Reviews: Vokko Blouse, San Pedro Skirt, Chartreuse Shoots Dress, Diamond Lattice Dress

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A bouquet of blue...

Fess-up time: Last week was my first time inside Anthropologie in nearly a month. Between life which has been fun and crazy and the lackluster items in-store recently, I haven't felt that usual pied piper-call to visit the store every few days. I headed to Soho to see if I could find anything appropriate for my royal wedding viewing party (I did, more on that below). I was pleased to see more fun, colorful items this go-round. I was on a tight schedule but grabbed a few things to try on.

Vokko Blouse ($228) by Leifsdottir, TTS
style #20339131, blue motif (049)

Leifsdottir's beautiful Vokko Blouse ($228) is built upon the most fabulous blue. The print is rendered secondary here to the lovely color below it. Three buttons line each shoulder as the shirt cascades into a defined waist with flowy hem and pockets to stow hands on chilly mornings. Adore! This is the updated silhouette I'm looking for to counter that 1970s-inspired billowiness. It's made from silk so it's dry clean only. Not a big deal to me but a key decision point for many I know.

I tried on an 8, one size above normal, as lately I'd found Leifsdottir a bit tight. Wasn't the case here -- there was plenty of extra material around the waist and hips. So I'd buy in my usual size 6. Though I love this top I feel no pressure to buy it now. I know it's going to make it to sale and probably to a 2nd cut as well. Anthropologie really needs to consider cutting the size of Leifsdottir's product runs to introduce some urgency back into the buying process. I don't mind waiting until this top drops below $100 to buy it. Wishlisted!!

San Pedro Pencil Skirt ($148) by Eva Franco, size up
style #20530192, yellow (072) or turquoise (046)

I'm not sure why the San Pedro Pencil Skirt ($148) is getting a bum rap in the reviews section of Anthropologie's site. I was delighted to see this vibrant textured number hanging behind the cash register. Crafted in a cotton-poly mix that's bumpy to the touch (but not lumpy) I felt it was a chic and pleasantly surprising skirt. I snatched up the yellow version to try on immediately.

I tried on my usual 10 but found that difficult to slide over my hips. I'd size up to a 12 to purchase it. The skirt hugs your curves but the vent is long enough to allow nearly full strides. This will make it difficult for those that like to wear a slip, and may reveal more thigh than some of us like. I thought it was a flirty touch which I liked. The architectural rays (or waves if you prefer on the turquoise version) land perfectly across the skirt to slim your shape. I like this skirt quite a bit! Wishlisted for now.

Chartreuse Shoots Dress ($168) by Moulinette Soeurs, size up
style #20750642, lime (038)

And so it was that I found my royal wedding viewing party dress in the Chartreuse Shoots Dress ($168). Beyond adorable, this dress has a youthful secret garden vibe and a maddening incongruousness at the seams. Why Anthro, why?!?!? My dress wasn't even close to lining up the print at the waistline. Annoying! Putting that OCD outburst aside I'm swooning. This dress is the perfect length on my 5'8" frame, hitting just above the knee. It's fully lined with a pretty sash and made in slippery silk. Plus it has pockets! After seeing it on the delightful Jesspgh of Consume or Consumed I realize I need to exchange my version for one where the print isn't so lopsided up top.

I have found an 8 to fit me best in this brand recently -- one size up from normal. That was the case again here mostly due to the lining, which hugged my thighs. The green is so perfect. Not too dark, not too lime. It's just elegant and spring-y. With a pair of strappy sandals and a small fascinator I was ready to party. This dress came home with me immediately.

Diamond Lattice Dress ($158) by Moulinette Soeurs, size up
style #20921029, sky (045)

One star of the EA Shopping Day was the Diamond Lattice Dress ($158). I decided to try it on again to give it full the review treatment. This dress seems a little confused. It's grecian? With a twist? And a shift? But not really? I love the sky blue base and crisp white pattern. Another silk dress, this one sits just above the knee with thick enough straps to hide a bra. The shape looked like easy summery perfection on the hanger.

On me I was less impressed. My usual size 8 in this brand fit fine (during the shopping day my lining was twisted into the security sensor, causing it to be really tight across the thighs) but loosely. The twist coming down the front looks messy. I wish there was more shape to this. I look like I'm wearing a sack. A pretty, pretty sack but a sack nonetheless. This dress went back to the rack.