Eye Candy: Anthropologie July 2011 catalogue

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hard to believe it, but pre-fall is already here in the clothing world. So if you've been waiting to see what's beyond the current haze of gauzy, overly flowy, sheer, 70s-inspired whatever happening at Anthropologie right now consider July your sneak peek. They've promised preppy, tailor-inspired looks come fall and though that is my personal style (yay!) it's not exactly what Anthropologie is known for (hmm) so I'm reserving judgment.

Plenty of pretty this month! On a personal note, several shots from the catalogue were shot at the South Street Seaport right here in NYC. I live four quick blocks away! No wonder they selected it -- colorful doors, cobblestone streets, pre-Revolutionary style houses. And I see model shoots there constantly due to the interesting architecture, the Euro feel and the geometric sculptures. I am sad that Anthro was 5 minutes away and didn't even drop a hint. Boo.

The store featured in the shot above is Bowne & Co. stationers, which is a recreation of a late 1800s print shop. Inside you'll find plenty of old presses on display plus stationery and ilk meant to evoke the era. There's also tons of Cavallini & Co inside, one of my favorite brands and an Anthropologie mainstay. If you're ever in downtown NYC I highly recommend it!

What do you think of the clothing this month? Any new additions to your wishlist? I like a lot of what I see. If this is where Anthro is going for fall things look very promising!

Expect capes to be huge this fall. And wow, Anthro is carrying chinos? 
They look fantastic.The mindswap with J.Crew is nearly complete.

Lemon Liftoff Blouse ($118), Red Pepper Heels ($390).

Lemon Liftoff Blouse ($118), AG Stevie Ankle ($158), Glossed Loafers ($168).

Bookbinder Heels ($168).

All Aflutter Blouse ($88), Colorblock Sweater Skirt ($118).

The skirt is fantastic. Reminds me of a Kara Janx design.

Foundational Pencil Skirt ($98).

Turning Season Pullover ($88), Flurried Plumes Midi ($128).

I would love to recreate this look come fall. Wonderful!

Collecting Dots Dress ($198).

From left: Go Everywhere Tote ($148), Shined Bucket Bag ($248), 
Fine-Ruled Satchel ($268), Bright Eyes Tote ($198).

Quilted Pastiche Maxi ($228).

Splashed Palette Dress ($188), Cobbled Borders Ring ($138).

Another beautiful strapless frock. Clearly Anthropologie enjoys torturing us.

Druzy Button Cuff ($198), Drape & Twist Tee ($58), Square Study Skirt ($158).

Cirque A-Line ($148), Bright Foundations Wedges ($188).

Anthropologie's unintentionally right-leaning circus-inspired dress. Adore.

A small Anthropologie Sale is here to peruse!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Compared to last week, Anthropologie's sale is rather small today but a few of my favorite items did get marked down. Among them are my beloved Chartreuse Shoots Dress (now $90, review here), style #20750642 and Eyeleted Corset Top (now $50, review here), style #20589305, as well as the highly coveted Back Porch Blouse (now $50), style #20173886. No 2nd/3rd/etc cuts that I see but if your wishlist has any please let us know in the comments! As always, Happy Hunting!! Accept no imitations.

Budding Dahlia Dress (now $130), style #20393328

Chartreuse Shoots Dress (now $90, review here), style #20750642

Gull Wing Dress (now $100, review here), style #19847391

Macias Maxi Dress (now $100), style #20845640

Wave-Washed Dress (now $100), style #20849766

Arrow Plume Cardi (now $50), style #20845061

Blueberry Season Cardigan (now $100), style #20853875

Orchard Grove Pullover (now $50), style #20568432
Fits like Neo Refinement Pullover, reviewed here

Skewed Pullover (now $50), style #20567947
Fits like Neo Refinement Pullover, reviewed here

Aurelian Tee (now $40), style #20915724

Back Porch Blouse (now $50), style #20173886

Beach Calligraphy Tee (now $30), style #22522023

Cinched Sloop Tank (now $40), style #20888525

Crimp & Crisscross Buttondown (now $30), style #20846176

Eyeleted Corset Top (now $50, review here), style #20589305

Fiery Crossback Tank (now $30), style #20576484

From The Center Caftan (now $50), style #20594313

Loosened Shelby Blouse (now $40), style #20964912

Marshy Musings Tee (now $30), style #22521983

Squeezebox Top (now $30), style #20436325

Upepo Tank (now $40), style #20915765

Bowtied Batik Shorts (now $40), style #20629028

Coin Pocket Bermudas (now $40), style #20492062

Cuffed Sateen Bermudas (now $40), style #20491080

In The Square Shorts (now $40), style #20628236

J Brand Gwen Shorts (now $70), style #20386892

Joe's Denim Shorts (now $50), style #20566923

Kicking Around Bermudas (now $40), style #20451852

Lobster Roll Shorts (now $50), style #20368213

Odonata Culottes (now $40), style #20368049

Gamboling Maxi Skirt (now $100), style #20620100

Oaxaca Skirt (now $80, reviewed here), style #20620571

Rosaline Lace Maxi (now $90), style #20719696

Straight & Narrow Skirt (now $70), style #20719605

Stitched Bellis Tote (now $150), style #20483996