Alert! Trade Market Fraudster

Friday, March 11, 2011

To all Trade Market users: please be aware that over the last few weeks several members have reported negative transactions with a single person using email addresses including: and This person's IP has been blocked however it is possible they could post under a different name/IP.

Their pattern of behavior is to post items for sale under Betty, Jamie or Julie with one of the above email addresses. However items are not being delivered or prices are being changed once a sale is agreed on. This person has been banned from the Trade Market. Sadly this person seems to have found EA through a copycat service.

I do not take these issues lately. If you have had a negative experience with this person (or anyone else) please email me with details. If this person attempts to defraud anyone else I will call the local police.

Remember that I am not involved with any of these transactions, unless you're buying from me or selling to me directly. Here are some reminder recommendations on how to protect yourself:
- Use a payment service like Paypal. Do NOT accept checks, wire transfers, or money orders as payment.
- Be wary of using the personal tab in Paypal to complete transactions. You are not covered with either seller or buyer protection when using the personal tab.
- If you are conducting a trade, consider exchanging the value of the trade (i.e. $50 or so) over Paypal so that in the event the trade falls through you have recourse
- Report any bad transactions to me. I gather evidence and attempt to mediate situations when I can.

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