Reviews: Moth Sweater, Past Reflections Pullover, Heroine's Homecoming Top, Chiffon Swing Shirt, Emerald Poppy Blouse, Classic Peasant Henley

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excited for the return of sleeveless weather!

Advection Pullover ($68) by Moth, TTS
 SKU #20453643 for size medium, neutral (014)

Oh Moth! I guess you're in charge of the open-stitch sweaters this year, what with the Advection Pullover ($68) above and my beloved Light As Air Pullover ($78, reviewed here). Really though this has been Moth's game for a few years, hasn't it? Inappropriately thin sweaters in February that tempt me every time! This one has a cool cowlneck and very deep arm holes. You'll need a cami under this one for sure, unless side boob is your thing. I am pretty sure this is a linen-poly mix but we'll know for sure once this sweater makes it online. Update: it's 100% linen.

My usual size medium was a close yet comfy fit. I might try a large on to see if the length suits me better. I love the thicker stitching on the bottom portion of this sweater. I think this would easily work as a day-to-nite sweater for warmer weather. I love this little thing! It will be wishlisted shortly.

Past Reflections Pullover ($198) by Lauren Moffat, size up
style #20050894, red (060) or navy (041, not online)

Seems like every retailer is doing their take on this thinly striped nautical sweater. A red version of Lauren Moffat's Past Reflections Pullover ($198) is already online, but the navy version in stores hasn't made the site yet. This sweater is made of a thick cotton that I found rough against my skin. It has a pretty crossback detail that raises this above the regular nautical sweater, though if your hair is long like mine the effect will be covered. It's also dangerously low for a bra so be warned!

I found this sweater surprisingly tight. I had to size up to a large for a better fit. There are some things I love about this sweater: the cuffed sleeves, the perfectly rendered strips, the length. I'm not so into the oddly square neckline. It's not wide enough to be a boatneck and weirdly not a scoopneck either. Who does a square flatter, exactly? Not me at least. The main issue is of course the price. With so many retailers doing an offshoot of this sweater (or whatever the original runway inspiration was) you can easily find something similar for $125 or so less. The quality gains aren't enough to justify the price leap in my mind. Pass.

Heroine's Homecoming Top ($118) by Lil, size up
style #19993161, white (010) or blue (040)

Wow. I LOVE this top so much! It possibly looks ridiculous on me but I love it anyway. Lil's Heroine's Homecoming Top ($118) does have that superheroine vibe I dig with pretty, pretty sleeves and a patriotic looking emblem down the front and center. Does it possibly look like a handkerchief sewn into a shirt? Yes. Don't care though, this top makes me endlessly happy.

I normally take an 8 in Lil, which is one size above my usual 6. And here again the 8 worked. The top is a little shorter than I'd like but otherwise do love. I wish the sleeves were closer to the product shot, with a touch of tailoring towards the wrists. They just fall down straight which still works but isn't quite the goddess effect the white version looks like online. Not that it's enough to deter me. Nor is the sheerness...although seriously? This couldn't have been opaque? Or less sheer? Really? I would love to see this in a peachy pink. If that doesn't happen, expect to see the white in my closet soon. Wishlisted!

Chiffon Swing Shirt ($68) by Deletta, TTS
style #19886753, ivory (011) and 3 other colors
★★★★☆ for design, ☆☆☆☆☆ for material choice

Deletta's Chiffon Swing Shirt ($68) is so close to being awesome. The pretty little bows on the front have me aww'ing, the chiffon shoulders have me swooning and the ruched neckline has me sighing happily. So what gives with the crappy material for the rest of the shirt? It feels like it's already been through 40 it was the "after" for the competitor in one of those Tide commercials. Sad, sad state of things if you ask me.

The fit was great in my usual size medium. Flowy but not overly so -- if you want a closer fit you can easily size down. It disturbs me that this material was OK'ed because it really feels cheap. Cheaper than $68, cheaper than $48. Like $9.99 Forever 21 cheap. It's rough and feels like it could break apart at any moment. I hate to see a super cute design wasted with crappy material. No way I'm buying this top. Back to the rack.

Emerald Poppy Blouse ($118) by Left of Center, TTS
style #20222972, ivory (011)

The green beads on the Emerald Poppy Blouse ($118) are fantastic. Love the crawling design on the bottom half of this top. It's made from needlessly sheer silk in a pretty beige color with darker golds and greens in the design. You can already guess what I didn't like about the top. Sheerness. I was also disappointed by how shapelessly thing hung. It will look great under a blazer or belted below a cardigan. But by itself? A little sad.

My usual size medium fit nicely, with some extra room at the sides. I like the double-stitched neckline and sleeve edges. Very pretty in a gold tone. Had this top been lined it would have gotten 4 stars easily. Without it, at over $100 I feel a little silly. Wishlisted for consideration at sale time.

Classic Peasant Henley ($58) by benandlucia, size down
style #20204178, yellow (072) or white (010)

Shiny buttons drew me to the Classic Peasant Henley ($58). The bright yellow color helped too, especially in the darkest corner of the Rockefeller Center store. I love peasant tops but they rarely flatter me. I hoped that the slightly puffy sleeves of this top would somehow help me out. The wonderful cotton used in this top feels fantastic, like the tees I used to snuggle up in as a kid. Whoever the supplier is, Anthro should use them for every cotton top!

I grabbed my true size medium since I was unfamiliar with the brand. I ended up swimming in this top -- size down for sure! I think a small would have worked much better. There are little details on this top that make it interesting. The gathering detail in the front is a bit tricky with my hips. Over crisp white shorts I think we have a weekend winner. Wishlisted for now so I can wait until warmer weather.