Playing the Sale guessing game

Monday, August 30, 2010

After last week's small but exciting group of markdowns, I am firmly hoping for shoes & accessories to join the party this week. Gentle Loop Necklace ($168)? Gentle Loop Necklace. Gentle Loop Necklace. I think Anthro is cackling somewhere. Kim from Anthroholic will be scoping out the scene and be sure to come back here for the full list once the sale items appear on Anthro's website.

This post is no guarantee that any of these items will actually be on sale come tomorrow. What are you hoping to see? What do you think will/won't go on sale? If you see an item on sale today please let us know so I can update the list.

About due for a shuffle to sale.
Both Worlds Jumper ($248)
Button Loop Skirt ($88)
Comet's Trail Tank ($58)
Count The Waves Dress ($148)
Country Quarters Tank ($78)
Dreamy Drape Dress ($158)
Graces Tank ($48)
In the City Dress ($128)
Insouciant Tank ($58)
Jasmine Top ($188)
Licorice Lanes Skirt ($78)
Magnifying Glass Dress ($138)
Mighty Adornment Tee ($68)
Picnic In The Park Dress ($128)
Poured Paint Tank ($68)
Proscenium Cardigan ($68)
Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan ($98)
Secret Treasure Dress ($118)
Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress ($168)
Tail Feather Vest ($98)
Whirl & Wind Cardigan ($88)

Second wave colors are disrupting my sale dance.
Buoyant Bunches Cardi ($78)
Breezy Ride Cardigan ($98)
Caballo Falls Dress ($168)
Molded & Melded Tee ($48)
Traced Twirls Dress ($158)

Anthropologie, are you taunting us?
Blushing Bouquet Cardigan ($88)
Falling Strands Blouse ($228)
Eyeleted Islands Dress ($158)
Two-Wheeler Shirtdress ($128)

Doing the sale dance for these.
Alma Shirt ($98)
Chromatic Canvas Shirtdress ($148)
Dagmar Shirtdress ($148)
Ellsworth Blouse ($118)

Dear Anthropologie, my budget requires that the following go on sale.
There-She-Goes Vest ($68)
Lost in Time Skirt ($118)

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Another chance to win $1,000 from Polyvore!

Powered by Polyvore for roxyturtle

Still itching for a chance to win $1,000 from Polyvore? Me too! You can read full contest details in this post, but here's the topline summary. At the top of this post is a Mini Editor I created in Polyvore. Along the bottom is a sidescroll of 100 different items to make outfits from. Just click and drag the item you want to use into the main box of the Mini Editor. When you're satisfied with your outfit, click the Publish button, and you're done! Not a member of Polyvore? You can sign up here (it's free).

You get one entry for each outfit you create in my Mini Editor above. If Effortless Anthropologie is chosen as the contest winner by Polyvore, one lucky reader and I will each win a $1,000 Visa gift card! Official contest rules can be found here.

Major kudos are due to the community -- after less than a week we've maxed out the first Mini Editor! I rolled up my sleeves late last night to create a new batch of items to choose from. This new editor includes a bunch of the new fall items released last week. You can plan out the outfit you'd buy if you win or just help the community stay on top of Polyvore's leaderboard. It's addictive, isn't it?

What would you get with $1,000? I'd put part towards the contest fund. Then I'd splurge on something. Perhaps these lovely Chie Miharas? Or maybe this Rag and Bone jacket I can't stop staring at? I might be wishing away for the future, but there's no time like the present to make a set!

The Trade Market: Looking to Buy

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for buying only -- there is a separate selling/trade post below.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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The Trade Market: Looking to Sell/Trade

Welcome to the Trade Market! This is Effortless Anthropologie's buy/sell/trade posting. You are welcome to create classified-style listings in the comments or link to an outside auction service. Please note that resellers are not permitted. Please note this post is for selling/trading -- there is a separate buying post above.

All transactions listed within are conducted independently of this blog and as such I have zero involvement. If you have a positive experience you're welcome to leave a comment stating such. If you have a negative experience please send me feedback directly via email to snapsparkchik (at) Please make sure to read The Trade Market Guidelines before posting. You can also view past Trade Market posts by clicking on the "trade market" button in the sidebar. Cheers to a wonderful community!

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The weekend in-store community post

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Note: I will continue running new posts over the weekend below this one.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

Some FAQs....
- What does "sub" mean?
It means that people are subscribing to the comment thread. You can do this by either clicking the small RSS icon at the top right of the comments section or by selecting either subscribe to "all new comments" or "replies" in the comment box in the comment form.
- Someone in the comments said they wanted to buy an item from me, but it's been x hours and I haven't heard squat. What should I do?
I give people 24 hours for the benefit of the doubt. After that move on to the next person that contacted you.
- Someone said they returned an item at the store 20 minutes ago but I just called the store and it's gone. What gives?!?
A store associate might have taken a fancy to it or a customer might have grabbed it. Maybe it's just at the bottom of a big ol'pile. Unfortunately, you're out of luck.

Recommended reading:
Gigi's tips for a successful swap
Ways to find hidden inventory on Anthro's site
How do I find reviews for x item?
Ways to find style numbers on Anthro's site for sold-out items (it's right below the Lilac Ombre Heels photo)

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Reviews: Anna Sui Dress, Tweedy Leaves Dress, Fukuoka Folds Dress, Dried Leaves Dress

Dress time!

This Anna Sui dress is not online yet. It's the first thing that grabbed me during my latest store cruise. I love the bold print although the spades are...interestingly placed. It looks like the dress has a face on the front of it. (That's my Rorschach thought of the day.) The price is $198 and the SKU is 18768507. Update: It's online now and is called the Paisley Pixie Dress ($198).

I tried on my usual size 6. I am often able to go down to a 4 in Anna Sui's Anthropologie dresses but in this case the pattern looked better in my normal size. I am not really in love with the collar on this dress as I think it lends a bit of a muumuu effect. But I love the dress itself. I found it very comfortable to wear. It's cut straight and yes a bit shapeless but the right overlayer will create the shape you need. With a cute black jacket over it and a long statement necklace this dress is party or event-ready. Will be wishlisted once it's online!

I guess Tabitha is going to keep releasing this same ensemble dress in as many different combinations as Anthropologie has fabric. I'm cool with it. This time around it's called the Tweedy Leaves Dress ($158). The new twist is that the skirt on this version is in fact tweed and they've traded in the front cargo pockets of previous version in favor of side slant pockets. I approve of this move. Previously the skirt portion has been cut very straight but this time around there's a touch of pouf which made the overall fit better on me.

I sized up to an 8 here and was pleased with the results. Anthro reports this dress is 37" long. No way. Or I'm getting taller. It's 34" max. I inspected the top to skirt stitching very carefully because there are many reports of this dress style separating! The stitching wasn't fantastic (it was really messy on the dress I tried) but it will hold up. I love the print on the top of this dress. Not really loving the side view though -- what's up with that skirt? Still, I think this is my favorite of all the versions so far. Wishlisted, but waiting for sale.

Deletta gives dresses another shot with its Fukuoka Folds Dress ($138). It's very tempting to cut & paste Kathryn's review here as she nailed some of the points I wanted to hit. I should point out that I was wearing a terrible bra for this dress when I tried it so while the medium is pulling across the chest here once I put on a different bra at home it was fine.

I have been searching for a dress to pair with my Elodie Lily Cardigan and this one fits the bill well. (My Oratory Dress does too.) The high neckline is fantastic. Strapless without really feeling that way. The material is cotton with a hint of stretch -- not quite enough stretch though. I am usually a small or an x-small in Deletta's dresses but the chest on this one is cut so tightly that my normal size medium was best. There is a thick band that starts at the side of the bodice and meets in an origami style in the back of the dress. It's cool looking but adds some bulk to the dress. When I first put on my cardigan over it at home it looked like I was wearing some kind of back flaps. I pressed them down with a cool iron and that seemed to fix the issue. I couldn't resist buying this dress.

Girls From Savoy gives pretty necklines a try with the Dried Leaves Dress ($158). I'm surprised to see such a wintry dress in August. It seems...odd. The boiled wool material is nice and thick without being scratchy.

I tried on my usual size medium which fit comfortably. The piping down the front helps to slim and the pullover styling is a quirky touch. The leaves are cute but I feel that it makes this dress seem juvenile. The style of the leaves is not as sophisticated as what we've seen on the Felted Lei Cardigan or the Starflower Cardigan in the past. My biggest issue here is the price. It's a boiled wool shift with felt leaves on it. I was guesstimating this dress at $98. I was rather shocked to see the real price. For now a definite pass.

An interview and a contest reminder!

Friday, August 27, 2010

As you know from earlier this week, Polyvore is running a contest for their new Mini Editor. A blogger plus one lucky reader from that blog will each win $1,000! Needless to say I'm very excited that Effortless Anthropologie was selected to participate in this contest. Earlier this week I sat down for a quick interview with Polyvore which they've posted on their blog.

I want to thank everyone who has made outfits so far!! The more outfits we make the better our chance of winning and your outpouring of support has EA near the top of the leaderboard. If EA wins the winner will be chosen from my Mini Editor outfit pool. If you haven't made an outfit yet I highly encourage you to. I picked 100 of Anthro's fall items so there are 10,000 possible combinations if I'm doing my math correctly (and I'm probably not; I'm a writer who's forgotten all my math and some of my grammar). You can participate to enter here.

Coming up this weekend: more reviews!

Eye Candy: Store Inspiration

Last weekend I made a complete sweep of all 4 NYC Anthros. I love seeing the dress forms at each store -- the stylists here are so talented and they each put their own unique spin on their outfits. 15th St between 9th Ave and 5th Ave is becoming a well-worn path for me. This week also includes two shots from Debbie of Dark Horse. Thank you Debbie!! If you have a picture to include in one of the eye candy posts please email me. I will be adding these to my store inspiration album on Facebook. One other quick note -- the September catalogue is now online!

On the left dress form: Headwaters Tee ($58) with Lincolnshire Skirt ($168)
and Ganymede & Io Necklace ($168).
On the right dress form: Cavorting Flora Blouse ($98) with
Slow Gait Cargo Cords ($118) and
Biloba Necklace ($48).

On the left dress form: Flowing Tiers Tank (now $40)
over Joe's Jenny Honey (no longer online) with Paisley Rebirth Necklace ($80).
On the right dress form: Clusters of Light Tank ($118)
with Steamer Trunk Skirt ($98).

On the left dress form: Purrfect Posy Cardigan ($118) over Rational Ruffles Tee ($58)
Marston Sweater Skirt ($98). With Old Clem's Peep Toes ($168).
On the center dress form:
Wardrobe Staple Cardigan ($98) over Dearie Blouse ($148)
Pilcro Cohort Corduroys ($88). With Anticipation Heels ($142).
On the right dress form: Hasbrouck Button-Up ($88) with
Chimney Sweep Trousers ($118),
Nuna Necklace ($298) and
Waving Grains Pumps ($148).

In this outfit: Pick A Bunch Cardi ($128) over Diamante Blouse ($198)
Steamer Trunk Skirt ($98) with Fastened and Knotted Belt ($32).

In this outfit: River Delta Shift ($58) over March-To-May Leggings ($25)
with Lap Around Belt (now $34).

Reviews: Knits, Button-Ups and Tank Tops

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've been talking about this top for awhile on Twitter, so this review is way past due. Much as I liked the Curated Tee (now $30) the stripes weren't quite working for me (and neither was the solid version). This new version? Perfect. It's Little Yellow Button Muted Lavender Top ($58) which I tried on in my usual size medium.

The medium fit well. The material is the same cotton/modal mix as the Curated Tee and this top has the same three buttons leading to each shoulder. I adore the length. I wore this over a pencil skirt to work last week and it drew lots of compliments. It's the pattern that makes this top work for me.

High necklines can be a little prim so I usually avoid them. And it's hard to balance them against a larger chest. With this top it worked. The sleeves are long enough and the ruching detail strikes the right balance against the boat neckline. It's perfect for pairing with a long necklace, like the Sun Seeker Necklace ($38) which is suddenly back in stores after a months-long absence. (You can see it in this post on the first dress form.) I obviously bought this top home with me. Look for it in my next OOTD set.

I love long layering tanks. Wear them over leggings with a cardigan on top and it's instant outfit. Left of Center's First Light Tank ($88) had an intriguing pattern that reeled me in. I grabbed my usual size medium to try on. And it was huge on me! I tipped myself back for the second shot so you could see how much extra material there was. I don't think a small would work either -- I'd head straight for the x-small in this one. The top is meant to be loose and flowy but the medium was too much.

One thing I loved about this top is that it's made in Italy. Not as nice as being made in the USA but highly preferable to China. The front pattern is a silk panel which leaves this top as dry clean only. I love the idea of this top and on sale I could make the x-small work. Wishlisted!

The warm blue color of Odille's Hasbrouck Button-Up ($88) called to me from the rack. I grabbed an 8 (one size up from normal) to try on. I did this because often Odille's button-downs will pull in my usual size, though in this case the 8 was looser than I'd like. I'd buy this in my normal size 6.

This shirt has a menswear feel to it with two large front pockets and a straight construction. Odille usually tailors its blouses expertly so I was surprised that there are no nips or darts on this one to add those feminine touches I like. Still, the product page suggests wearing this top over skinnies or under a cardigan and I can't disagree with either suggestion. To lighten the heaviness up I'd wear a lacy camisole underneath and a delicate necklace. Wishlisted!

Saivana has sequins down. Every one of their tops at Anthro seems to have them! I'm not complaining though, especially when the result is as nice as the Stucco Sequin Tank ($128). This top looked great paired with the Marston Sweater Skirt ($98, review here) and the Pick A Bunch Cardi ($128, review here). I wouldn't pair it with the wrinkly wrinkled skirt normally but for a fitting room shot it was helpful for showing the shirt tucked in.

The tank has a henleyesque front button set and is a racerback. The sequins are visible but not so sparkly or bright as to be annoying. There are also lots of fabric and embroidery squiggles that were already fuzzing on some of the shirts. Be sure to inspect yours closely. My one annoyance? In the back, the top portion of the shoulders is sheer. Of course. Because this wouldn't be an Anthro top unless it was sheer. Grumble. Wishlisted, but waiting for sale.

The skirt is the Circle The Globe Skirt (now $40, review here) by the way. And I still think it was a wrinkled mess in-store.

The Marching Annuals Blouse ($98) from Odille just appeared online yesterday, but I'd tried it on almost a week ago now. The site says this top is by Fei but it's wrong. The blouse's name was very confusing to me at first because this top looked like a reptile print to me. But now I see that if you look closely it's actually lines of bulbs and flowers marching up and down this top. Interesting.

I love everything above the hips on this blouse. I sized up to an 8 because the buttons in the 6 were pulling. The photos above are the 8. I love the nipped waist and the large fluttery sleeves. But the length was off on this top. I have this problem a lot with Odille's blouses -- it's just too short. So the hip proportions are off and as a result the top makes me look wide. Not really the look I'm going for. Materialwise the silk feels fantastic so if this one had been long enough it would have been a winner. Instead it was back to the rack.

This top looks excellent under the Rushcliffe Cardigan ($148), which I will have a review of this weekend.

Admittedly, trying the Perennial Plot Shirt ($58) from Deletta over a skirt probably wasn't the best idea but I had no pants available to me at the time. I am normally a small in Deletta but this top looked form-fitting so I grabbed my true size medium instead. That was the right call as the medium fit comfortably.

The site calls this color pink but I felt it had more buttery brown undertones than pink ones. This top has clusters of flowers at the neckline and at one side of the waist. The result is supposed to be very flattering but because of my hips it wasn't quite working. My shoulders and my hips are equal width but the length of this top was making my hips look much bigger. If I wore a sleek cardigan over this top it would balance everything much better, so it still has potential to me. Besides, I'm loathe to complain about a tunic. I'd rather have a top be too long than too short.

Deletta made this top from slubby cotton that is heavily heathered. If you wear a dark color underneath it will show through as the Made To Measure Skirt ($138, review here) did on me. I liked this shirt enough to wishlist it.

The same cannot be said for Deletta's Hidden Valley Top ($58) which I tried in my usual size small. Holy fit issues Batman. The thicker straps and Grecian style were promising to me but the execution is way off here. There was so much extra fabric below my chest, and the lining wasn't long enough to lay below the entire top. The mesh overlay meets v-style in the back but it wasn't sitting right so I looked dumpy from both the front and the back. I have no idea what happened here but something was lost in translation. Back to the rack.

I kept missing the Mirror, Mirror Tank ($58) in-store but finally last week I found Little Yellow Button's cute top. I chose my usual size medium to try. I love the mirror pattern and the ruffled tuxedo front is a great touch. I also like the side tabs, which made my silhouette view look great. It keeps the back from floating away from the body, streamlining the look.

Still, I wasn't swooning the way I'd expected. From the front the view wasn't as slimming as I'd hoped. I can see how this top would well as a layering piece. But at this point I have many layering pieces in my closet. It's summer tops I'm still running low on. This one doesn't quite fit the bill. Wishlisted for further consideration at sale time.

Ce n'est pas mon cœur upon the Wee Hours Blouse ($88) from Odille, but it sure looks like it. I thought this top looked like of three things: the outfit a classical musician wears on-stage, the catering uniform at an upscale hotel or the top an ironic rocker wears for a gig. I love it. I had high hopes for this top.

I sized up to an 8 which fit fine. But once again the length was off. I need another two inches here to make the waist sit at my actual waist and so the flutter bottom isn't floating above my hips oddly. The cap sleeves also felt small to me -- it looks like I shrank this top in the wash! Not cool. The delicate touches are there; I love the lace neckline and trim on the sleeves. The tuxedo striped front is great. It is sheer from the side for some odd reason but I could look past that with a black bra and a cami. Really the length is the only thing keeping me from truly loving this shirt. You're breaking my heart Anthro.

It took me several tries before I could actually take fitting room photos of We Love Vera's Puckered Hydrangea Blouse ($78). Why? Because it's sheer! At this time of year if I am wearing a cami it's white, and a white cami showed through this top ridiculously. I finally remembered to bring along a black one so I could snap photos. Sheer sucks. The top patterned ruffle is tri-tiered while the rest of the appliques are single layered. The cotton-silk mix is airy for this seasonally transitional top.

This blouse ran small so I had to size up two sizes from normal to a 10. In We Love Vera I'm usually an 8 in blouses so it was one more size up in the brand. The name of this blouse comes from puckers along the torso which pull each side to accent your shape. If I were less curvy I'd love that effect! But on me it was constricting. And while the 10 was just making it over my chest the neckline was huge. This top just isn't going to work for me. I like the pattern a lot but can't wear it. Pass.

Reviews: Lincolnshire Skirt, Stable Skirt, Made to Measure Skirt, Paisley Paths Skirt, White Noise Skirt & a few tops

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Between Eva Franco and Cartonnier Anthropologie is brimming with beautiful fall skirts. I'd mostly associated Cartonnier with blazers, but this year they're trying to corner the market on skirts at Anthropologie. I recently tried the Finishing School Skirt ($78, review here) and finally caved on the Acting Out Skirt ($88, review here). This review set has two more skirts from the brand, including one that is wasn't online until this morning. I don't know why it took so long but I had a sad. If this is a game Anthro is playing I'm not liking it. I want to call time out.

Before we get to Cartonnier, the first skirt I tried was the Lincolnshire Skirt ($168) from Eva Franco. The price induced a bit of sticker shock. Once I'd recovered from the price I was left admiring this beautiful skirt. It's a thin wool/acrylic mix with a dark brown lining. The real star is the large ruffle down the front. It's a detail you'll either love or hate and I loved it!

The warm taupe color of the skirt combined with the rich florals make this skirt a true fall piece. I had visions of Thanksgiving in my head while trying the skirt on. (Anthro totally missed out on calling this the Cornucopia Skirt.) I love the back vent -- it allows you to take longer strides but isn't open to the world. Nice touch.

I have had sizing issues with Eva Franco this year. When I tried the Fine Line Skirt ($148, review here) I was left feeling sulky after not being able to fit into an 8 or a 10 and not feeling great in the 12. I usually size down in Eva Franco and with the Lincolnshire Skirt it was back to normal. I sized down to a 6 for the right fit. How annoying though. Should I really be that far apart in sizing in the same brand?!? It makes no sense. I've wishlisted this skirt; waiting for sale.

The top I tried with the skirt is C. Keer's Tatting Tank ($58). I loved the lace neckline and shoulders on this top. And at least Anthro is being honest here -- they disclose that the top is sheer right in their product description. It makes me feel an eensie bit better about the sheerness. I just happened to be wearing a white cami that day which is underneath the top in the shot above.

I went for my usual size medium which was a bit loose everywhere. But C. Keer's smalls have been too close-fitting on me lately so I'd stick with my normal size medium. The main part of the shirt is a heathered cotton which feels light and airy. I think it worked well tucked into the skirt and it would also make a good intermediate layer for colder weather. I won't pay full price for a sheer item and I'm tempted to boycott it altogether. For now, it's wishlisted.

A skirt with horses on it? Count me in! Cartonnier's Stable Skirt ($98) was a little girl's delight all grown up. Besides the pretty horsies this skirt also has a castle on it. Not even kidding. I could not stop laughing as I tried this skirt on. I love the thick strips of brown down each side.

My usual size 8 was a close fit here. A 10 is probably in order to hide the thighs a bit better, though it will be loose at my waist. This skirt is soft to the touch and has a few equestrian touches on it at the waistline: two tabs and thick belt loops. I am enamored but this feels more like a crush than true love. I'm not really sure I could work this skirt into my wardrobe. For that reason I've wishlisted it for further consideration later. (Who am I kidding? I'm totally picking this up once it hits sale.)

In need of a top to try with the skirt, I grabbed Tiny's Two Worlds Tee ($78) in beige. My sister had bought this in dark orange while in-town a few weeks ago. We own several of the same items (she is much tinier than me though) but the orange wasn't quite working on me.

My usual size medium was pretty tight over my chest. And this top was sheer. Grrr. I can see wearing this top open and belted as a top layer. Not having the option to wear it on its own is annoying though. I like the embroidered lace panels down the front of the top as well as the defined waist. But I will most likely pass on this sheer top altogether. Back to the rack.

Another Cartonnier skirt caught my eye at the Soho Anthropologie. I tried this on a couple of weeks ago and have been holding my review back waiting for it to make its online debut. And finally today it showed up -- it's the Made To Measure Skirt ($138).

This skirt is a wool pencil in tartan plaid with a twist drape in the front. It feels like 100% wool with an acetate lining. There is a thick leather button on the side where the top of the side zip lands. It's the perfect detail and gets my endorsement. My usual size 8 fit so well. I was very happy with how it sat at my waist and fell perfectly over my hips. The length was fantastic on my 5'8" frame, just grazing my knees. A work skirt! Consider me happy. I wishlisted it.

Seeing Floreat's Paisley Paths Skirt ($98, above) reminded me that the Presently, We're Pheasantly mystery skirt ($158, review here) finally made it online today with a much less interesting name. That the Paisley Paths manages to check in under the triple-digit mark in an achievement these days. That alone makes me smile. I don't know why but I was expecting this skirt to be velvet. I was happily surprised to discover that it's cotton with cotton stitching. Yay!

The sizes available in-store were pretty limited. I ended up grabbing a 12, which was loose in the waist as expected. I think a 10 would be perfect for me; that is what I usually wear in Floreat's skirts. I was very pleased with the straight fit of this skirt and if I may say so it was doing wonderful things for my bottom. The embroidery is a light brown that can look gold with the right pairings. Lots of great options for this skirt so it went straight to my wishlist. The sweater I'm wearing is the From-the-Poles Jacket ($128) which I will cover in an upcoming reviews set.

Sparrow's White Noise Skirt ($98) looked very cool on the rack. I grabbed it for a shot in the fitting room. I picked out a medium to try and while this skirt stretches I felt like I was asking it to stretch a bit too far over my thighs. So I'd buy this in a large.

A couple of things I did not like about this skirt: it's about two inches shorter than I'd like and it's dry clean only. There were enough good qualities to override those negatives though. The multi-snap feature is a very trendy and cool touch. I love the marled look of the material and the color will pair well with almost anything you put up against it. Another skirt for the wishlist.

I tried the skirt with the Flight Of Fancy Top ($58) by C. Keer. My true size medium was a great fit for this top. I am really torn over this item. On the one hand, I have a weakness for ruffles and I love the top tier on this top. On the other hand the bottom tier of ruffles just looks weird. From the front it looked like the ruffles were trying to eat me! I may or may not have been making Cookie Monster-esque comments in the fitting room about the shirt nom nomm'ing on birds and ruffles. How can I take this top seriously? Pass.

Edme & Esyllte's Norwegian Woods Skirt ($88) features an all-over brilliant floral print with a front lace-up detail. Sigh. Love! I love the gentle fullness of this skirt. It right at my knees -- perfect in my book.

I wasn't able to find a 10 so I tried a 12. It was loose enough that I know the 10 would be perfect. I like the idea of wearing this skirt on my hips. If I wanted it to sit at my waist I would stick with my normal size 8. Pair this skirt with a sleek top and you have a winner on your hands. Wishlisted!!

Eye Candy: September catalogue preview

Anthropologie started unveiling products from their September 2010 catalogue online this morning. I am dying over all the horse references in the catalogue, from the shots to the items themselves. It's a diverse take on the equestrian trend this fall -- and in my opinion Anthro's takes make a lot more sense than wearing riding crops or jodphurs as streetwear. Some of my favorite shots within this post but make sure you check out the site! Several items we've been waiting forever to appear online finally made it and there are some beautiful items that didn't make the catalogue cut. Chloe also picked out some faves this morning. Lots of new Anthro coverage to go around.

Southward Stop Shirtdress ($128, review here)
aka the Bird & Deer Dress!

Tweedy Leaves Dress ($158) -- another Tabitha ensemble dress!
with Linnaean Pumps ($158) and
Van Wrinkle Sweater ($118)

In the back: Lass & Laddie Oxfords ($98)
Near left: Fall Frolic Booties ($298)
Near right: Times Three Booties ($198)

...and the cover, which we got a sneak preview
of yesterday thanks to Natalie!

Reviews: Loungewear pulling double duty

When Anthropologie's dresses are out of reach at full price, their loungewear section often offers acceptable substitutes at 1/3 the price. Over the summer I wasn't thrilled with the chemise options -- they were too thin to wear outside, even with a slip underneath. But in the last couple of weeks several suitable options have appeared in-store.

This is Eloise's Distant Chirping Chemise ($58) on me above. It's made of lightweight cotton with a chiffon ruffle on the front and a beautiful bird print. There are also several lines of contrast stitching woven in. It's more detailed than some of Anthro's dresses! Since this is a chemise it's unlined but it does have some features that make up for it, like adjustable straps and an elastic waist ready-made for belts. It's not sheer but if you wear dark colors underneath they will show through the fabric a bit. To be safe wear a slip underneath.

I tried on both a small and a medium. The small fit me better but was too short. The site lists this slip as 36.5" but that is not how long it felt. I think 34" is closer to reality. So it was on to the medium, which was comfortably loose. Such a winner! I had to buy it. I plan on pairing it with a lightweight blazer for now; once fall comes around this dress will look great with tights, a scarf and a cardigan. The British Anthropologiest gave this one a go last night and it looks fab on her!!

I have been trying to will Fleur Wood's Picnic in the Park Dress ($128, review here) to the sale section. Since the powers of my mind don't seem to be working I was excited to see the Meadow Dreams Chemise ($68) by sister label Fleurette for a wallet-friendly option. I was immediately enamored by the gorgeous green color. Jewel tones are a real rarity at Anthro and I was ready to love this precious gem.

Once again I tried both the small and medium and once again the medium was the size I needed for length. Like the Distant Chirping Chemise this chemise has adjustable straps and you will want to wear a slip underneath since it's unlined. The dress has a drawstring waist with two gold beads on the end of the ties. The large ruffle up top makes this an ideal picnic in the park dress. The site amusingly lists this chemise as being 26.5" inches long. But once again I think 34" is about right. $68 is pushing the limit of a steal but it's still a great price by Anthropologie standards. So like the chemise above this one came home with me.

I have only one question. Where were these dresses two months ago Anthropologie???

Anne Pinkerton commonly straddles the line between lounge and streetwear. The River Delta Shift ($58) is another great example of this trend. This dress comes in two appealing colors -- a soft graphite green with grey undertones or the rose color I tried on.

I grabbed the medium to try on. Unfortunately that was a size too small in this cotton-modal-spandex mix. It looked too tight on top. So I'd buy this in a large. My one concern with this dress is how it would hold up to laundering. Would the color stay as nice or fade? Would the material start to fuzz? At $58 I think it's well worth a shot. Wishlisted!

This final dress juuuussst makes it from tunic length to dress on my 5'8" frame (and really if you disagree I would not be offended). It's the Hanging Hibiscus Chemise ($58) from Eloise and the beauty is in the details. The "skirt" portion of this dress has multiple tiers, each edged with darling white lace. The shoulders also have a touch of lace on them and the overall effect is fantastic. The color is labeled as brown but in the faint dressing room light it read as lavender to me.

I went straight for a large since this item looked more close-fitting. It worked but if an XL was available I would have preferred it to accommodate my 34D bust. (There's no XL for this item sadly, only XS-L. Boo.) I would wear this chemise over leggings and maybe with a striped top layered underneath. It's got tremendous potential and if I hadn't already splurged on two other chemises this one would have come home with me. Wishlisted!!