Reviews: Majestic Medallions Skirt, Oaxaca Skirt, Odille Skirt, Ship Shape Shorts, Campfire Story Shorts

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Sunday.

Time for another reviews set! Today we're focusing on bottoms. Looking for some thoughts on tops? Check out yesterday's set of thoughts.

Majestic Medallions Skirt ($158) by Corey Lynn Calter, TTS
style #21104054, neutral motif (015)

A rainbow of embroidery makes the Majestic Medallions Skirt ($158) more than your average pencil. I love how dark and saturated the model shot at the top of this post of course the skirt was much brighter in real life. Sigh. Even with a poppier pink and a cheerier blue than I envisioned I liked the skirt enough to try it on.

CLC often runs small on me, so I grabbed a 12. This was too big so it was back down to my usual 10 for the shots above. The 10 was still roomy around the hips and thighs but I found the 8 too tight around my waist to be comfortable. The material is thicker linen with a poly lining. There's a short vent in the back that doesn't reveal too much.

Aggravatingly, the skirt does not line up at the seams. I don't get it. How can you expect someone to drop $100+ on a skirt that doesn't nail the most important details? It's depressing to me because it immediately makes this skirt, which is otherwise exquisite, look cheap. There are some remarkable handmade qualities to this skirt but I can't give it more than three stars because of the ludicrous seam issue. Please fix this issue Anthropologie.

Oaxaca Skirt ($158) by Anna Sui, size up
style #20620571, cream (012)

Anna Sui recently told Elle that when she designs, she asks herself if a rockstar would wear her items. I'm on board with that inspiration! Keeping in that theme, the Oaxaca Skirt ($158) reminds me of something a starlet would wear to Coachella. The lacey cotton bottom falls from a South American tied waistband. A concealed size zip too makes this skirt much easier to get into. There's a definitive 70s vibe to this skirt that also says left coast to me.

This skirt comes in XS/S/M/L only. It's kind of short so I reached for a large so I could wear it down on my hips. That was a good idea anyway as the large hugged my hips and thighs, and as you can see from the side view was kind of lumpy thanks to the tank tucked in. I was happy that I was able to hipster these low enough so they grazed the top of my knees. I like this skirt but it doesn't fit into my lifestyle. On sale I'd reconsider -- wishlisted for now.

Unknown skirt by Odille ($78), size down
 size and color information to come

This Odille skirt hasn't made the website yet, but I expect it to sell quickly once it does. Molly also recently chatted about this skirt over on Anthromollogies. Reminiscent of J.Crew circa 2005, a lighthouse print and colorful boats sit on top of an etched deep blue cotton base. Six nautical buttons on the front lend a summery, boardwalk feel. In chatting with one of the personal shoppers we agreed this skirt felt very Cape Cod to us (insert your own summer beach escape town here).

I tried on a 10 for these pictures, and it was very loose. An 8 on another trip fit me much better. The skirt is long with boxy pleats and hits right below the knees. It feels light and pleasant, just what I want for summer. I'd pair this with a wide belt and a simple blue tank. Can't wait to see this one on Anthro's site so I can wishlist it!

Ship Shape Shorts ($68) by Elevenses, size up
style #20229910, grey (004, reviewed) or dark blue (042)

I love dress shorts! Elevenses' Ship Shape Shorts ($68) fall right into that irresistible category. I already purchased the dark blue variant (see them on me here). But when this second grey variation came out I suddenly needed them in my life too. I love wearing tights and shorts and for this cooler spring the combination works well. The shorts are made from light linen that doesn't wrinkle too badly. They're right on the line of being long enough -- the inseam just clears my fingertips. Anthro declares the inseam length to be 4.5". NO WAY. I'd say 3" is more likely. I don't think I'd wear these without tights.

I find Elevenses to run small. So it was up to a 12 in these. This allowed me to wear the shorts on my hips instead of at the waist. I love the detailing at the waist and will usually tuck my blouse in to show those off. There are belt loops but it would just hide the pretty detailing. Two brass buttons are perfect choices for the fly, and a hidden interior button reinforces the waist. Since I want to wear these shorts now (and again come fall) I decided to buy these now. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Campfire Story Shorts ($58) by Daughters of the Liberation, TTS
style #20367777, silver (007)

What look like pinstripes online are actually lines of metallic thread. Shiny shorts?? I'm there! Hooray for the Campfire Story Shorts ($58), another pair of work-ready shorts with the whimsical touches I love. Linen, cotton and a bit of stretchy sparkly lurex elevate these shorts above the boring ordinary to be extraordinary. Once again the inseam is pretty short (I guess I like my shorts more city length than weekend). The site insists the inseam is 4" which seems accurate.

Though my usual size 10 fit, I once again went up to a 12 so I could wear these on my hips instead of at the waist. The cargo-style pockets aren't the best for my thighs o'thunder but I intend to wear blouses over these so I'm not too concerned. I love these shorts due to the straight cut of the leg, the slight stretch quality and the fun metallic thread. Very nicely done Anthropologie! Like the Ship Shape Shorts, I bought these immediately to wear now.

Here's a sample look with the shorts. I've got the Chaperoned Blazer (reviewed here) over the Inherited Blooms Top ($128, reviewed here) with a pair of black tights and Vince Camuto's Vickiy ($80) in black calf. I can't say enough wonderful things about these pumps -- it's been so hard to find nice heels below 4". These are 3" and once you break them in (2-3 wears) they are super comfortable and versatile. I know I'm way behind on OOTDs but expect to see this look better-lit soon.