Alert! Beware TM postings from Juliana Locke/Adria Simon/Claire Bennett/Bonnie Griffing

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Trade Market fraudster cited in this post is back using a different IP, Paypal and email address. What scum. Scammers are pathetic, deplorable excuses for human beings that have nothing better to do than trick people out of their money. 

Some aliases (I'm willing to bet none of these are the person's actual name):
Juliana Locke
Adria Simon
Claire Bennett
Bonnie Griffing
Emily Griffing
Tracy with email address

Some alias emails: 

Beware the same seller posting any/all of the following items:
Draped Pumps
Torsade Tee XS
Wind Rippled Tee
Gathered Alyssum Dress

- Ask for actual photos of the item
- If you don't hear from a seller for more than 5 days, file a Paypal claim
- Beware deals that seem to good to be true
- Be wary of sellers posting items for sale on behalf of their sister/mother/friend/etc

And above all, report any deals that go south to me so I can track patterns. The local police have been contacted about this seller and a case file is open. If you have been a victim of this fraudster, you need to contact the police. Please email me to find out how.