Wishlist: June 2011 (Seeing Double)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 - Preen's Atmosphere Dress ($2,565); 2 - Marc Jacobs' Ozzie Square Baby Aiden Bag ($328) in Faded Mauve or 
3 - in white ($328); 4 - Miu Miu's Suede Peep-Toe Mary Jane Pump ($670) in dusty mauve or 
5 - light chocolate; 6 - Kate Spade's Licorice Pumps (now $208) in light aqua.

Note: there were no new sale items this morning.

It's a good thing there's no Nordstrom in NYC. I can do more than enough budget damage visiting the store on my nationwide tour. All it took was a quick stop there with Carol and Kathryn from In Pursuit of Pretty Things to tempt me to spend thousands of dollars on beautiful items. Carol has a great recap of our night on the town in Los Angeles and I'll add my own take after my upcoming trip to Colorado. (Really short version: Hollywood was awesomely quirky and meeting Carol & Kathryn was a sqee-worthy evening.)

While at the Nordstrom at the Grove, we spotted both the beautiful Miu Miu pumps you see in #4 above (another color option is shown in #5) and the Marc Jacobs Baby Aiden bag populating spots 2 & 3. If I could ever justify spending $700 on shoes those might be the ones. With both color options of both products enticing me deeply; and with Carol letting me know that the Miu Miu pumps are about to come out in patent leather, the only thing pumping faster than my heart is my bank account.

Another variation of seeing double comes in the lovely aqua color of the Preen dress in #1 and the Kate Spade shoes in #6, which seem affordable compared to the rest of my June wishlist! The dress desire was kindled after seeing Emma Stone rock it on a recent red carpet, as shown in the Polyvore below. 

The shoes Ms. Stone actually wore with the dress are these Louboutins but honestly is anyone looking at the shoes? What an amazing dress. I love the color palette grounded in crisp hues. It's cool without being icy. I don't get fashion lemmings from stars often but this look has me making major grabby hands. I'm also smitten with this in-the-same-vein floral dress ($208) from Asos. And this unrelated but spectacular Sue Wong Beaded Flapper Dress ($550) -- I just need an event to wear it to. What do people have against ostriches these days? Seems like the poor birds are being plucked and ducked to line our purses and dresses more than ever.

Luckily the month is half-over and I'm on the road for most of it so I should be able to resist temptation. What's tempting you this month? Are you (like me) already starting to dream of fall clothing? Summer is my toughest dressing season.