find' requests for past season items. Comments that erroneously get posted in this thread will be deleted.

Some FAQs....
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- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

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{Weekly} EA Community Anthro reviews!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to the weekly EA community reviews post. This post was inspired by a similar J.Crew-themed community reviews post over at J.Crew Aficionada. I'll be back with another set of my own reviews later today!

In this post, you can:
- Leave a comment with your Anthropologie product review
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- Ask if there are any reviews for an item in the community
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For full guidelines, please read this post.

Guide to commenting with IntenseDebate.
How to add photos to your IntenseDebate comment.

Reviews: Leifsdottir Dress, Tangerine Flicker Dress, Bronwen Dress, Lepidoptera Dress, Wythes Dress, Galah Dress

Unknown Dress ($198) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style #22775480 for size 6, blue motif (049)

note: I was able to recover some additional photos for yesterday's dress reviews post.

Let's keep the reviews rolling, shall we? (Don't worry, I'm not going all reviews. I have some other features coming up next week!) This Leifsdottir dress isn't on the website yet but should be soon. This transitional dress has an abstract wave pattern, a button placket and a drawstring waist. This dress feels relaxed and aimed at the jet-setting crowd that will fly to far-flung destinations with beaches. Am I jealous? Maybe a bit.

I stuck with my usual size 6 which felt but was a little short for comfort. I think the waist on this dress is intended to be drop waist but on me the waist hits at its natural spot. This leaves the skirt ending several inches above my knees. While the skirt just cleared my hips the top was very loose to the point of almost being too big. The proportions are a bit off on this dress so I think it's a pass.

Tangerine Flicker Dress ($358) by Tracy Reese, TTS
style # 22833768, orange (079)

The Tangerine Flicker Dress ($358) is absolutely gorgeous! I love that Tracy Reese speaks in strong colors and this orange frock has plenty of pretty details going for it. Though the dress is sheer, it's entirely lined. (Imagine that.) Better yet, the lining is detailed like a slip and sewn in, so when you draw down the zip or zip it back up there's little danger of catching the liner. I have a photo of this below. It's the details that matter! Beautiful bronze embroidery covers the bodice and bottom hem, with just a hint of metallic to add some glimmer to the dress. In certain lights the embroidery looked: brown, pink or purple. The effect is very cool.

Sizing-wise my usual size 6 fit nicely. The zipper seemed to stick on the way up -- if you buy this dress and find the same either run some candle wax against the zipper or pull it through wax paper to loosen the zipper up. I like how the sleeves end up just above the elbow and the flowy skirt with hits me right at the knees. This dress has the right waist for a belt -- I'd stick to a medium belt with this dress like the Stitched Perimeter Belt ($48) or the Lush Lacing Belt ($58).

Here's a shot of the interior lining which is sewn into the dress. On a dress at this price point I'd expect these kind of details. This dress is beautifully constructed and looks lovely on. Wishlisted!

Bronwen Dress ($228) by Maeve, TTS
style # 22647424, grey motif (008)

If you think the silhouette of the Bronwen Dress ($228) looks familiar you're not the only one! The wrap dress gets an Anthro treatment here with flowy sleeves making it different from the standard version. An interesting pixelated floral print runs all over it and a matching sash wraps easily around the middle. I am not crazy about the length -- the dress is a little too long for my taste. I don't like dresses that cut across my calves. Otherwise the shape is flattering.

A size 6 fit easily. The silk/poly mix is lined in the skirt and moves nicely as I walk. Though I like the print quite a bit I wasn't bowled over by the dress. It's pretty but not very impressive. I like that the wrap provides enough coverage over my chest. And Anthro's styling suggestion (tights, t-straps and a cloche) sounds adorable. Still, I can't quite get into this dress. Back to the rack.

Lepidoptera Dress ($158) by Maeve, size up if busty
style # 22807150, neutral motif (015)

The Lepidoptera Dress ($158) has been available for awhile but I kept missing my size in-store. Finally this past weekend I had a chance to try on the dress. The top of this dress is reminiscent of recent pieces like the  Cirque A-Line (reviewed here) though the once-deco bust has been tempered a bit. The butterfly print is beautiful and I adore the sash! Its beautiful blue color isn't quite as light as the product shot but it is gorgeous. And though they aren't listed on the product page, this dress does in fact have pockets.

Though a size 6 zipped I was much more comfortable sizing up to an 8. Turns out I enjoy breathing! An elasticized back panel helps the fit over the bust line. Nice to see that this dress comes in both regular and petite sizing. The regular version falls right to the knees. Best length in my opinion.

While I like this dress I'm not as in love with it as I expected to be. Something about the print offsets my eyes; it's trying to be too geometric when it should be more free-form. A lovely dress but not for me. Back to the rack.

Wythes Dress (now $80) by Edme & Esyllte, size up
style # 21326756, green motif (038)

Edme & Esyllte's Wythes Dress (now $80) is a long, long strapless shift with a messy tilework print. I love the green, blue and purple print. I hate the sad sash (though its purple color is lovely). The poplin material is soft to the touch and the dress has just a hint of stretch. The length makes this work appropriate in theory -- I suppose strapless is never really work-ready but with a cardigan over the dress who would know it has no straps? 

I decided to try this dress on. Given the shift shape I knew I'd have to size up but I guessed wrong with the 8. I should have sized up one more size to a 10, as the dress pulled across my hips and thighs in an 8. The bodice portion has a nice straight cut for good coverage across the bust, though the back kept sliding down on me in the fitting room. The print is nice but I think this dress is a little too fussy. Perhaps it's worth it on 2nd cut. For now, pass.

Galah Dress ($178) by Nathalie Lété, TTS
style # 22569909, multi (095)

I'm pleased to see more Nathalie Lété at Anthropologie -- I was a little worried that the collaboration would be no more after some of the spring options languished on the sale rack. Luckily fall has brought us some new pieces. The Galah Dress ($178) feels more like a house robe than an actual dress. Considering some of Anthro's intimates pricing these days it doesn't seem too outlandish. The loungewear feel comes from the super poufy sleeves and the sash, which is the same print as this silk chiffon dress. I can see what they were thinking though -- imagine this dress, a large floppy hat, and chunky heels. Et voila! We're in the 1940s, getting ready for a weekend trip from the city out to the country.

I'm declaring this dress true to size, though I think a 4 would have worked as well as a 6. In no rational world am I a 4. Vanity sizing run amok! If your style tends toward vintage silhouettes I could see this dress being a beautiful addition to your wardrobe. It doesn't quite fit into my closet sadly. Likely a pass, unless a sale gets this dress down into robe-appropriate pricing.

Reviews: Interspersed Ponte Dress, Veiled Alder Dress, Adelaide Dress, Painted Plaid Dress, Eleonora Flight Shift, Unconditional Osier Dress, Girls From Savoy Dress, Ottoman Poppies Dress

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Many of us have been wondering where Anthropologie's pretty fall frocks have been. As if Anthro heard our cries, this week has seen the release of multiple beautiful options. This reviews set continues to plow through all the options I've tried on -- for more dress reviews check out the "reviews" label.

Interspersed Ponte Dress ($168) by Deletta, TTS (true to size)
style # 21329024, plum (052) or black (001)

Though it's tough on the hips Deletta's Interspersed Ponte Dress ($168) hits all the right notes. Clearly dancer-inspired, the dress has a simple wool/poly fabric that's been spiced up by darts, piping and a lace panel that opens up the back and shoulders. I feared the triangle tiers that sit on the hips, afraid they would magnify an already comfortably wide part of me. The solid color of the dress helps to temper the pleats and I found myself quite pleased with how the dress looks. The open lace back means you either need to wear a strapless bra or reconcile yourself to others seeing your undergarments. Despite the impracticality I found myself drawn to the beautifully intricate lace.

I found my usual size medium to fit comfortably. The overall silhouette is very nice. You'll want to avoid belting this dress if possible -- the long triangle panels will be interrupted if you belt, and may end up widening. Instead, wear a long cardigan like the Time Signature Cardigan ($148) or the Crumpled Placket Cardi ($88) to tell the eye to see long and lean. The cap sleeves are just long enough to straighten the eye along the arm line. And the dress falls just below the knees on my 5'8" frame, making this dress long enough for nearly any occasion. The wool material will probably be itchy for many people. I found it to feel rough but didn't feel the need to scratch. It's an adorable dress that's a bit challenging to wear due to the open back. Wishlisted for further consideration come sale time.

Veiled Alder Dress ($298) by Yoana Baraschi, TTS
style # 22887426, dark grey (005) or black (001)

Speaking of dancer-inspired dresses, the Veiled Alder Dress ($298) has me humming songs from "The Nutcracker." This is a dress that stopped me in my tracks to stare at its beauty. Once I finished picking my jaw up off the floor I went in for a closer inspection. Like its cousin the Gossamer Birch Shell ($148, review here) this dress is delicate embroidery upon a mesh shell. But unlike its shell cousin the dress is fully lined, much to my relief. The dress is somewhat fragile and will require lots of TLC -- the embroidery pulls easily.

It's interesting how different the grey (reads as pale peach to me) and black versions of the Veiled Alder Dress read. The black is sophisticated and party-ready while the dark grey could easily be a date dress or work-appropriate with a cardigan thrown over the top. I'd also a try a blazer over it for work. Instead of a necklace, I'd wear a pair of drop chandelier earrings under pinned up hair with this intricate piece.

I didn't see the black version in-store so the grey came to the fitting room with me. The 6 fit me nicely. The dress is close around the bust so ladies with larger rib cages or chests may want to size up. The skirt portion has slight pouf to it that is flattering and fun. I felt pretty as soon as this dress was on. At the 2nd EA Shopping Day (recap coming soon!) many of the ladies tried this dress and they all looked lovely in it. Seems like a universally flattering dress. One downside: the mesh can be scratchy. So again those with low itch tolerance may be uncomfortable. For me, this dress is pretty much perfect. I don't plan to wait on this dress -- as soon as my October budget kicks in this dress is coming home with me.

Adelaide Dress ($188) by Laurel, TTS
style # 22692982, navy (041) or green (030)

Where was the Adelaide Dress ($188) hiding all summer? Maybe I missed this casual dress on a rack behind more persuasive patterns? It's a shame because both the navy and green are versatile color options. I initially thought this was a romper and got really excited. I love rompers! When I discovered it was a simple but modern dress instead I wasn't disappointed. I was ready to try it on.

I found my usual size 6 worked best. The dress has thick shoulder straps and an equally wide sash. But it also has this odd front hem with a rise in the middle. This would be great on someone with awesome legs I'm sure but for me this meant exposing the cellulite above my knees. Not the show I want to put on. I was pretty dejected until a smart SA advised me to try the dress backwards. So instead of my quads I was showing off the back of my legs. Slightly improved view. The frock is comfortable worn either way. Options are a great thing! And it changed this dress from a discard to a wishlisted item.

Painted Plaid Dress ($148) by Maeve, TTS
style # 22639090, green motif (038)

The Painted Plaid Dress ($148) doesn't look like much on the hanger. The pattern seems like too much. The sash seems like too little. It looks too long. You should try it anyway. I'm glad I did! Made from mostly rayon with a lined skirt, the dress has a smooth side zip closure and a sash that's easy to double up. The tank styling of the top portion makes it easy to wear a bra underneath and the dress is long enough to clear my knees.

The dress is incredibly flattering. It's hard to tell from these photos but the sash is plaited and it's gorgeous! I found the shape of the dress to be beautifully tailored, nipping in nicely at the waist before gently flaring back out in the skirt. My true size 6 fit easily. The best part about this dress? Between the top layer and the skirt lining is a layer of thin crinoline. It not only adds some extra shape, it also makes the skirt portion move fantastically. Swoon! This dress is wishlisted and likely to come home with me.


How long has the Eleonora Flight Shift ($128) been on my mind? Since the Color + Print Event, when I saw the sketch above and started searching desperately for the dress! The final look changed from this original design but luckily that beautiful print is still intact.

Eleonora Flight Shift ($128) by Maeve, size down
style # 22865158, orange (089)

The dress went from short-sleeve to long sleeve and the length shortened a bit. The slightly mod feel is still there though and I like it! The beautiful blurred watercolor print is fall captured on a dress. It's made from rayon but it feels like treated silk -- pretty luxurious against the skin. In the back, a simple inverted pleat below the shoulder allows this shift to graduate from extremely straight to incredibly flattering. Major kudos are due to whoever designed this dress! It's clear they thought about how to make a shift shape work on a variety of bodies. I'm thankful for that pleat which allows this dress to fit over my hips easily. There is no zipper on this pullover style dress.

Maeve's fit is likely to be confusing for Fall 2011. In their tops I have to size up one or two sizes right now; in their dresses I am either in my usual size or sizing down With the Eleonora Flight Shift ($128) I sized down a little too much for these photos when I accidentally grabbed an extra small instead of a small (oops!) but hopefully it's still clear how lovely this frock is. It's meant to be a little loose so you may have to try on more than one size to find the right fit. I initially bought this dress in my usual size medium but after trying on a small I realized the small was a better fit. It is a little short, hitting a good inch or so above my knees. I will want to pair tights with this dress to slim my leg line.

Update 9:22 PM: thanks to my awesome coworker I was able to recover my original review photos. Above I am wearing the dress in a size small, which fit much better than the extra small.

For the curvier body shapes like mine no belt is required, however you can always give it a shot with a wider elasticized belt to define the waist. I'd pair this dress with a long cardigan or coat that hits either at the hem of this dress or just above. Store reports are that this dress is selling quickly in NYC -- Rockefeller Center is already on its 2nd delivery. No waiting for this dress -- it came home with me.

Unconditional Osier Dress ($168) by Weston Wear, TTS
style # 22804454, brown motif (029) or blue (040)

Weston Wear, my favorite USA-made brand, continues to churn out flattering dress after flattering dress! Their latest piece is the Unconditional Osier Dress ($168) which continues the dancer-inspired feel of many of Anthro's fall dresses. A layering tank is snapped to the shoulders under a slightly felted leaf embroidery print set to mesh. This dress is delicate for sure and will require some TLC. At home I'd put this dress on one layer at a time but in the store I tried putting it all on at once -- it ain't easy! The underlayer wants to twist and bunch.

Aside from an odd sleeve length I am very happy with the fit. Those on the smaller side have been able to size down, but for me a medium worked best. The bottom gently grazes my knees at the perfect length. I appreciate that the waist of this dress actually hits at my waist! This dress is begging for a belt. At the EA Shopping Day the personal shopping team selected the Precise Bow Belt ($38) which makes for a darling pairing! With a simple necklace and either a soft or structured overlayer this dress is an excellent day-to-night option. Very well done Anthropologie! Wishlisted!

Unknown Dress by Girls From Savoy ($158), size down
style #22880975 for size small, yellow (079)

This dress isn't online yet but has already captured the attention of the community. I've been calling this the Mustard Midcentury Dress in my head though it will probably end up with something much more whimsical. It's made from mostly rayon with a touch of spandex and isn't lined -- not a big deal to me given the thick fabric but possibly a deal breaker for some. What I love, love, love is the shape. Long sleeves with this built-in velvety belt and a somewhat shorter silhouette. Well, actually, I'd love another inch or two in length. But the shape is really nice.

The fit on this dress is challenging. The top portion is much larger than the skirt. So in my usual size medium (not shown) was very loose up top. I ended up sizing down to the small for these shots, where there was still some room in the top but the skirt was right on. So with a better bra the small is the right size for me. The dress just barely passes the sit-down test for me -- be sure to try sitting in the fitting room! You might be surprised by how far the skirt rides up. Anthro's personal shopping team recommended pairing this dress with either dark tights and warm brown tall boots or black tights and a metallic shoe. Eager to try both I decided this dress needed to come home with me.

Update 9:22 PM: I was able to recover my original review photos for this dress too! These shots show the difference between the sizes so you can see how the dress runs large. Though the medium is clearly longer, hitting me where I'd like, the top portion has too much room and the back sat away from my body. So I decided to purchase the small.

Ottoman Poppies Dress ($298) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style # 22500474, brown motif (029)

How beautiful is this print? So beautiful that despite owning the tank version (review upcoming!) and trying the shirt version (review here) I am strongly considering the dress version as well. Leifsdottir's Ottoman Poppies Dress ($298) has a 70s vibe to me (Anthro says 40s, not sure I see it). No doubt the top portion is revealing thanks to all the cutouts and a centered keyhole that could, ahem, leave little to the imagination. A lacey cami underneath fixes that issue for day. The skirt is double-lined in a slightly shorter silhouette than most of Anthro's fall dresses. The sleeves have a slight bit of pouf at the wrists.

My usual size 6 fit nicely, blousing slightly in the top while the skirt fell straight. I love how the skirt swishes to and fro as I walk. Overall this dress has a lovely airy feel to it. When dresses have beautiful prints like this in dreamy silk I can't help but swoon a bit. In my mind Leifsdottir has done it again! I hope this dress hits sale so I can add it to my Ottoman Poppies circa 2011 collection. Wishlisted!!

While we wait on SALE, Anthropologie launches a promotion on outerwear and boots!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Looking for this week's SALE post? Click here to see this week's markdowns.

Anthropologie's making the overnight crew miserable while we wait for all the expected markdowns to appear. In the meantime though a promotion has made its debut on the website -- 30% off select boots and outerwear! This post will be updated with full details once the website spills the news. In the meantime, below are some of the choice promotional markdowns we're seeing...

Quick note: Promo items are NOT eligible for price adjustments. Some SAs will give them as a courtesy but this is technically against store policy.

Fair Lady Trench (now $160), style # 21252994

Heritage Raincoat (now $202), style # 20984696

Keswick Coat (now $132, review here), style # 21079751

Pansy Corset Trench (now $139), style # 21182159

Ruched Marigold Coat (now $174), style # 22939573

This is not the complete list. If you're reading this overnight, check your wishlist for promo items. Come the morning head over to the outerwear section to see the all the 30% off items. Not every outerwear piece is included.

Aljaferia Boots (now $230), style # 21316401

Belt Loop Cowboy Boots (now $251), STYLE #21275771

Embroidered Woodruff Boots (now $559), style # 21387303

Gunpowder Boots (now $188), style # 21154042
I own these boots and love them! My review is right on the product page.

Regalia Button Boots (now $370), style # 21238449

Ridgecrest Boots (now $209), style # 20694139

From the looks of things all boots will be included in this promotion. (Details and confirmation to come later this morning.) Overnight, check your wishlist to see the promotional markdowns. Later on, head to the boot section to take advantage of the promotion.

Will you be purchasing any outerwear or boots during this promotion?

Update 1:22 PM - Here's the email. 30% off boots and select outerwear through October 9, 2011. In stores and online.


Let the markdowns begin: Anthropologie's SALE is here!

A smaller sale than expected greeted us this morning, with just a few items receiving markdowns. The jackets are most tempting to me -- the Creme Fraiche Jacket (now $80), style # 21213061 is now on sale and I'm excited to get a price adjustment on the Scarborough Jacket (now $60, reviews here and here), style # 21066931. Full list below. As always, Happy Hunting! Accept no imitations.

In addition to the sale, Anthropologie has started a 30% off promotion on select outerwear and boots!

Across the Land Dress (now $70), STYLE #19690411

 Ajisai Dress (now $70), STYLE #22192017

Autumn Bulbs Maxi (now $120), style # 22570550

Equinox Stripe Maxi (now $80), style # 22798698

Shapeshifter Maxi (now $80), style # 20393468

Slubby Tulip Dress (now $80), style # 20393468

Wythes Dress (now $80), STYLE #21326756

Golden Gate Cardigan (now $80), STYLE #21128814

Horticultural Cardi (now $60), STYLE #21292917

Loose Stripes Cardigan (now $80), STYLE #22623672

Oblique Pointelle Pullover (now $50), STYLE #21373576

Onam Cardigan (now $80), STYLE #21299078

Schuylkill Sweater (now $60), STYLE #21293394

Split Difference Cardigan (now $50), STYLE #21293790

Trawling Tunic (now $60), STYLE #21281928

Wiltshire Jacket (now $90), style # 21145982

Lush Lattice Shirt (now $50), style # 20764015

Creme Fraiche Jacket (now $80), style # 21213061

Incoming Tide Jacket (now $60), STYLE #21182027

Scarborough Jacket (now $60, reviews here and here), style # 21066931

So Saturated Blazer (now $50, review here), style # 22755169