Reviews: Leaf Filigree Tank, Pointillist Pond Blouse, Diverse Density Tank, Airmail Cami, Tintinnabulum Cami, Scarborough Jacket, Cuyamaca Tank

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've got a backlog of item reviews to get through, so in addition to today's post come back for more this weekend! Today we'll kick things off with some tops and one pretty cool jacket. Wouldn't it be cool to buy some of the stuff in this set on someone else's dime? Don't forget to enter EA's contests for your chance to win an Anthropologie gift card and do just that. 

Leaf Filigree Tank ($78) by Yoanna Baraschi, TTS
style # 21014402, orange (080) or white (010)

On the hottest of summer days all I want is an airy cool tank to wear. Usually the lightest tanks are barely there in both material and coverage, and though I love a good spaghetti strap they do not love me back. So what a relief the Leaf Filigree Tank ($78) is. The heathered viscose jersey is incredibly lightweight and the beautiful neckline makes me feel pretty even as I struggle against rapidly escalating temperatures. The two versions of this tank are different enough (solid white versus the orange with beige you see on me above) that I'm tempted to buy both versions.

Like most Yoanna Baraschi tanks I found myself trying a small first, which is what I'm wearing in these pictures. While the top half of the tank fit me perfectly it was sadly a bit too tight around my waist to work. Sometimes these tanks stretch out over the course of the day. In this case however the tank mostly holds its shape. So I'd buy in a medium even though it will be a bit loose. I suppose on a hot day I'd much rather have something be slightly loose over too tight. If your curves are more contained than mine you're safe to size down one size in this top. I was tempted to buy this immediately but I'm hoping to see this hit sale soon. Until then, wishlisted!

Pointillist Pond Blouse (now $50) by We Love Vera, size down
style # 20871430, green motif (038)

Cute little shoulder buttons were enough to tempt me into trying We Love Vera's Pointillist Pond Blouse (now $50), which just hit sale yesterday. This top looks nice and loose on Anthro's website but it's deception! The cut of this top is quite straight, with an inverted v pleat in the back that belies a narrow cut on the hips. Oh, We Love Vera, why do you do this to me? I adore the cute little sailboats and marsh printed upon the top. It's thin without being sheer.

I'd have to buy this top in an 8 and get it tailored. For while a 6 was the right fit across the shoulders and over the bust, it was a squeeze over my hips. So much so that a little pouf appeared in the back of the shirt over the small in my back. The top is cut for someone who is straighter up and down than I am. Since the brand is consistent this way I can't complain too much, though it does leave me with frowny face. The 8 swam over my top half. I could use this as a layering piece but not as an everday top. For that reason I will most likely pass altogether.

Diverse Density Tank ($48) by Pilcro, size down x2 sizes
style # 22749543, black (001), brown motif (029) or yellow (079)

This top is the talk of the community, with many of us swooning over its mod styling. Though as one reviewer put it, the top part can look like what happens to a white sock when you throw it in the wash with colorful clothing. The Diverse Density Tank ($48) is selling quickly in the smaller sizes. Wonder why? Well, it runs huge. This is not the first Pilcro top where I've been able to size down to an extra small with no problem. The issue? A floaty trapeze shape to the top.

Let me back up a bit. The top is pima cotton on the bottom (very nice, Anthro!) with modal on top. A cute bow adorns the shoulder strap, though it's worth mentioning that someone who'd tried the extra small before me had re-tied the bow rather lazily and some of the cuteness was lost. It's got a tough front with two separate soft cups over the bust which will be very revealing in the middle. I'll wear a tank under this one for sure.

As I read the product reviews I wondered if the top could really be that big or that bad in the fit department. The answer to both is yes! It really does run ridiculously large. By sizing down to an extra small I was able to find a top approaching an OK fit. If you're a small or extra small naturally you're either going to have a really flowy top or feel sized out. Below is a shot to illustrate what I mean. 

You can mostly see the flowiness in the side shot. The small looks very big and the top doesn't sit right because of the extra material. (The bow on the small was still intact cute at least.) So I ended up buying this top in an extra small after I hunted one down with the bow still cute. It looks great over dark jeans with flats. Useful, but odd fit.

Airmail Cami ($48) by Eloise, TTS
style #21338280, neutral motif (015)

In reality Eloise's Airmail Cami ($48) is meant as sleepwear but if a chemise can be worn out and about why not this pretty top? I love the postage stamps populating this pretty piece as well as the pink lace trimming the top. The shape has nice fit details like pin pleats in the front and a triangular strap in the back. That does make it tough to wear a bra with the top, but luckily layering a tank underneath this is easy.

My usual size medium fit perfectly. Like the We Love Vera tops this one is cut pretty straight through the hips but in this case there was enough room for me to wear my usual size without issue. The poly of this top was good enough to fool me into thinking it was silk with the bonus of being machine washable. I threw a cardigan over this cami, wore it to work and got tons of compliments! In my mind that makes it a good buy. I will have an OOTD with this cami up on my tumblr tomorrow.

Tintinnabulum Cami (now $20) by Only Hearts, size down
style # 21070925, blue (040) or ivory (010)

I tried the Tintinnabulum Cami (now $20) on shortly after it was released. Though I liked the top I wasn't impressed enough to shell out $70 for it. Fast forward a few months and this loungewear piece had hit the sale rack. Two weeks ago it got a second cut down to $20 and I was ready to once again give this top a look. It has a 70s-inspired shape without being too flowy -- nice to see Anthropologie slowly reining the shapes in again. Only Hearts is one of my favorite sleepwear/lingerie brands so I knew the quality would be decent here. The top is thin and I have concerns about how many washes it will survive. I'm much less picky at the $20 price point than I would have been at $70.

Above I'm wearing the medium which ended up being too big. With a long cardigan over this and belted I'd have a work look -- by itself it would be nice over jeans or shorts on the weekend. The lace top is simply beautiful and I think the top is a great length, hitting mid-hip. I ended up trying both versions of the shirt -- the ivory is below.

To be fair I'm wearing a dark grey cami underneath but this top is sort of sheer. Let's call it translucent. This time around I'd grabbed a small which fit much better than the medium. I ended up buying this top in both colors. The online inventory is pretty much depleted but I have seen this top plentiful in stores. If you happen across it I highly recommend it!

Scarborough Jacket ($128) by Hei Hei, size down
style # 21066931, 24 (beige) or 14 (neutral)

I guess Hei Hei knew I was looking for a sturdy yet oversized hooded jacket for fall. Maybe Anthro is bugging my emails? (Hahaha of course not...right....eep!) Either way congrats on hitting a home run with the Scarborough Jacket ($128). Part tough, part functional and part trendy, this topper will look great with a pretty top and a grey hoodie underneath. I love the portrait collar the hood creates when down and the large flap pockets. This cotton jacket is machine washable but is not waterproof, which is a bit of a bummer.

I grabbed my usual size medium as Hei Hei usually runs small on me. In this case however a small would have been more appropriate. I like my toppers oversize but not quite to this degree. The jacket is warm enough for windy fall days but won't be enough for winter, so consider this more of a spring/fall jacket than a three season piece. I can see wearing this jacket just as easily camping or shopping in the city, which makes it versatile enough for me. This is on my September to-buy list!

Cuyamaca Tank ($68) by C.Keer, TTS
style # 21089933, cream (015) or navy (041)

One last tank to part with. Each year C. Keer does a variation on the white, grey and navy embellished tank. I'm quite smitten with this year's version. The cream version has monochromatic accents while the navy has a colorful rainbow in its pattern. (The navy is sold out online as of this posting.) I love the slim fit of this top but I do not love the sheerness. What is the point of making a summer top so thin that you have to layer something beneath it? Some of the online reviews have reported beads falling off of this top -- all the tops I saw at the Chelsea Market (NYC) Anthro were fine but be sure to check if you plan to buy!

Fitwise my usual size medium was perfect. I'm impressed with this top's ability to hug my curves. I don't mind the bit of looseness around the midsection either. The thick trim on the top elevates it above the casual basic and the beadwork makes it summer work-appropriate for my casual office. I happened to be wearing a white cami the day I tried this top and it made the perfect underlayer. A star off for the sheerness but I'm otherwise delighted. I ordered this top online the other day and can't wait to add it to my closet!

Wow, I didn't even get to talk about my cool new pink jeans yet! Guess those will have to wait til the next set.