Anthropologie's site goes mobile -- and so does EA!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As mobile internet surfing becomes more mainstream, it's up to website developers to make sure the pretty full version of their site translates to a clean mini version for phones. Anthropologie recently took that step with a beautiful mobile site that launched last week. No need to enter in a different address -- if you're on your phone, the regular will automatically redirect to the m version for you. But if you want to see what the mobile site looks like from your computer, you can peep it here. You can also read about the PR about the company behind the mobile site here.

The mobile site has {almost} full functionality. You can shop and purchase as normal. Notably missing, however, is the wishlist. I hope Anthropologie adds this soon as I regularly check my wishlist from the store. Until then, I'm storing my most-wanted items in my cart for quick reference.

On that same note, Effortless Anthropologie now has a mobile version too! And like Anthropologie's site, there's no special URL needed. Just go to as always and your phone will automatically load the mobile site.

Unfortunately, Blogger's commenting system is causing some issues with the mobile site. It's removing IntenseDebate from the posts. Until we can get that working, the mobile site is read-only. Links and such still work fine but commenting does not. Ah, technology.

Update: I will be disabling the mobile version of the site for the rest of this week so we can do some more testing. It will be back soon!

Have you used Anthropologie's mobile site?