Reviews: Eastpointe Garden Top, Springing Season Blouse, A-Bit-Unruly Top, Ibos Tank, Artful Asymmetry Top, Mittaghorn At Midnight Blouse

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A selection of tops meant for warmer weather.

This post could alternately be titled, "meh." Because that is how I'm feeling about Anthropologie's fantastic voyage back into the 70s. Though I am currently digging on classic rock hard (maybe a little too hard) this is not an era I pull fashion inspiration from. So it's very hard for me to get excited about any of these tops. Your mileage may vary of course.

Eastpointe Garden Top ($58) by Odille, TTS
style #20189908, blue motif (049), also in yellow (079)

I love the patterns of both variations of the Eastpointe Garden Top ($58). I chose the blue motif to try on because it felt more winter-appropriate to me. It's great to see a price point below $60 and better still this top is not sheer! Hooray for that! I love tie neck blouses so I was hoping this top would work on me.

One size 6 later, I'm feeling ambivalent. The sleeves on this top are the worst possible cut for my large bust. Small, feathery cuff sleeves just make me look wide. The top also fit surprisingly loose at the sides. I looked like one long flowery log (no doubt helped by my brown Pilcro cords). There's no shape to this top. None! If not for the pattern this top would be boring, which is a shame. The length was good and the neckline wasn't too revealing. However, I did not feel this top flattered me. Back to the rack.

Springing Season Blouse ($68) by Edme & Esyllte, size up
style #20298352, green motif (038), also in blue motif (049)

A psychedelic print of sorts had me more excited about Edme & Esyllte's Springing Season Blouse ($68). A green base will get me every time! The larger flowers meant tailoring would be key to my fit but like the top above this one is more flowy than focused. Le sigh.

I found this top to run small in the chest. My true size 6 was stretching and pulling, so I switched to an 8 for the photos above. That fit better but was still really just a sack of a shirt on me. Again the main issue was the sleeves. The lack of actual sleeve-ness was making me look wider than I am and did nothing to balance my chest. It's frustrating because this is precisely the reason I avoid many other stores. That Anthropologie has fallen into this trap too has me in despair of sorts.

Materialwise, this top is a lovely silk (and dry clean only). Styling this top à la the model shot at the top of the post is one way to save it. But really, for $70 I would like something better than this. Pass.

A-Bit-Unruly Top ($48) by Deletta, size up
style #19878826, neutral motif (015), also in blue motif (049)

Okay, Deletta, what gives? I am usually a small in this brand (sometimes my usual medium) but for the A-Bit-Unruly Top ($48) even a large was too close-fitting. I am sad. This top had so much potential! Cute shoulder rouching. A cool back. A very cool neckline twist. But alas. I look like a sausage stuffed into awning casing. Not exactly the look I am going for. Also, this modal top is sheer. That's the way Deletta is going to play it I guess.

On the plus side, this top looks great from the side view! So all I have to do is shuffle sideways all day like a crab and figure out a way to keep everyone on my periphery. Or, you know, skip this top altogether. I might give an XL a shot on sale. But for now? Complete whiff.

Ibos Tank ($68) by Fei, TTS
style #19970094, green motif (038), also in red motif (069)

I love that Anthropologie has so much green for spring! Fei's Ibos Tank ($68) was available in red motif for a few weeks before this new green version hit the scene. I adore the tribal pattern. It's not overdone and I like that they mixed a more intense shoulder pattern with the quieter body print. You can throw a blazer or cardi over this top easily which I like.

My usual size medium was floaty -- perhaps too floaty, especially around the midsection where it was flying away from my body in all sorts of wrong ways. The top is short too, which Anthro of course cleverly hid with a close-up shot in the catalogue. It has a soft a-line shape to it, meaning it flares out at the hips. Not especially flattering to my shape. I want to like this cute cotton top but I can't quite get my head around it. Pass for now.

Artful Asymmetry Top ($48) by Deletta, TTS
style #19900463, green (030), also in black (001)

I think the pictures pretty well sum up my feelings on this top: not flattering. Deletta's Artful Asymmetry Top ($48) seems to have great user reviews but I am confounded. This top has what seems like random strips of fabric on it. There's the cowlneck, a bottom layer of which seems to wind into a strip that runs down the right side. An inverted pleat on the left side acts like a vent of sorts across the hips in a way that is not very pretty to look at.

I tried on my usual size medium which "fit." It wasn't stretching, it wasn't too loose. It just looked bad on me. I like how the waist nips in but it's too high on me. And I like the green color. Otherwise this top was only on as long as I needed it to take pictures. Done and off. Back to the rack.

Mittaghorn At Midnight Blouse ($98) by Rainn, TTS
 style #20286803, navy (041)

At least I found one top to love. This is Rainn's Mittaghorn At Midnight Blouse ($98, a lovely swiss dot top that comes with a layering tank. Imagine that. The beautiful floral neckline steals the show here, though cute pearlized buttons down the back are a fabulous touch too. The sleeves have four lines of piping down the side to add some additional visual interest. It sounds like a lot but the dark navy color keeps everything understated.

I grabbed a small on the advice of a SA but I should have stuck with my usual size medium. The small was tight across the hips. I sometimes find swiss dot to feel rough and it can dry my hands out. But this silk top is soft and luxurious. It is maybe a little shapeless though I imagine a blazer would look amazing over this. I have many styling ideas already running through my head. The top is hand washable which is a nice feature. Of all the tops I tried I liked this one the most. I hope to see more like this! Wishlisted in a medium.