Reviews: Berry Months Dress, Cloud Art Dress, Winsor Knot Dress, Florid Diamonds Dress, Tessera Dress, Tuileries Dress

Monday, February 28, 2011

I have it on good word from several tipsters that sale will be on Wednesday this week instead of tomorrow. So the Sale Guessing Game has been postponed for a nite. Thank you to all of the community tipsters that let me know, including the soon-to-be-birthday-gal Kim from Anthroholic. Word on the street is that this will be a big markdown week. I saw a preview of some of the dresses due to hit sale. Let's just say my budget will be spent early this month. I have to admit that I'm nervously awaiting tomorrow morning anyway -- just in case.

With no Guessing Game til tomorrow, here are some reviews to tide us all over.

Berry Months Dress ($148) by We Love Vera, TTS
style #20474060 (petite/regular), red motif (069) 

With Ric Rac mysteriously missing from Anthropologie stores these days, I think We Love Vera is my new favorite in-store label. The bold and vivid prints speak to me and bring out the love from this chick. The standout piece in the March 2011 catalogue is surely the Berry Months Dress ($148) for me. The fabric content is a disappointing rayon/poly mix with an acetate lining. The length is great, hitting below my knees. It doesn't look too long or staid thanks to the bright red berries trimming the hemline. A nice removable green sash runs around the midsection.

I'm used to sizing up in strapless dresses and up again in We Love Vera, so I started out in a 10 in this dress. It was falling off so I moved down to an 8. That was still loose so I ended up in my usual size 6. Surprise! It fit well. The back of this dress is very stretchy, allowing my to easily fit into the 6 for these pictures. The store I was at (Rockefeller Center) had this dress hung with the straps attached which I appreciated, because there's no boning! For me, boning is a necessity in a strapless frock and I was shocked to see it missing here. Without it this dress feels especially light but not at all supportive. Without boning I couldn't give this dress a perfect score, but it otherwise was a hit with me. I don't think I will be buying this dress due to the strapless nature of it. Highly recommended for others though!

Cloud Art Dress ($158) by Laffaire, size up
 style #20585279, neutral (012)

Let's start with the good things about the Cloud Art Dress ($158): it's masterfully crafted with brilliant attention to detail. The bib neckline in particular is gorgeous. Someone put a lot of thought and love into this dress and it shows. Kudos to the design team behind this piece. It's fully lined -- a relief given Anthro's recent propensity for sheerness. This is another dress where the length was just right on me, hitting at the knee.

Here's the bad news: this dress runs small and isn't curve-friendly. I tried on a large and while the top half was OK my thighs were giving the bottom a run for their money (ba-dum-bump). My midsection? Not really working either. This dress isn't really cut for my shape which isn't a knock itself but I do find the overall sizing to be a problem. And again, this is part of that whole 70s revival that I am not at all interested in. Pass for me.

Winsor Knot Dress ($138) by Deletta, size down
style #20421392, navy (041)

How cute is this frock? It's strange to see the Winsor Knot Dress ($138) on the racks in February -- I feel like it's heavy enough that it could have worked for winter with a cardigan over it. And the dark colors make it feel more cold-weather than warm. Enough quibbling though. This dress has a beautiful vintage shape with a cute print to match.

I tried on my true size medium, and found it to be too big. I'd size down to a small to buy this dress. The bra I was wearing doesn't work with this dress but I could see the potential. I like the defined waistband and the easiness of the skirt, which is once again just the right length. (YAY!) Call me crazy but this dress is just not my style. It's pretty, it's well-made, but I'm not in love with it. For me, back to the rack.

Florid Diamonds Dress ($158) by Sunner, TTS
style #20689972, red (060)

Sorry Sunner; I don't get the Florid Diamonds Dress ($158). In the product shot it looks like the kind of dress you put a toddler in. In real life, there was no way for me to make the sash work! I fiddled and I fussed and I tried to make the damn thing work but no matter what I was left with bulk on my hips and a frown across my lips. What a shame since I adore the harlequin motif. Cutest print ever! If this dress were a top instead it would already be in my closet.

I tried on a medium which fit, I guess. It was really hard to tell with all the material on this dress! The neckline is adorable but below it is a silk mess. Light and airy but not up to my expectations at all. Maybe on a different body type? On me this was a failure. Pass.

Tessera Dress ($168) by Maple, TTS
style #20165767, orange (080)

Betsy included the Tessera Dress ($168) in her recent guest reviews post, which made me eager to try it for myself. I love the darling geometric print and the sweetheart neckline. The back is open but will still hide a bra, and the silk material is surprisingly light. I expected this dress to be a heavy poly -- it's surprising when you pick it up. This dress is very busy but well executed and I hoped the fit would live up to the look.

I'm happy to report the dress felt and looked great on! I see it flattering many body types. I wish the waist was just a drop lower on the dress but otherwise I have no complaints. I tried on a size 8 thinking I'd have to size up, but I was wrong. My usual 6 (not pictured) was much better. A winning dress in nearly every sense. Wishlisted!

Tuileries Dress ($158) by Moulinette Soeurs, TTS
style #20471934 (petite/regular), cream (012)

Bam! An Anthro classic, just like that. The Tuileries Dress ($158) has been the talk of the community for the last week or so and I got many panicked emails when it temporarily disappeared from the site. It's back now for us all to adore. A pleasant silk frock with lining, this dress has Anthro whimsy nailed. How could I resist it?

2010 was the year Moulinette Soeurs stopped fitting me, but this easy-fitting dress gave me no issues. I tried on both an 8 (not pictured) and a 6 and found my usual 6 the better fit. A pretty black sash defines the waist as occasionally bold flora pop off the dress. So why one star down? I like this dress a lot, but there's too much going on for me! A big print. A lot of writing. Is this a dress or a curtain? I know there are many fans of this dress so I don't knock too hard, but this is an almost-but-not-quite for me. I'm in the minority I know but this dress is a pretty pass for me.

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback on these items. Have you tried any of these dresses yourself? What other dresses do you want to see reviewed? I'll have another dress reviews set later this week.

Welcome to the new Effortless Anthropologie!!!

After some extra testing time, I'm excited to debut the redesign of Effortless Anthropologie! There are a bunch of changes to the blog (and more to come) which coincides with the ever-growing community here. I hope that the redesign will make it easier to find the information you're looking for.

A huge thanks to my friends Macgruff and Jessa for helping me with this redesign. I'd also like to give a shout out to the Intense Debate team, who helped me through a code issue that was preventing the comments from working correctly. Without them I would not have been able to launch this redesign.

The biggest change to the site is the navigation bar along the top. Not every category has dropdowns but the weekly recurring features do. From now on, you can zoom to the Trade Market, check the comments FAQ, and jump easily  from Sale post to OOTD quickly with just a hover and a click. I have one more section coming -- a general FAQ with commonly-asked questions about Anthropologie. There are some more subtle changes, like font-size changes and link color changes meant to make the site easier on the eyes.

The new Trade Market is still in the works. We are testing the new Trade Market site and hope to launch it in March. It's one of the changes in the works to help serve the community. Other suggestions are welcome.

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All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

No need to panic -- Effortless Anthropologie is not being hacked. I'm updating the template. Thanks for your patience!!

Update 7:27: comments are now working again. more updates to come!

The weekend in-store community post

Note: Have you entered the liaMolly contest yet? It closes on Sunday!! And FREE SHIPPING is back on orders of $150+ on Anthropologie's site (thanks Ria!!) through 3/31.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be! Please note that items for sale belong in the Trade Market, as do 'looking to find' requests for past season items. Comments that erroneously get posted in this thread will be deleted.

Some FAQs....
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- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap
Ways to find hidden inventory on Anthro's site
How do I find reviews for x item?
Ways to find style numbers on Anthro's site for sold-out items (it's right below the Lilac Ombre Heels photo)

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Off the beaten path: J.Crew Tulip Ruffle Cami and some Esprit Spring Coat reviews

No, I'm not abandoning Anthropologie by any means, but yesterday I tried on several non-Anthro items that were so cute I had to share.

Esprit is popping up all over New York City. They opened their first store here since the 80s in 2005 or 2006 and since then they've added 5 more locations. They have about 50 stores in the USA now. This store falls right between Anthropologie and J.Crew for me -- some whimsical patterns that make me think of the former with the tailoring that reminds me of the latter. While browsing yesterday I was struck by how many cute spring jackets they have! I thought a few were worth reviewing.

I've included product links in this set but note that you'll need to dig around Esprit's e-shop to buy them. The site is cookie-based and built in First up: the Stretch Biker Jacket ($120).

This jacket is super cropped and not quite right on my body type, but I could see someone like Chloe rocking this. I love the ruffle detail down one size of the placket -- it's a cool little effect that isn't overdone. It's got two darts down the front and chic high pocket placement. I like the zippers at the end of each sleeve too. I am always a 10 in Esprit jackets but there was only an 8 at the store, hence the tightness. I would wear this open over a dress or on the weekend with jeans and a tee underneath.

I've let band jackets pass me by even though I'm very tempted by them. The color of the Slim Stretch Jacket ($130) is the perfect green-brown mix and they had it styled in-store with a pretty brown cowlneck sweater underneath.

Again the tailoring here is nicely done. The jacket is just finished so well, from the pop collar to the darts down the side and front. Whether closed (via hook-and-eye closures) or open this jacket hugged my body and was exactly the right length. The back has a small gather to help mold to my shape. This jacket feels very high-quality, an element I've been missing lately at some of my other usual stores. It's made from sturdy cotton. I took my usual size 10.

This anorak isn't online yet but should be soon. It's part of the edc line from Esprit, which is like H&M young adult line or a juniors' line. As such it's cut narrow through the hips which tripped me up a bit. But I love the color, a nice medium blue that looks great over dark denim. The buttons start far apart at the top of the jacket and move inward as you trail down. Likewise, two lines of piping on either side tailor in at the waist to create a lean line. There are small epaulettes at the shoulder for a slight military touch, and a sturdy tie at the waist.

I tried on a size large, which fit nicely on my top half but wasn't adequately able to deal with my hips. I'd size up to an XL to buy -- although sometimes this juniors' line only goes up to a large.

This last jacket is just called Jacket ($130) online -- oh these crazy European retailers! It might not look like much online but it was my favorite jacket of the day.

Why? It was so sturdy and surprisingly warm. Wind is a big deal in the city -- you can literally get blown backwards down some streets. I'm sick of jackets that are thin enough to let breezes through. This one blocks the wind nicely without stifling me to the point of overheating. And again the tailored aspects of this jacket are so nice. My usual 10 fit nicely and felt great on.

Esprit's e-shop works pretty well. What I'll usually do is try on the items in-store and then buy online with the plethora of codes they release. They do x% off order deals every other month it seems so look for one of those codes to come out soon. If you do end up ordering let me know what you think!

After Esprit I cruised up to J.Crew to see if I could find something to use my spring rewards card on. I did -- the Tulip Ruffle Cami ($80) you see above. I haven't seen any reviews for this top yet, so I snapped a few quick shots.

This color is dragonfly blue and I tried on my usual size 6. I was concerned about how the top would look belted on me, but luckily I thought it looked pretty cute! The ruffles pull in and yes the effect is bulky, but I'd want to wear this under an open blazer or cardigan anyway to show off the ruffles. The henley-esque buttons down the front are a pretty touch and I love the seams which cascade into the ruffly tiers. I felt the v-neck was flattering and while I wouldn't have minded a couple more inches of length the top is long enough to pair with mid-rise pants or a skirt. (Low-rise moto jeans like I was wearing? Not so much.)

Here's how the top looks tied towards the back. More streamlined but still with some adorable visual interest. The silk felt pretty nice to me -- it wasn't quite the luxurious silk of some other J.Crew tops but it didn't feel cheap either. This will be a great work top so I decided that it was worth full price. I'm interested in a couple of the other colors this top comes in, so I hope it makes it to sale.

Email: anthro in our own words (Free Shipping is back!)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Many thanks to Ria, who alerted the community that Free Shipping is back at Anthropologie! Hooray!!! We anthro members get first access to this promotion, which is free shipping on domestic (USA) orders over $150 from now through March 31, 2011. Not an anthro member? You can become one or link your card to your online account here. (It's free.)

The email also links to a sneak peek of the full March catalogue, which is stunning. I can't wait to find out more about where it was shot! What do you think of the new March arrivals?

Guest Post: Reviews by Betsy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please join me in welcoming Betsy back with another round of guest reviews. Betsy's reviews are always an entertaining read, and I love that she picks items that are different from my aesthetic. Interested in writing a guest post? Email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Hi all! I’m excited to take another crack at some guest reviews. My first choice was the Hanging Gardens Top by Deletta ($78). Normally I don’t go for tops with this style of oversized cut. I feel kind of like batman in them. But the moment I saw the beautiful trailing flower print on this one, I was a goner. Had to try it on immediately. I tried both a 6 and an 8 (my normal size at the moment). While both worked fine, I think that the 8 ultimately had a better fit in the hip area, so that’s the one I photographed. The fit of this top is actually quite flattering, mostly due to its fitted taper at the hips and elegant drape (rayon). I love the scoop neck that shows off my collarbone, and pairs well with a simple necklace – my little silver link necklace looked awesome with it. And the print? I felt like I was frolicking in a lovely garden. Frolic! Frolic! It looked good with the jeans I tried on, but I also think it would be pretty with a skirt or belted over the top. I really want this one RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY OMG but I’m trying to be better about impulse control. Sticking it on my wishlist and crossing my fingers for sale.

The Diamond Sky Skirt by Lil ($98) looked silky, flirty, and fun!  Once on, I realized that the print inexplicably reminds me of Pebbles Flintstone.  On the website, the front tie is left to drape down; in the store, they had it tied into a poofy bow that pooched out in the front.  I prefer the drape, so that’s how I modeled it.  I tried this in a 10 - the waist seemed rather petite - and paired it with the Portrait Perfect tee in orange.  It sat right at the waist… and daaaang!  Showed a lot of leg, a fact that seemed even more obvious with the heels I had on.  There’s a lot of material to this, though it’s light silk and quite drapey.  I think I’d prefer it as a summer skirt, paired with sandals.  I like it, but couldn’t wear it to  work, so this one is probably not for me.


The Cultural Heritage Skirt ($128) by Yoana Baraschi, on the other hand, would be work-appropriate. Oh, how I do swoon for a good pencil skirt! I think the 8 would have fit in the waist, but once again, I reached for the 10 – when your hips and rear are shaped like mine, you’ve got to accommodate ‘em. I love the larger polka dots on the waist coupled with the smaller ones on the body of this navy skirt. And the red stitched dart lines provide a really adorable contrast. You’d definitely want to tuck in whatever top you were wearing in order to showcase this skirt’s cute details. I can see it with a crisp white button-down and big pearls. It’s long, too, almost modestly so – reached just below my knees. I could do with an inch shorter, but you can’t win them all. Overall a really classic piece with fun updates. Wishlisted!

The Tessera Dress’s ($168) neckline reeled me right in.  I love that sweetheart action, though my bra did show a bit at the corners – you’d probably need a balconnet or demi bra with it.  The keyhole in the back is nice, and there’s some smocking below it to make for a more forgiving fit (this is an 8).  It hit just above the knee and had disguised pockets in the front (nice).  Oh, and this dress?  Is light as air.  Totally not a winter dress.  It is made of silk and not lined.  You would freeze your booty off in all but the warmest weather.  And you might need a slip to avoid being indecent in the sunshine.   Additonally, once I looked at the photos, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the print.  What do y’all think?  Does it scream “Swiss hausfrau?”  Should there be a dude in lederhosen posing next to me?  I’m just not sure.  Too many drawbacks for the price.  Back to the rack!

The Night Moves Chemise ($68) by Jonsey is marketed as a nightgown, but I liked the look of it so much on the website, I wanted to see if I might pull it off in public.  No mediums available, so this is a large.  The material was stretchy and the cut forgiving enough that I might even have been able to wear a small – in the photos this does look a bit big.  The skirt portion has two ruffled layers that are (much) higher in the front, and drape down longer in the back.  LOVE that asymmetry.  It’s not indecently short, and it actually looked really good with heels.  It’s swingy, too.  Light and flowy.  This… is fun.  It’s really fun.  It makes me want to tango around the room with a rose clenched in my teeth.  And perhaps do the Cha-Cha at some point.  I’m not sure how I’d wear it exactly – maybe with a cardigan over the top and tights, or a cute blouse underneath.  I think it could be worked into a daytime wardrobe fairly well, and would be really fun and kind of daring on its own with heels to go out. 

OOTD: Inspired by Polyvore


If you've ever read Slastena's blog All About All And Nothing At All, you know that she includes helpful Polyvore sets with her OOTDs. About two years ago I loaded most of the items I owned into Polyvore and used it to create my own looks. I found it so helpful to see how many different outfit options I really owned. When I was deciding how to round out my closet Polyvore was a key tool for me.

Since then I've gotten lazy about loading my closet items into Polyvore, but every once in awhile a set some has created will help me plan an outfit. I made this set several months ago before I owned any of these items. Lo and behold in late January it helped inspire today's look.

I had to make a couple of switcheroos -- I don't own the necklace from the set or the shoes. I used my Joie Veronicas instead to help continue my leg line and swapped in a set of pearls I'd gotten in Hawaii on a trip to the Big Island in 2007. I was so happy with this outfit that my mind saw fit to create on Polyvore...I'm not sure I would have pieced these all together in real life otherwise. Even if you don't make sets on Polyvore, you'd still find the site helpful. There are many days when I just cruise around my groups looking for pretty outfits other people have put together and creating a collection of those. It helps me rediscover items in my closet and think about new ways to use items. We have some very talented stylists in the community. I owe it all to Fabulous Florida Mommy, who introduced me to Polyvore a few years ago.

If you need some help getting started, check out the Anthropologie group and the Elegant & Chic Group. A couple of my other favorite groups are the J.Crew Aficionada Group and the Simply Prep Group. Feel free to add me as a contact -- I'm roxyturtle over there and there's a badge in EA's sidebar. Are you on Polyvore? What groups have you joined?





In this outfit:
Sweater: Breezy Ride/Polka Cardi (other polka dot options here, here and here)
Top: Lustrous Lavaliere Top (more embellished necklines here, here and here)
Skirt: Finishing School Skirt (similar color here, similar style here and here)
Tights: Hue sweater tights (similar here, here and here)
Shoes: Joie Veronica Mary-Janes (similar here, here and here)
Jewelry: From Hawaii

Reviews: Moth Sweater, Past Reflections Pullover, Heroine's Homecoming Top, Chiffon Swing Shirt, Emerald Poppy Blouse, Classic Peasant Henley

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Excited for the return of sleeveless weather!

Advection Pullover ($68) by Moth, TTS
 SKU #20453643 for size medium, neutral (014)

Oh Moth! I guess you're in charge of the open-stitch sweaters this year, what with the Advection Pullover ($68) above and my beloved Light As Air Pullover ($78, reviewed here). Really though this has been Moth's game for a few years, hasn't it? Inappropriately thin sweaters in February that tempt me every time! This one has a cool cowlneck and very deep arm holes. You'll need a cami under this one for sure, unless side boob is your thing. I am pretty sure this is a linen-poly mix but we'll know for sure once this sweater makes it online. Update: it's 100% linen.

My usual size medium was a close yet comfy fit. I might try a large on to see if the length suits me better. I love the thicker stitching on the bottom portion of this sweater. I think this would easily work as a day-to-nite sweater for warmer weather. I love this little thing! It will be wishlisted shortly.

Past Reflections Pullover ($198) by Lauren Moffat, size up
style #20050894, red (060) or navy (041, not online)

Seems like every retailer is doing their take on this thinly striped nautical sweater. A red version of Lauren Moffat's Past Reflections Pullover ($198) is already online, but the navy version in stores hasn't made the site yet. This sweater is made of a thick cotton that I found rough against my skin. It has a pretty crossback detail that raises this above the regular nautical sweater, though if your hair is long like mine the effect will be covered. It's also dangerously low for a bra so be warned!

I found this sweater surprisingly tight. I had to size up to a large for a better fit. There are some things I love about this sweater: the cuffed sleeves, the perfectly rendered strips, the length. I'm not so into the oddly square neckline. It's not wide enough to be a boatneck and weirdly not a scoopneck either. Who does a square flatter, exactly? Not me at least. The main issue is of course the price. With so many retailers doing an offshoot of this sweater (or whatever the original runway inspiration was) you can easily find something similar for $125 or so less. The quality gains aren't enough to justify the price leap in my mind. Pass.

Heroine's Homecoming Top ($118) by Lil, size up
style #19993161, white (010) or blue (040)

Wow. I LOVE this top so much! It possibly looks ridiculous on me but I love it anyway. Lil's Heroine's Homecoming Top ($118) does have that superheroine vibe I dig with pretty, pretty sleeves and a patriotic looking emblem down the front and center. Does it possibly look like a handkerchief sewn into a shirt? Yes. Don't care though, this top makes me endlessly happy.

I normally take an 8 in Lil, which is one size above my usual 6. And here again the 8 worked. The top is a little shorter than I'd like but otherwise do love. I wish the sleeves were closer to the product shot, with a touch of tailoring towards the wrists. They just fall down straight which still works but isn't quite the goddess effect the white version looks like online. Not that it's enough to deter me. Nor is the sheerness...although seriously? This couldn't have been opaque? Or less sheer? Really? I would love to see this in a peachy pink. If that doesn't happen, expect to see the white in my closet soon. Wishlisted!

Chiffon Swing Shirt ($68) by Deletta, TTS
style #19886753, ivory (011) and 3 other colors
★★★★☆ for design, ☆☆☆☆☆ for material choice

Deletta's Chiffon Swing Shirt ($68) is so close to being awesome. The pretty little bows on the front have me aww'ing, the chiffon shoulders have me swooning and the ruched neckline has me sighing happily. So what gives with the crappy material for the rest of the shirt? It feels like it's already been through 40 it was the "after" for the competitor in one of those Tide commercials. Sad, sad state of things if you ask me.

The fit was great in my usual size medium. Flowy but not overly so -- if you want a closer fit you can easily size down. It disturbs me that this material was OK'ed because it really feels cheap. Cheaper than $68, cheaper than $48. Like $9.99 Forever 21 cheap. It's rough and feels like it could break apart at any moment. I hate to see a super cute design wasted with crappy material. No way I'm buying this top. Back to the rack.

Emerald Poppy Blouse ($118) by Left of Center, TTS
style #20222972, ivory (011)

The green beads on the Emerald Poppy Blouse ($118) are fantastic. Love the crawling design on the bottom half of this top. It's made from needlessly sheer silk in a pretty beige color with darker golds and greens in the design. You can already guess what I didn't like about the top. Sheerness. I was also disappointed by how shapelessly thing hung. It will look great under a blazer or belted below a cardigan. But by itself? A little sad.

My usual size medium fit nicely, with some extra room at the sides. I like the double-stitched neckline and sleeve edges. Very pretty in a gold tone. Had this top been lined it would have gotten 4 stars easily. Without it, at over $100 I feel a little silly. Wishlisted for consideration at sale time.

Classic Peasant Henley ($58) by benandlucia, size down
style #20204178, yellow (072) or white (010)

Shiny buttons drew me to the Classic Peasant Henley ($58). The bright yellow color helped too, especially in the darkest corner of the Rockefeller Center store. I love peasant tops but they rarely flatter me. I hoped that the slightly puffy sleeves of this top would somehow help me out. The wonderful cotton used in this top feels fantastic, like the tees I used to snuggle up in as a kid. Whoever the supplier is, Anthro should use them for every cotton top!

I grabbed my true size medium since I was unfamiliar with the brand. I ended up swimming in this top -- size down for sure! I think a small would have worked much better. There are little details on this top that make it interesting. The gathering detail in the front is a bit tricky with my hips. Over crisp white shorts I think we have a weekend winner. Wishlisted for now so I can wait until warmer weather.

Eye Candy: Anthropologie March 2011 Catalogue

A little early this time around, Anthropologie has posted preview pictures from its March 2011 catalogue. Lots of green in the palette this year which makes me so happy! It's one of my favorite colors. Still lots of super-flowy tops which makes me less so. The shots below are beautiful and worth a view for the setting as much as the clothing. I wonder where they shot this one...

Which item is your favorite? What are your thoughts on Anthro's spring line so far? I want to know! And after you've finishing oogling the eye candy, check out my new series which debuted this morning: Building Your Wardrobe.

Other item info to come.

Other item info to come.