Reviews: Ardennes Skirt, Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt, Nouveau Rose Skirt, Washi Wrap Skirt

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ardennes Skirt ($128) by Eva Franco, size down
style #20532404, yellow (079)

Time for some long-delayed skirt reviews! I am cheering the return of knee-length skirts which just so happen to be the most flattering length on me (as they are on most). Anthropologie has several great options to choose from. First up is the Ardennes Skirt ($128), which is basically the skirt version of the Kingston Road Dress ($228, review here).

This skirt sits right at the waist so I was able to take an 8 instead of a 10. If your shape is curvy like mine you can size down easily. The cotton material feels like sturdy linen to me, without the itch. I love the length and the gentle pleats. The stripes remind of something off a Cape Cod beach chair -- summery and happy. I'm 5'8" and this skirt still managed to clear my knees. It's a  beautiful piece that I wouldn't wear much. Pretty, but a pass for me.

Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt ($88) by Lil, size down
style #20304606, blue motif (049) or orange (089)

A 3D-esque weave swooshes over Lil's Plaited Brushstrokes Skirt ($88), a short and sturdy skirt ready for work or play. I'm completely biased about these geometric/abstract/technicolor skirts which used to be all over 5-7-9 and Rave when I was a kid. You know, way back in the 90s. It's so weird to see these trends from the 80s retread twice already, especially when it wasn't great the first time around!

Once again I could easily size down to an 8. But I did not find this skirt very pleasing on. The triangular shape was like wearing a tent and the pattern is perfectly placed to widen the hips. Blargh. On the plus side there are pockets and the skirt seems well-made. Since the fit is off though this is another skirt that went back to the rack.

Nouveau Rose Skirt ($98) by Corey Lynn Calter, true to size
style #20731451, blue motif (049)

I love nautical colors presented in modern ways! So it's no surprise that I adore the Nouveau Rose Skirt ($98). Instead of sailing stripes crisp blue and white circle into floral comets set under a wide waistband. I spent far too long looking for the zipper before realizing there wasn't one. This presented a problem. The skirt isn't especially stretchy. There's a small stretch panel in the back. That's a good thing in my book but I couldn't slip it over my hips easily. So over my head it went instead to discover that my usual size medium fit well.

I am in love! I wish this skirt was another two inches longer. It hits about an inch above my knees. The pattern does not line up at the seams which drives me insane but otherwise I am incredibly happy with this trendy little piece. Love the price too, which is about $50 below where CLC skirts have been landing lately at Anthropologie. Wishlisted!!

Washi Wrap Skirt ($88) by Fei, size up
style #20448718, black motif (009)

The Washi Wrap Skirt ($88) looks beautiful but is practically impossible to wear. I have to wonder if Fei's design team tried this one on before it went to stores. Because if any of them had tried to walk in it they'd have discovered a huge design flaw -- the front crunches and scrunches and gets whacked out of shape as soon as you take a step forward. If you plan on standing still all day (with your legs crossed to emphasize the pretty shape this skirt creates when standing still) well then this is a 5-star skirt. But if you have to move at all, knock a few stars off.

I sized up to a 12 in this skirt. I love the dumpy rear it's creating. I had to smooth the pleats a few times before taking these photos. A pencil skirt is supposed to flatter curves but this seems intended to create them. So if you're of a straighter shape my guess is this skirt will work wonderfully for you. I did not feel very comfortable in it. I love the pattern and the way part of it creeps up onto the wide waistband. For me however the fit was way off.

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