Reviews: Six-Across Cami, Time-for-Tea Top, Influential Anorak, Arboreal Blouse, Wispy Cirrus Blouse, Buttondown Cowlneck

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Six-Across Cami ($48) by Lili's Closet, size down
style #20653770, ivory (011)

When I tried on the Six-Across Cami ($48), I didn't realize it was part of an intimates set. I was strictly thinking of it as a layering top along the lines of the popular Maryam Tank ($58). Though the tops are by two different brands they have similarities, from the sandy color to the pointelle knit. This tank has lace edging along the sleeveline which spills onto the back, making for a cute racerback.

My usual size medium was very roomy. I thought it possible that this top would stretch over multiple wears, so I swapped down to a small to buy. The small is slightly shorter but the better fit overall. I think this top could easily be worn outside the house during those warmer spring days. A bit expensive for a basic tank perhaps, but worth every penny due to the pretty detailing. No wishlist for me -- this top came home right away.

Time-for-Tea Top ($58) by Fei, TTS
style #19877893, green (030) or ivory (011)

About three years ago I bought two or three very similar tops to the Time-for-Tea Top ($58). Each of them had a latticework neckline just like this top. This time around there's a knot detail over the sleeves, but effectively it's the same top I've seen before. There's something comforting in the familiar here, especially as Anthropologie seems to have lost its way lately. So while this cotton/poly top may not seem overly special, it has a special place in my little heart.

My usual size medium fit comfortably. The sleeves were already a bit tight though so I would not size down.  This is a great choice if you're looking for a casual top for the warm months that could also act as a layering piece now. The new spin to me (the light green color) has this top already sitting on my wishlist. I wish the back had some kind of cinch to add more shape definition, but if it has to be loose and flowy this version is OK with me.

Influential Anorak ($128) by Cartonnier, TTS
style #20294989, brown (020)

If the style is going to be slouchy this year it may as well be comfortable too. Made of tencil in a beautiful rusty brown, the Influential Anorak ($128) went from the item I didn't know I needed to must-have! One part safari and one part windbreaker, I love all the detail work. There's the flaps around the collar, the deep pockets and buttons and loops everywhere. There's a lot going on but the subtle earth tone rendering means it looks nice and simple from afar.

I tried on my usual 10 in jackets which fit perfectly. I wish this jacket was a drop longer -- maybe another two or three inches. Otherwise I have no complaints. This year I've seen anoraks styled for both work and play. I could see this jacket for either. Wear it with a pair of cuffed capris and a sleek blouse for work. On the weekend, try it over a pair of bootcut jeans and a dark blouse. One more shot below of the jacket closed.

A wonderful and unexpected surprise. This jacket is now properly on my wishlist.

Arboreal Blouse ($98) by Portrait of a Girl, size up
style #20283719, red (069)

In-store I saw the anorak styled with the Arboreal Blouse ($98). The two pair nicely, with the anorak both standing off well from the dark blue blouse while drawing out the rusty reds on the top. This silk blouse has a garden pattern on it that felt vaguely safari to me, with a small keyhole at the neckline that reveals little.

This top is cut much straighter than I thought on the hanger. I tried on a 6 but it wasn't close to fitting over my hips. No big deal to size up but there were other elements of this top I didn't love. The frilly neckline is pretty but wasn't flattering across the shoulders. Overall this top was OK but aside from the pretty print I wasn't really feeling it. Back to the rack.

Wispy Cirrus Blouse ($128) by Darling Clothes, size up
style #20520789, blue motif (049)

There are apparently two versions of this top -- the online version with a slightly lighter blue background and a thinner matte sash and an in-store version with a darker underlay and thicker sash with some sheen. I'm not sure what the rhyme or reason is to the differences. It could just be that the first order looked slightly different than the version shipped to stores. I tried on the store version. As I mentioned in the comments of Kim's review, this top is also available on Darling Clothes' website, where it's called the Willa Top ($90/£65) and also comes in taupe and green. Thanks as well to eagle-eyed community members Kimberly and Teri Lynn who also found this top on Modcloth's website in blue for $93.

I came across this top in the 5th Ave Anthropologie in NYC. I adore the lace detailing, from the poms along the neckline to the scalloped trim along the hem. But wow is this top short! A medium barely cleared the top of my jeans, creating an odd floating effect. This ended up making me look wider from the front. If I buy this top it will be in a large though even that would only pair with high-waisted bottoms. I have a feeling this top will be short no matter what but I think my bust played a role in the shortness too. Will a tall version of this top be released? Doubtful. Wishlisted while I mull this one over.

Button-Down Cowlneck ($88) by Fei, size up
style #20547527, blue (040) or 2 other colors

Quite simply, I love Fei's Button-Down Cowlneck ($88)! It comes in three rich, saturated colors and is shaped like a button-down version of the ever-popular Deuxhill Cowlneck. The same dark, shiny buttons are used on all three versions, which works on the blue but looks kind of odd to me on the green and pink. This silk top is dry clean only which reduces its versatility somewhat. I don't mind but I know this could be an issue for others.

I reached for a 6 and while it buttoned it was awfully close-fitting. So I'll size up to an 8 when I buy this. The shade of blue is so perfect -- I hope Anthropologie explores more amazing colors like this one! The cowl can be maneuvered to the side or left open for different styling options. I like it just falling down naturally on its own. I see this as a layering piece now and something to wear on its own later. Perfection -- well done Anthro! Wishlisted.