Anthropologie Blogging Awards Voting

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you to everyone for nominating the bloggers of your choice for The Anthropologie Blogging Awards! We love our Anthro community and have had fun celebrating the bloggers who have helped build it. We hope that many of you have found new, interesting Anthro blogs to read and enjoy.

The Anthropologie Blogging awards nominations are in and we now need your help to vote.

The nominations for the Best Outfit Styling category are...
Infinite Whimsy
Ginger Girl
Anthropologie Girl
Effortless Anthropologie
Girliest Boy Mom
Anthropologie Conoissuer

And the nominations for the Best Feature category are...
Side-by-side reviews/In Pursuit of Pretty Things
Anthro on TV/goldenmeans
100 strangers/In Pursuit of Pretty Things
Weekly Reader Outfits/Anthroholic
Sale Guessing Game/Effortless Anthropologie
The Trade Market/Effortless Anthropologie
Anthro Outfits at Work/anthrosdottir

Please vote for the Blogger who you feel best fits the bill! The polls are running in the blog sidebar now!! Remember to vote for the other four categories on Anthroholic and Anthropologie Girl. Voting will end on Friday, October 1st at 5:30 EST and the winners will be announced on Saturday, October 2nd. Best of luck to our nominees!

Reviews: Daylight Aurora Top, Sweet Biscuit Tee, Gathered Feathers Tee, Look About Blouse, Loosely Looped Tee, College Ruled Top, Button Parade Blouse

Here's a new spin on sheer: a mesh overlayer. This is the Daylight Aurora Top ($78) from Bordeaux. It's comprised of three layers: a basic tee at the bottom, a thick panel of lace emanating from one side, and the aforementioned mesh layer on top which is draped in such a way as to look like claws slashing across my torso. My first thought upon spying the tee? Oooh, pretty!

I tried on a medium. This top is very body-hugging; so much so that I'd like to try a large before committing to a size. Then again that skimming does wonders for your shape and I found the top very flattering. It would look great over a pair of dark jeans and boots. I could wear this top to work with a blazer or cardigan over it. Because the mesh doesn't touch skin the top does not scratch or cause itching. It's very comfortable, though it feels thick on if that makes any sense. You feel the weight of all three layers. It's not heavy but it is enough to notice it's there. More of a fall tee than a summer one.

The cut of the cap sleeve is a bit odd -- they stick out in almost an elfish way. It wasn't overly noticeable on but I would have preferred normal tee sleeves. Oh well. Wishlisted!

If you want a soft tee look no further than Velvet's Sweet Biscuit Tee ($68). This pure cotton tee has heathering throughout and a spill of ruffles along the placket. I was really surprised to see that the website says this top is imported as the brand is normally Made in the USA. Not sure if that's a mistake on the site or if this top was sourced elsewhere; if it's the latter big boo. The top is beige but has flecks of orange within.

I tried on a medium which felt much too small. This top looks nice and long on the dress form -- did my torso suddenly grow 4 inches? The sleeves were also too tight. Some online reviewers have felt this top was itchy. I wonder if that is the grey variation (which looks very purple in real life) as this beige one was soft as the softest jersey. No itch at all. I might have better success sizing up but this top is most likely a pass.

I applaud one.september's efforts to make tees interesting, even as the Gathered Feathers Tee ($78) looked horrible on me. The twisted y running down the front of this tee is awesome! It has little gold beads collected in clusters along the twists. It's subtle since the beads are a copper color against the dark green. I also adore the modern abstract print. Cowlnecks are getting overdone so I wish they'd chosen a different neckline but it's a quibble. I truly wanted to love this shirt.

And love it I did, until I got it on. My reaction turned from love to just, oh. My usual medium accented my hips to a comical degree, throwing my entire body out of proportion. It looks really bad. Since the top is form-fitting a large wouldn't have helped much, so I'm out of luck with this top. If the fit is better on you I recommend it though!

What lumberjacks wear on the weekend? The minimalist's plaid? Gemma's Look About Blouse ($98) has that slouchy style to it that is so popular right now. I think it looks tired personally but the green pulled me into trying this top on.

To my surprise, I really liked the top! I tried on a small which was still comfortably big on me. The top is made of slippery silk and has a pocket on one side. I like the scoop neckline and while oversized the top does not widen. Wear something structured over this (or add a wide belt a la the catalogue shot) and you have a winner. Wishlisted!

With ribbons now passing from haute into faux pas (though they will never escape my personal style), Anthropologie has become creative with its ruffle adornments. Deletta's Loosely Looped Blouse ($58) is a refreshing take, with a look that reminds me of a neck-tie top. They've taken the liberty of spilling the ruffles down one side for us.

I found myself in-between sizes with this top. My usual small was tight across my hips but a medium was very loose in the back. I settled on looser so the photos above are the medium. The color is a nice jewel tone which is rare from Anthro. I could have done without the spandex mixed in with the cotton. I quite like the idea of this top but was underwhelmed with it on. I hate the sleeve length -- what do you call it? 3/5ths? It hits at an awkward point and widens. I would have much preferred a bracelet sleeve on this tee, or alternately no sleeves. This top is pretty, but went back to the rack.

Pure & Good's College Ruled Top ($58) is my idea fall weekend top. It's nice and long -- perfect for wearing over jeans. The stripes vaguely recall nautical while projecting a laid back look. This top was so comfortable on too.

I tried the medium, my usual size. I don't like the v of solid when this top is viewed from the side but otherwise this shirt feels great! It's just the right weight for fall and is begging to be worn under a vest. Wishlisted!

A few years ago, Anthropologie released several sweaters with mismatched buttons of different sizes. At the time they were out of my reach financially and I still pine for them. Isabella Sinclair made me happy by revisiting the style with her Button Parade Blouse ($78). The buttons start large at the bottom and shrink to itty-bitty at the neckline. It's cute! The one negative is that it creates an odd effect visually if you have a larger chest. On me I felt it made me look wide across the chest and thin at the neck.

I tried a medium. It was a bit tight in the sleeves but loose everywhere else. I would stick with the medium though as I don't want to lose my arms through loss of circulation. I kinda need them. I just adore both the warm wine color of the top and the little dots populating the tee. The shoulders have a nice band of ruching. I wish there was some kind of yoke to add shape in the torso. I plan to layer this -- a review set this weekend will illustrate one idea. Wishlisted!

Anthropologie product pages -- now with video!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for something with a little more motion in your Anthropologie product reviews? The brand's embrace of most things social media continues with videos, now appearing on some product pages. (Thanks to everyone in the community who emailed me about this!)

Videos make total sense to me -- who doesn't want to see the way a dress looks in motion, or how boots bend as you walk? Each video is about a minute long and it looks like they were filmed during the October catalogue shoot. I noticed videos on the Refined Cord Shirtdress ($128) page and community members noted them on the Delancey Boots ($288) page as well.

It seems like an experiment for now but I would love to see this on every Anthro product page eventually. I love how stores like Saks Fifth Avenue use product videos -- they show models walking to and fro on a runway, so you can see an item from all angles. Zappos also has spectacular videos for many of their shoes. An employee describes the fit and material of the shoe while reading the product description aloud. They'd already set the bar for product photos and I think they excel in videos as well.

What do you think of the product videos? Are they helpful? Have you seen videos on any other product pages besides the two mentioned above?

Update 1:40 PM - it appears these videos are a test, so some site visitors are seeing them while others are not. If you are not seeing them, try clearing your cookies or visiting Anthro's site from a different browser.

Reviews: Ruffled Plaid Dress, Yukata Dress, Soma Cubes Dress, Perthshire Dress, Harbingers of Fall Dress, Snowy Egret Shift, Learning Curve Dress

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been a game of fit with Anthropologie's dresses lately. I am not sure if their style is changing, if my style is changing or if it's all just a figment of my imagination but I am no longer the consistent 6 I used to be. These days I'm floating anywhere between a 6 and a 12 in Anthro's dresses and it's highly annoying. My main suspect? The diverse production houses Anthropologie is using. Fit is less consistent because so many different factories touch the product. Of course that diversity has its advantages too, namely that Anthro is protecting itself (and us) from price spikes. I just wish their quality assurance process was stepped up a bit.

Let me just come out and say it: yuck. That is what I said once I had the Ruffled Plaid Dress ($158). I was not impressed by the stiff fabric. The flower was very cute though and I did like the ruffled waves across the bodice portion.

The fitting room attendant warned me that others were complaining about the wonky fit and she was right on. I tried on an 8 which was pretty loose on top and miserable on the bottom. There was all kinds of stretching and the diagonal pattern of the skirt was not helping. A 10 would have been unworkable on top while the 8 was unworkable on the bottom, so this was a pass for me. Also worth noting? The belt just barely had a hole tight enough for my waist. Blargh.

Looking for a more laid back party dress? Try Twinkle by Wenlan's Yukata Dress ($298). When I saw this dress there was slim pickings on the rack so I grabbed an 8, which turned out to be a size too big. I'd buy this dress in a 6. I loved the textured silk skirt and the flowy cut of the top. There was sheerness to the top (of course, sigh) but luckily I was wearing a white tank top that day. The obi sash and beautiful and significant, just as I'd want.

The product shot at the top of this post beautifully displays the split sleeves. The details on this dress are beautiful and make it truly special. It even has pockets! The dress is a true winner in my book. Wishlisted in a 6!

I can always count on Anna Sui to come through with a beautiful, well-made piece. The Soma Cubes Dress ($288) is no exception. The beautiful top has a modern print contrasted with a classic cut, while the skirt has a subtle diamond print that almost looked leopard to me.

Better yet, the cut of this dress will be universally flattering. See that, Anthro? Universally flattering! Like all of your dresses once were. The waist of the dress sat higher on me than in the product shot but I found it worked well anyway. The kick pleats of the skirt give some added visual interest. My usual size 6 was comfortable if not a bit loose. I would stick with it to buy. Wishlisted!!

The Perthshire Dress ($168) is just the kind of dress I loved in my mid-to-late teens. Tartan plaid with a bit of a punk twist. I gave this dress a whirl for old times' sake. The rayon mix makes the wool less scratchy and the seams are sewn nicely in this dress. Nothing too messy on the inside or the outside.

Edme & Esyllte has been running small for me recently, but my normal size 6 was fine in this dress. I got a kick out of the asymmetric cut up top and the tucked contrast pleats in the skirt. I chose to tie the sash in back while trying the dress on but would move the tie around front as the product shot shows for real-life wear. My only concern is whether this dress is too young for my lifestyle but I do love it. Call me a sucker for nostalgia. Wishlisted!

Tabitha's Harbingers of Fall Dress ($158) was yet another of the brand's beautiful ensemble dresses that fit like crap on me. The top? Perfect in my usual size. The bottom? Required sizing up 2-3 sizes, making the top way too loose. Not cool.

I sized up to a 10 for the shots above and as you can see there were still some wonky fit issues with the skirt. If I sound upset it's because I am! I quite enjoyed the look of this dress and I'm highly annoyed that the fit was so off for me. The dress seems to be cut for straighter shapes. Which I am not. Pass.

Floreat's Snowy Egret Shift ($168) was on the top of my wishlist. My favorite part? The pink obi sash! I was wondering how this dress would look for work, but after trying it I think it's really more of a party dress.

I tried on an 8 which was loose on top and tight across my hips. This is me waving my white flag. I give up! It was workable though so I'd say the curvy should size up one size while the straighter among us are fine in their usual size. I like the straight boatneck neckline. My one reservation is the print. One of my friends said it reminded him of the art at a fancy restaurant and that was it for me. Now I want dumplings every time I look at the dress! Wishlisted anyway.

For a dress checking in at nearly $250, I was expecting so much more from Eva Franco's Learning Curve Dress ($248). This dress is downright Seussian in real life! Could I wear this dress to work? Could I wear it while reading a book? Would this dress get me by the hook? Let us take a closer look.

I tried on a 10 for these shots. I was hoping for some magical Jackie O. vibes from this dress but instead I was reminded of that one Project Runway challenge where they had to make garden party dresses out of so much floral stuff. The dress was stiff and silly with a poor fit. It started with the bow, which is fluffed to ridiculous proportions in real life. It would take some work to get it to sit down like it does in the model shot.

That would be forgivable if the cut itself was a bit more forgiving. But like the Fine Line Skirt or the Higgledy-Piggledy Pencil Skirt ($148, review here) before it I found the skirt was cut very tight. Strangely it wasn't so much the dress itself as the inner lining, which twisted and contorted itself around me as I pulled the dress on. You shouldn't have to fight with a dress to put it on! I was highly disappointed by this dress, enough to make it a pass.

Playing the Sale guessing game

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Anthropologie back to every other week markdowns? Or will they continue their summer trend of markdowns every week? We'll find out tonight! My list is below, and if I may say so I did pretty well guessing last week! Kim from Anthroholic will be scoping out the scene and be sure to come back here for the full list once the sale items appear on Anthro's website.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? If you see an item on sale today please let us know so I can update the list.

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Blacklight Blouse ($78)
Blushing Avian Blouse ($98)
Both Worlds Jumper ($248)
Bretonnes Blouse ($68)
Button Loop Skirt ($88)
Cascading Bow Dress ($118)
Casino Nights Blouse ($98)
Count The Waves Dress ($148)
Folded Mementos Tee ($58)
Foremost Dress ($118)
Insouciant Tank ($58)
Jasmine Top ($188)
June, July, August Dress ($148)
Kinship Blouse ($68)
Mullany Dress ($258)
Plumada Blouse ($228)
Two Worlds Tee ($78)
Vestiges Dress ($148)
Walkway Dress ($158)
Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($78)
Caballo Falls Dress ($168)
In the City Dress ($128)
Molded & Melded Tee ($48)
Traced Twirls Dress ($158)
Whitecaps Blouse ($68)

Anthropologie, are you taunting us?
Falling Strands Blouse ($228)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Breezy Ride/Polkas Cardigan ($98)
Forgotten Pond Tank ($98)
Raining, Pouring Blouse ($98)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
Stucco Sequin Tank ($128)

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Introducing the Anthropologie Blogger Awards!

Have you ever read a blog post so unique or interesting or beautiful that you thought "this should receive an award?" Well our Anthropologie Blogging Community now has the opportunity. Introducing the Anthropologie Awards!

Kim from Anthroholic, Roxy from Effortless Anthropologie and Ashley from Anthropologie Girl have collaborated to host the Anthropologie Awards.

To join with us in celebrating Anthropologie Bloggers (i.e. any blogger who consistently wears/mentions/styles Anthropologie), please nominate the blogger who you think best fits the below categories:

Best Feature - (a continuous feature)
Best Outfit Stylings - (stylings from reader's requests)

To view all 6 categories and nominate the blogger of your choice, please also visit Anthroholic and Anthropologie Girl.

To nominate a blogger, please put the category name and the blogger's name in the comment section by Tuesday September 28, 2010 at 5pm EST. The top 5 nominated bloggers from each category will be tallied up for voting on Wednesday September 29, 2010.

Let the nominating begin!

Eye Candy: October catalogue preview

While not all the new arrivals on Anthropologie's website are actually new this morning, the catalogue shots that have joined the items are fresh eye candy. The shots are as beautiful as ever though some have the product so deep that I'm squinting to see what it actually is. My favorites from this round are the Snowy Egret Shift ($168) which I'll have a review of later this week and the Volante Tee ($58) which I've not seen yet. Which pieces caught your eye?

The Trade Market: Looking to Buy

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for buying only -- there is a separate selling/trade post below.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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The Trade Market: Looking to Sell/Trade

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for selling/trading -- there is a separate buying post above.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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The weekend in-store community post

Friday, September 24, 2010

Note: I will continue running new posts over the weekend below this one.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?
It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by either clicking the small RSS icon at the top right of the comments section or by selecting either subscribe to "all new comments" or "replies" in the comment box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?
I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap
Ways to find hidden inventory on Anthro's site
How do I find reviews for x item?
Ways to find style numbers on Anthro's site for sold-out items (it's right below the Lilac Ombre Heels photo)

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Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

On the left dress form: Soma Cube Dress ($288) & Tulip Curtsy Blazer ($118).
On the center dress form: Slouchy Tee ($68) under Outdoor Cafe Cardigan ($98)
with Daughters of the Liberation Denim ($118), Bow and Angle Belt ($32)
and Pessinus Garden Necklace.
On the right dress form: Silken Stitches Dress ($168) with Twined Hive Necklace ($38).

Time for some Friday morning eye candy! It's been a busy week that truly flew by. Lame as this may sound I'm thrilled to have new TV show episodes back...every night different groups of friends and I have been testing the waters for new shows (and welcoming back our favorites...Castle, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural). When your friends are recappers it gets to be hilarious. Plus it means fall is here and I can't wait for the leaves to turn! This week's outfits feel like premieres for fall, with their darker colors and warmer layers. The air feels crisper already. If you have a picture to include in one of the eye candy posts please email me. I will be adding these to my store inspiration album on Facebook.

On the left dress form: Eze Sur Mer Top ($48) with Linville Falls Skirt ($88),
Hi-Lo-Hi Belt ($24) and Toy Soldiers Scarf ($58).
On the right dress form: Rutledge Sweater Coat ($178)
and Pilcro Cohort Corduroys ($88).

In this outfit: Geometer Tunic ($98) under Boucle De Souffle Jacket ($128)
with Sweet Sipping Trousers ($118). Adorned with ??? necklace.

In this outfit: Mullany Dress ($258) with Manor House Ball Necklace ($48)
and Around Again Belt (now $20).

In this outfit: Thatcher Jacket (now $70) with J Brand Houlihan Cargos ($230).

Guest post: Anthropologie's Cambridge Debut by Lola

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's always exciting when a new Anthropologie store opens! I love seeing how each store is decorated and what the dress forms are wearing. Recently Lola had a chance to visit one of Anthro's newest B&Ms (brick & mortar) in Cambridge, MA. Below is her report, complete with drool-worthy pictures. Get ready to be amazed by the Octopus photo below. (And kudos to the team that created it!!) Interested in writing a guest post? Email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the report...

A brand-new Anthropologie store opened last month in Cambridge, MA. For those who are unfamiliar with the Boston area, Cambridge is a city that is located across the Charles River from Boston (most non-locals think of Cambridge as a neighborhood in Boston). It is most well-known for being home to Harvard University and MIT.

The new Anthropologie store is located inside of the former Design Research headquarters, a large floor-to-ceiling glass building that earned architect Benjamin Thompson the prestigious Twenty-Five Year award from the American Institute of Architects. The building was designed to 'turn the entire store into a display case, bringing the shop out into the street.' It definitely accomplished this goal -- while I was taking pictures of the exterior of the building, most of the pedestrians walking past it were turning their heads to examine the window displays.

The space is fitting for Anthropologie not only because of its beautiful display capabilities, but also because of its storied history. Design Research was created under the premise that 'good design should be accessible to everyone.' Design Research was significant because it brought upholstery and furniture created by high-end designers like Marimekko and Charles and Ray Eames to a broader range of people, much as Anthropologie has provided us with access to affordable designs by Anna Sui, Ruffian and, of course, Marimekko.

The Cambridge store has five stories (although only one of them takes up the full length of the store).

One of the rooms seems to have a Harvard/MIT theme. In addition to being painted crimson (Harvard's color) and having various pennants on the wall, I found an abacus hiding among the sweaters and several bins of No. 2 pencils attached to a skirt rack.

The entire store has a nautical theme. The sail on this two-story boat was made with Marimekko fabric, in homage to the store's former use as the Design Research headquarters.

Other little touches of Boston culture could be seen in the seafood-themed displays. The adorable seafood critters were made from fabric scraps and assorted buttons!

The dressing rooms at the Cambridge store are some of the nicest that I've seen. The wood-paneled wall contains a coat hook, a shelf (for items without hangers) and a large rack for items with hangers. Each room also contains an adorable three-legged stool with mismatched legs.

The only disappointing part about the Cambridge store is that the sale section is difficult to find (it's on the top floor in a tiny, windowless room that is easy to miss). I'm hoping that the sale section will expand as the store starts to amass a larger collection of 'old' items that it needs to get rid of!

Guest post: Reviews by Kathleen

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please join me in welcoming back Kathleen from Princess of Taylor! She has some guest reviews for the community. I love getting different perspectives on items and I always love reading Kathleen's reviews. After you read them, head on over to her blog to say hello. Kathleen is getting close to the 200 follower mark! Interested in writing a guest post? Email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the reviews...

Thanks to roxy for a chance to write another guest post! Again, I'm 5'8" and typically wear a Medium/8-10 on top and a Large/12-14 on bottom.

Coin Purse Cardigan, size Large ($178)

I was intrigued by this cardigan the second it appeared online so I was excited to see it in my store. First off, there's a reason why this is the coin purse cardigan: there are two pockets on the front that have coin purse snaps to keep them shut. How adorable! The cardigan itself is expensive. I did a double-take when I saw the price. Yikes! At full price, I could never justify this. I sized up to a Large because the knit seemed a bit clingy and that turned out to be a wise decision. Unfortunately the buttons still pulled a bit even though there was plenty of room in the cardigan. I hate that! Also I was lazy and didn't have a tank in the fitting room with me so I'm not wearing anything underneath this sweater. I'd recommend adding an undergarment if you plan on wearing this one in public. I liked it a lot, but I'd need two or three markdowns before my bank account would agree to it.

Set the Course Cardi, size Medium (now $50, roxy's review here)

I stared at this sweater for a good minute before I added it to my pile of things to try on. Why? I swore that I already own it: it's such a Kathleen sweater. Purple. Check. Ruffles. Yup. V-neck. Really, I don't own this? Nope, I don't. Once on, I liked it (obviously), but the sleeves felt a little short. That's something that really drives me crazy so it's a deal breaker for me. I do have really long arms though so you non-ape-like ladies should be fine!

Norwegian Woods Skirt, size 12 ($88, roxy's review here)

The pattern of this skirt has been the deterring factor whenever I look at it online. It just strikes me as awfully precious, what with the floral and the lacing. I didn't have high hopes. Then my mother bought it and couldn't stop singing it's praises so I figured I'd try it on. The fit of this skirt is great. It fit absolutely perfectly and was comfortable. The material is heavier than I expected and as I was in the fitting room, I had visions of wearing this skirt with tights and a brown boot. Too cute! I carried it around with me then put it back thinking I'd stalk it to sale. Now I see size 12 is sold out online so I might have to go back to my store and snatch it up. To be continued...

Dwarf Quince Cardigan, size Medium ($98, roxy's review here)

Yes, I'm seriously the last blogger in the world to try on this cardigan, but I really don't remember ever seeing it in my store before (in either the red or the blue version). Since buying my Ambrosial Cardigan this summer, I have a new found interest in cardigans this length (meaning: they sometimes don't look horrible on me). This cardigan is the Ambrosial's twin: same length, same sleeves, same twisted band in the back, same love from me! The fit is great and I'm crazy about this blue. As an added bonus, there are little gold glitters on this cardigan. Too cute! This one has been out forever without going on sale - I don't know if I'll be able to hold out much longer though because it's pretty awesome!

Come visit my blog Princess of Taylor to read the rest of my reviews from this past weekend!