Wishlist: January 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!! I hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I'll have my OOTE later today. But first, the wishlist.

Despite not loving the new Anthropologie arrivals, January is my birthday month and I have been steadily building up a wishlist. Right now my main wish is to get one of the online birthday discounts. I'll temporarily uncross my fingers to share some of my other Anthro wants. Opinions welcome -- from my (huge!) list below, any favorites? Suggestions?

Macchiato Jumper ($148), Pom Flower Shift ($158) and Sing Sweetly Party Dress ($148). 
Reviews of all 3 dresses right here.

It goes without saying that any Anthropologie birthday haul should include a dress. Yet my last three years' have not. This year the 3 dresses above are all on the list. I will probably choose one of these to buy. The Macchiato Jumper ($148) is a great winter day-to-night option. I could throw a cardigan over it for work and use a wrap at night. The Pom Flower Shift ($158) is more of a work or event option that I'm sure would get plenty of use at my office. And the Sing Sweetly Party Dress ($148) would be so fun to wear to my birthday party! But I wonder if I'd get much use from it after that. Tough decisions ahead!

Light As Air Pullover ($78, review here), Firewing Blouse ($198, review here), 
and Linnea Blouse ($158, review here).

None of these tops are a necessary addition to my closet. But if I'm splurging I'd like to add one of them. The Light As Air Pullover ($78) is a sweater that I saw on the runways earlier this year and hoped someone would re-create at a lower price point. Anthropologie really knocked it out of the park. I wouldn't wear it to work though which limits the versatility somewhat. Leifsdottir's beautiful Firewing Blouse ($198) is work-friendly and so is the Linnea Blouse ($158), though both seem pretty expensive to me even after 15% off. Maybe I should wait for them to hit sale instead. I've already waited a few months for the Firewing Blouse to get marked down anyway.

Chaperoned Blazer ($198, review here), Engla Trench ($188, review here
and Typhoon Cardigan ($98).

Three different toppers, all for different purposes. I am very sad that both the Chaperoned Blazer ($198) and the Typhoon Cardigan ($98) are sold out in my size online. I'm pretty sure the blazer is still floating around in stores, but I haven't seen the cardigan yet and I want to try it on for size first since the reviews aren't consistent. The cardigan is the deconstructed style that I really love (it reminds me of something by my favorite designer, Helmut Lang). It would be my key city layering piece. On the other hand, the blazer would be great for work and I love the product shot with the Soft Soaring Sweater ($128, review here)...

...so cute, right? It demonstrates a weekend option for the top that I never would have considered. And let's not forget the beautiful Engla Trench ($188) which I honestly wouldn't be able to wear until the weather hits at least 60. Then again, I don't mind waiting.

I am in love, love, love with Faryl Robin's Lace Lover's Booties ($138) -- it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that I'm getting them. But then I saw Lucky Penny's Open Spaces Wedges ($168) in-store, tried them on and liked them quite a bit. Now the decision is less assured. I had to size up one size from a 39 to a 40 in the wedges but man are they ever cute on! Or do I have my Anthro goggles on? It's hard to tell. It would be great to snap up a pair of Chie Miharas with the discount, and the Ribbon Swell Pumps ($398) have been on my wishlist for awhile. Then again, these are on sale at Lord & Taylor right now and I still haven't been able to pull the trigger.

Aspirational items on my list include the Unexplored Pyramids Necklace ($228), a piece beautiful but probably not very practical. The reviews for the Marchioness Necklace ($42) concern me. So maybe it's down to the Chainmail Earrings ($38) in whichever color is available (if any) come the 22nd.

I should probably also remember that I just picked up a bunch of items in the wonderful tag sale. But while delusion has me, there is my long and unrealistic January 2011 wishlist! What's on yours? Or are you just ready for spring designs proper?