Reviews: Berry Months Dress, Cloud Art Dress, Winsor Knot Dress, Florid Diamonds Dress, Tessera Dress, Tuileries Dress

Monday, February 28, 2011

I have it on good word from several tipsters that sale will be on Wednesday this week instead of tomorrow. So the Sale Guessing Game has been postponed for a nite. Thank you to all of the community tipsters that let me know, including the soon-to-be-birthday-gal Kim from Anthroholic. Word on the street is that this will be a big markdown week. I saw a preview of some of the dresses due to hit sale. Let's just say my budget will be spent early this month. I have to admit that I'm nervously awaiting tomorrow morning anyway -- just in case.

With no Guessing Game til tomorrow, here are some reviews to tide us all over.

Berry Months Dress ($148) by We Love Vera, TTS
style #20474060 (petite/regular), red motif (069) 

With Ric Rac mysteriously missing from Anthropologie stores these days, I think We Love Vera is my new favorite in-store label. The bold and vivid prints speak to me and bring out the love from this chick. The standout piece in the March 2011 catalogue is surely the Berry Months Dress ($148) for me. The fabric content is a disappointing rayon/poly mix with an acetate lining. The length is great, hitting below my knees. It doesn't look too long or staid thanks to the bright red berries trimming the hemline. A nice removable green sash runs around the midsection.

I'm used to sizing up in strapless dresses and up again in We Love Vera, so I started out in a 10 in this dress. It was falling off so I moved down to an 8. That was still loose so I ended up in my usual size 6. Surprise! It fit well. The back of this dress is very stretchy, allowing my to easily fit into the 6 for these pictures. The store I was at (Rockefeller Center) had this dress hung with the straps attached which I appreciated, because there's no boning! For me, boning is a necessity in a strapless frock and I was shocked to see it missing here. Without it this dress feels especially light but not at all supportive. Without boning I couldn't give this dress a perfect score, but it otherwise was a hit with me. I don't think I will be buying this dress due to the strapless nature of it. Highly recommended for others though!

Cloud Art Dress ($158) by Laffaire, size up
 style #20585279, neutral (012)

Let's start with the good things about the Cloud Art Dress ($158): it's masterfully crafted with brilliant attention to detail. The bib neckline in particular is gorgeous. Someone put a lot of thought and love into this dress and it shows. Kudos to the design team behind this piece. It's fully lined -- a relief given Anthro's recent propensity for sheerness. This is another dress where the length was just right on me, hitting at the knee.

Here's the bad news: this dress runs small and isn't curve-friendly. I tried on a large and while the top half was OK my thighs were giving the bottom a run for their money (ba-dum-bump). My midsection? Not really working either. This dress isn't really cut for my shape which isn't a knock itself but I do find the overall sizing to be a problem. And again, this is part of that whole 70s revival that I am not at all interested in. Pass for me.

Winsor Knot Dress ($138) by Deletta, size down
style #20421392, navy (041)

How cute is this frock? It's strange to see the Winsor Knot Dress ($138) on the racks in February -- I feel like it's heavy enough that it could have worked for winter with a cardigan over it. And the dark colors make it feel more cold-weather than warm. Enough quibbling though. This dress has a beautiful vintage shape with a cute print to match.

I tried on my true size medium, and found it to be too big. I'd size down to a small to buy this dress. The bra I was wearing doesn't work with this dress but I could see the potential. I like the defined waistband and the easiness of the skirt, which is once again just the right length. (YAY!) Call me crazy but this dress is just not my style. It's pretty, it's well-made, but I'm not in love with it. For me, back to the rack.

Florid Diamonds Dress ($158) by Sunner, TTS
style #20689972, red (060)

Sorry Sunner; I don't get the Florid Diamonds Dress ($158). In the product shot it looks like the kind of dress you put a toddler in. In real life, there was no way for me to make the sash work! I fiddled and I fussed and I tried to make the damn thing work but no matter what I was left with bulk on my hips and a frown across my lips. What a shame since I adore the harlequin motif. Cutest print ever! If this dress were a top instead it would already be in my closet.

I tried on a medium which fit, I guess. It was really hard to tell with all the material on this dress! The neckline is adorable but below it is a silk mess. Light and airy but not up to my expectations at all. Maybe on a different body type? On me this was a failure. Pass.

Tessera Dress ($168) by Maple, TTS
style #20165767, orange (080)

Betsy included the Tessera Dress ($168) in her recent guest reviews post, which made me eager to try it for myself. I love the darling geometric print and the sweetheart neckline. The back is open but will still hide a bra, and the silk material is surprisingly light. I expected this dress to be a heavy poly -- it's surprising when you pick it up. This dress is very busy but well executed and I hoped the fit would live up to the look.

I'm happy to report the dress felt and looked great on! I see it flattering many body types. I wish the waist was just a drop lower on the dress but otherwise I have no complaints. I tried on a size 8 thinking I'd have to size up, but I was wrong. My usual 6 (not pictured) was much better. A winning dress in nearly every sense. Wishlisted!

Tuileries Dress ($158) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
style #20471934 (petite/regular), cream (012)

Bam! An Anthro classic, just like that. The Tuileries Dress ($158) has been the talk of the community for the last week or so and I got many panicked emails when it temporarily disappeared from the site. It's back now for us all to adore. A pleasant silk frock with lining, this dress has Anthro whimsy nailed. How could I resist it?

2010 was the year Moulinette Soeurs stopped fitting me, but this easy-fitting dress gave me no issues. I tried on both an 8 (not pictured) and a 6 and found my usual 6 the better fit. A pretty black sash defines the waist as occasionally bold flora pop off the dress. So why one star down? I like this dress a lot, but there's too much going on for me! A big print. A lot of writing. Is this a dress or a curtain? I know there are many fans of this dress so I don't knock too hard, but this is an almost-but-not-quite for me. I'm in the minority I know but this dress is a pretty pass for me.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on these items. Have you tried any of these dresses yourself? What other dresses do you want to see reviewed? I'll have another dress reviews set later this week.