Reviews: Wavering Grid Dress, Quilted Pastiche Maxi, Take Action Dress (take 2), Horkelia Shift , Summer Ballad Maxi

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hard to believe it will be boot weather again soon.

Wavering Grid Dress ($148) by Deletta, TTS
style # 21366869, blue motif (049)

With a print vaguely reminiscent of the Speckled Ink Dress, Deletta's Wavering Grid Dress ($148) tones down the skin factorand goes for shape defining characteristics instead. It's clear to me that Anthropologie is struggling right now with shapes. It does seem like they're responding to feedback -- this dress is longer and less revealing than many of the pieces from earlier this year. But they've gone too far in the other direction for me with this dress. I put this on and immediately felt like I'd aged 10 years. And no amount of styling will change that.

Fabricwise rayon and spandex make this dress stretchy and light. The v-line neck has two small cinches and the inverted pattern wide waistband is the perfect waist definer. Unfortunately this dress also makes me look all chest and combined with the shin-length skirt I felt overwhelmed by crosshatch. My usual size medium fit well. I would love to see this dress with a solid colored skirt, slightly longer sleeves and two inches lopped off the bottom. Keep the top and waistband as they are and we'd have a winner. As is, back to the rack.

Quilted Pastiche Maxi ($228) by Some Odd Rubies, TTS
style # 22516744, grey motif (008)

Though by a different brand, the Quilted Pastiche Maxi ($228) is really the Silken Stitches Dress made full-length. Same bustline, same skirt design, different length. I was a fan of the shorter version and found myself liking this maxi alright too. I love the pockets which integrate seamlessly into the skirt. I also love the way the skirt is cut -- very straight to emphasize the column effect maxis have on talls. Hooray for a way to take advantage of all 5'8" of me! But it's also strapless. Of course.

My usual size 6 was loose thanks to a large stretch panel in the back but I would not size down. The dress stayed up nicely without feeling constricting up top. Still, without straps this isn't work appropriate without an overlayer. And at 90 degrees and climbing the last thing I want to be wearing right now is an overlayer, office air conditioning or not. With the utility left out I've got nothing to wear this to. This pretty frock went back to the rack.

Horkelia Shift ($178) by Moulinette Soeurs, size up for curves
style # 20647673, orange (080) or ivory (011)

Every dress in this reviews set reminds me of a past item! Echoes of the Compeer Dress find their way into the Horkelia Shift ($178), a lacy shift that comes in either the brightest orange or a bone ivory. And so again the 70s come calling but at least this time they brought a solid underlayer with them. For that I am very thankful. Though it won't hide dark underlayers. For that I apologize.

I expected to have to size up to a 10 or 12 since this is a shift by Moulinette Soeurs. I was pleasantly surprised to find that an 8 (just one size up) worked fine. Anthropologie used an ugly, ugly exposed zipper but at least they were wise to hide it under the arm so it won't be visible all the time. The floral lace is a darling pattern. I'm not into the sleeves. Were I to buy this dress I'd belt it. It's not likely to come home with me though. Try as Anthro might I have no desire to revisit the 70s via my closet.

Take Action Dress ($168) by Girls From Savoy, TTS
style # 20076550, yellow (079)

Having already tried on the teal version, a community request led me to revisit this popular dress's new yellow motif. The Take Action Dress ($168) is rendered in luscious silk with a cute keyhole in the back. The pintucked neckline is hard for me to wear and I'm not much a fan of the buttons at the waistline. Still there is much appealing about the way this dress moves and the pattern that begs the question: which came first, the brown or the yellow?

A 6 fit fine though the dress's design still leaves me feeling unflattered. The yellow is hard on my skintone, which itself is based in reds, pinks and a bit of yellow. I can see how this would lovely against pale white, tan or dark skin. Sorry to be a sourpuss but I'm not in love with this dress. Another one for the "back to the rack" pile.

Summer Ballad Maxi ($198) by Lil, TTS
style # 21385216, black motif (009) or peach (067)

Dear Lil: Please make a knee-length version of your Summer Ballad Maxi ($198) in both colors please! I love the print on the black motif and the warm colored peach that is the other version. And yet grazing the floor with this dress seems almost like a crime. There is something appealing about the laid-back, airy, relaxed shape of this dress. Subtle tiers help to keep this silk maxi from becoming too voluminous while a tank top means there are options for dressing either up or down. The neckline looks deceptively deep in the product shot -- I did not feel overexposed.

My usual size 6 felt great on. This is one of those dresses that makes me reconsider my anti-maxi stance, but at the end of the day I can't get on board. I do appreciate the skimming fit that doesn't feel too tight and the tailoring tricks under the arm and at the quads that add up to a slim silhouette. Were this knee-length I'd be bringing it home. Instead, as with the other dresses in this set, we know where this maxi went.