The weekend in-store community post

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Note: I will run new posts over the weekend but continue to have this post on top of the blog to encourage participation.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

Wishlist: March 2010

How's the winter been treating you? For a snow-lover like me it's been a dream -- two snowstorms with accumulation here in NYC and a few weekends up north sliding down hills on my bum snowboarding. I spent this weekend at Sugarbush in Vermont with some friends, after we bought plane tickets up there on a whim on Friday after the "snowcane." Note to weatherpeeps: this hyperbolic trend needs to die. Now we enter March, the month that roars in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Here's hoping there's a couple more lions in this winter yet. For Anthropologie it's been the winter of denial. Too few sweaters, too many short sleeves. At least now the lighter weight is appropriate as it's time to turn to spring wear. My wishlist is populated with darker fabrics but in lighter materials.

1. Billowy Blouses. I'm not quite ready for flutter sleeves but I like the idea of moving to lighter materials. The To The Sun Blouse ($78) has hundreds of tiny birds migrating back from the south while the Bretonnes Blouse ($68) has a chic shape I can't wait to try on. With Free Shipping, I may just take the plunge and order these if they don't arrive in stores soon.

2. Long and Lean. Even though my hourglass is slightly bigger on the bottom than up top I still love it when the right tunic creates a long and lean shape. For the weekends the Cecily Tunic ($88) will look great over jeans and open toes (sandals, I miss you!). For work the Look-Sharp Tunic ($88) might work well over leggings for work. Even though leggings are still not pants. And the Neutral Density Tunic ($88) has a little bit of frill that makes it right for after-dark fun. Love and want all three.

3. Put your bag on my shoulder. The bag on the left is called the Peanut Butter Bow Tote ($228). There are few things I love more than Peanut Butter and some how that's carrying over to desire for the bag. The Braided Perimeters Hobo ($335) is sleek with a price to match while Cynthia Rowley's Areca Silhouettes Tote ($325) is instantly recognizable and highly covetable.

4. Jewelry in bloom. Even though Anthropologie's jewelry has a ridiculous markup I find myself drawn to a few items with each new release. I've already ordered the Cherished Trinkets Necklace ($38). I hope it looks just as lovely in person. The Eila Necklace ($218) has one seal of approval in the reviews section. Flowers are on the mind through the Sunbell Necklace ($48), the Muted Begonia Necklace ($228) and the Moss & Petals Necklace ($68). Can a person have too many necklaces? I hope not.

5. Windbreakers. Though scarves are typically associated with winter I like to wear them in the spring to combat the wind. Which of these should I pair with my Inverness Trench? (Or, uh, maybe the Two Paths Trench ($188).) Are those kittehs on the Animal Art Scarf ($68)? I think so; consider me sold. The mossy green and orange tones of the Waterflower Scarf ($58) make me swoon while the neutral grey and voluminous texture of the Petticoat Scarf ($28) makes it a good match for just about any outfit.

What's on your March wishlist? Free Shipping is tempting me to place more orders, that's for sure...

Info on the locale for Anthro's March 2010 catalogue

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Photo from my good friend Google

Thanks a ton to Anon @ 4:10 PM in this post who found out some more information about the setting of Anthropologie's March 2010 catalogue. It turns out the sculptural shots were taken not in a country like Cambodia or Thailand like I first thought but somewhere much closer: Mexico. Specifically at Los Pazas in Xilitla, a tiny town a few hours north and east of Mexico City.

Photo from Lucy Nieto's flickr set

The gardens are a creation of English millionaire Edward James as a tribute to surrealism. Here's some more information Atlas Obscura, the online curiosities compendium:
Construction on Las Pozas began in 1962, and carried on for the next 20 plus years until James' death in 1984. Las Pozas means "the pools" in Spanish, named for the 9 pools on the property created from waters that flow naturally through the property. The gardens feature more than thirty structures, ranging from plant sculptures to winding staircases to nowhere, and cathedral inspired screens - some ornately finished, others seemingly incomplete, although it is unclear if they were ever intended to be "finished". Most of the construction was done by Plutaco Gastelum, James' friend and co-designer, who was described in Smithsonian magazine as "part Yaqui indian, part Spanish aristocrat and a swashbuckling former rancher, boxer, telegrapher and amateur architect". Gastelum's home is now an eclectic hotel near to Las Pozas.

The full article is fascinating. Truly amazing stuff -- I can't believe that I knew NOTHING about this place before. I am going to Mexico in June and all of a sudden I want to take a detour up to this beautiful garden! I am such a sucker for architecture and sculpture. Here's an amazing flickr set with tons of great pictures from the garden, and below is a video from the BBC series "Around the World in 80 Gardens" with Monty Don. Thanks again to Anonymous for the tip, and to Joyce James in Anthropologie's customer service department for all the great info!

Guest post: Reviews by Kathleen

Friday, February 26, 2010

Please welcome Kathleen, from the wonderful blog Princess of Taylor, back into the guest post fold! I'm very thankful to the guest bloggers who volunteer their time and expertise so I can take a quick breather. If you're interested in writing a guest post please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the guest post...

Hello again, everyone. I, like the rest of you, have been having absolute fits over all of Anthro's new arrivals. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of new arrivals already in my store, but much to my dismay, they did not have the Two Paths Trench ($188) which my Husband has actually given me flat out permission to purchase!

I asked my SA who told me that their shipment came in today and 14 boxes were missing! Hopefully they find the boxes and even more of the new arrivals (in my sizes) are inside!

Fragrant Valley Dress ($188), size 12 - I knew I was going to be in big trouble when I saw this dress online. It is so unbelievably pretty. I don't really have anywhere to wear it per se, but who cares! I grabbed a 12, but I would size down to a 10 to buy this dress. The bow in the back is sweet without being too large or obtrusive and the pattern/cut of the dress are just to die for! And did I mention it has pockets! *swoons* This is on my wishlist.

State Fair Dress ($138), size 12 - I needed a 12 in this dress and even that fit me a little weird in places. My hips needed a 12 but my bust probably could have done fine with a 10 (or even an 8). I also felt like the waist was a little off in its positioning. The dress is really pretty in person and is a good length. The buttons down the front are not functional - there is a side zip (I did have some issues getting into this dress, but that is probably a me thing and not a dress thing!) I'll pass on this one. Roxy did her review of this dress here.

Vittorio Epaulette Tank ($118), size 10 - there are two very important details about this shirt that I did not notice looking at the picture online: 1) the entire shoulder is sparkles and sequins and 2) the empire band around the waist is uneven (i.e. about 1.5 inches thick on the zipper side and then expanding to more than 2.5 inches thick on the opposite side). Personally I can't do an empire waist thicker than 1.5 inches so while one side of the blouse looks fine, the other side makes me look lumpy and bumpy. I did really like the pattern of this top in person and I imagine it would be really pretty with some white pants or even under a dark suit. The length is on the shorter side, but I liked given the style of the blouse. You couldn't tuck it in, but it extended a few inches below the waistband of my low-rise pants.

Followspot Tank ($98), size 10 - can everyone just take a moment and collectively weep me as I mourn the loss of this shirt. Online it is absolutely stunning. In person, it is really pretty. The colors are vibrant and the material is glorious. First sign that something was amiss: it took me three tries to get this top over my head. And when I did get it on - OH THE HORROR! This top is everything that makes me look horrible in clothes in one garment: no defined waist, ruffles pooling at my hips (largest point) and even the length is a nightmare. The ruffles are actually in two rows down the front, starting in the center and going outwards. Totally unflattering on me! I suppose I should thank Anthropologie because I totally would have bought this top had it looked even remotely decent on me. I think it is for the super slender ladies only unfortunately.

Magnified Geranium Blouse ($98), size 10 - when I first saw this top, I assumed it would be sheer. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it in person - it's not. This top would be totally work appropriate tucked into a skirt or pants and without a cardigan on top. The colors are very soft and muted: orange, sage, and a dark taupe. The button detailing at the collar is cute and the armholes gave me enough coverage. This is definitely something I'd consider, especially if it went on sale. I don't think I love it $100 though.

So did I buy anything? Tee hee - of course. I got the Skybound Button-Up ($88), size Medium. The buttons are very pretty (like little pearls) and the shirt buttoned perfectly across my chest and was long enough (that never happens!) I think I'm only going to keep it if I get a PA because it is definitely quirky (perhaps too quirky for boring old me). Any ideas on how to style this thing?

I plan on ordering the Two Paths Trench ($188, see Rosa's fantastic review here) (and the Drifting by Dress ($168) and Tonal Gingham Dress ($138)) this weekend. Look for reviews of those things on my blog in the next few weeks!

Reviews: Hello Good Day Dress, Cooling Magma Dress, Chalk and Charcoal Skirt, Secured Corsage Tee

This post could also be known as "the post in which Roxy rushed from lower Manhattan to 16th St/5th Ave at 7:15 PM before Anthropologie closed at 8 PM to see if the Drifting By Dress ($168) was out yet for Kim and made it but couldn't help trying on a few things too and by the way no the dress is not out yet but oh well at least I got yummy Whole Foods dinner out of the deal." But that would be too long to fit easily in the title area.

This first review is for a good friend from college -- papers&packages. She has got to be one of the best paper designers I have ever seen. Her company, {lavish} design studios creates fun parchments like calendars, cards, wedding invitations, etc. and every time I see a new design on her blog I'm just floored. She's a pretty cool gal too. If you live in the Seattle area {lavish} is going to be mentioned in this month's Seattle Magazine. Check out her stuff!

The dress requested is the Hello, Good Day Dress ($118). Once again I landed in the nice, big & bright dressing room so I took advantage with a full shot. I want this room everytime! The dress is a combination of jersey on top over a voile bottom. That leaves me a little concerned that this little yellow button frock will stretch over time. The skirt has a pouf in just the right place to hide my hips and thighs and make me look much leaner and straighter. I just guessed wrong on sizing -- I grabbed my true size medium which was too big. I'd size down to a small to buy this. The scoopneck is just a bit lower than I'd like but overall I was quite pleased with this dress. It's on sale at Soho (marked down by just $10 at the moment) so I'm hopeful it will hit the regular sale section sometime soon.

The dress I love the most in the March catalogue has to be McGinn's Cooling Magma Dress ($258). Continuing my impractical affinity for all things strapless I stopped in my tracks upon spotting this one at the store. The print kind of reminds me of Christian Siriano's Spring 2010 collection. I sized all the way up to a 10, unsure of how the cut would work over my bust. Good news -- there was plenty of spare room in the 10 both around my hips and my bust. So I'd probably be fine sizing up just one size to an 8. This dress even has pockets!

The front pleat style is annoying for me as a curvy chick. They're meant to create curves on straighter shapes but if you already have them, well, it's unnecessary. I don't think they detract too much. This dress is pretty fancy but I want to wear it aott (all of the time).!

Hooray for bold prints! This mod black and white skirt is We Love Vera's Chalk And Charcoal Skirt ($88). The waistline is elastic which I applaud. It's also adorned with cute white buttons. I grabbed my normal size 8 and thanks to the flexible waistband it fit. This skirt is very full so I'd recommend staying with your true size or maybe even sizing down one if your waist has enough room to breathe.

This dress has what looks like 2 seams in the front and back where the black and white-based fabrics meet but incredibly there are actually side seams too! We Love Vera missed a huge opportunity. I was angry to see that the side seams didn't match up. On a bold print piece like this that's unforgivable. What a wasted opportunity. It immediately knocks the skirt down from being a high-end piece. Blargh. I've wishlisted it anyway but won't pay full price.

I realized I had not run my review of Deletta's Secured Corsage Tee ($58) even though the Landing Field Skirt ($118, review here) got the treatment last week. Apologies for that! Especially since it's such a fun little top, albeit a sheer one. Frowny face, Anthro! I am making it at your decision not to go with opaque fabrics. It's getting ridiculous at this point.

I grabbed my normal size small which fit great. The corsage is a bit silly I admit. I like it anyway. Though green is my color I found I liked the ivory version better because the corsage looks more like flowers. The sleeves are OK -- somewhere between capped and tank. Wishlisted for sale time. Hometown Queen tried this top on for today's post as well...synergy.

Quick hits: Dress after fabulous dress

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anthropologie has released a ton of beautiful dresses recently. This post attempts to review a small herd of them! Kicking things off is Marimekko. Anthropologie, thank you so much for carrying this brand I've literally been swathed in since I was born. My parents discovered the brand in Finland and then France and I've been addicted to their vibrant, bold prints ever since. If you're ever in NYC there's a Marimekko concept store in my old 'hood.

This beautiful maxi dress from Marimekko is called the Rustling Treetops Dress ($188). I am not normally a fan of these long dresses but my goodness this one rocks! By some coincidence I was wearing nail polish that matched the vibrant green perfectly. I know the dress looks like it's flaring out but that's only because it needs a steaming to get the pleats to sit correctly. This halter dress is easy, breezy and beautiful. I sized up 1 size to an 8 since this brand tends to run small.

Tracy Reese's Pictureshow Dress ($298) was one of the stars of the February catalog. While I love the look I have no clue where I'd wear this so I tried it on just for the blog. The zipper on the back of this one stuck something crazy and the cups weren't really big enough to accommodate me. As with all Tracy Reese dresses the craftsmanship is top notch. A beautiful dress but not meant for me. I sized up to an 8.

Another Tracy Reese dress here -- this one is the Sky Grown Dress ($228). The cut of this one is fantastic for curves. The fit on the model is quite different. There are snaps up the side of the dress but it actually closes via side zip. It's made of slippery silk that felt more like rayon. Though I tried on an 8 I'd like to give a 10 a shot as well, mostly for how tight it was around my thighs. My legs are pretty thick though so most people probably won't have this issue.

Lil's Caballo Falls Dress ($168) looks like it went through a couple of changes before making it to stores. Specifically I noticed the strap got thicker, which I approve of as the spaghetti straps would not have worked for me. I do like the version of the print on the product shot however. I sized up to an 8 for the larger cups (I am a 34D). This dress is really pretty though I'm not sure how I feel about it for me.

I was really looking forward to Girls From Savoy's Monukka Dress ($168). Unfortunately I was very disappointed by it. I grabbed my true size 6 and it was ridiculous. Tons of extra fabric and I would liken wearing this dress to being in a trash bag with the twist tie used as a belt. Maybe sizing down to a 4 would help but something is definitely off about this dress. Not flatting at all.

This dress from Deletta isn't on the website yet but I couldn't wait to share it. It's $138. I love the appliqued bouquet on this easygoing stunner. The price is a bit high in my opinion but I just adore the look. I sized down to a small for the best fit. Slim and petite gals are going to find themselves sized out of this one. The cut is just right for a curvy frame and I can't say enough good things about this one. Moved to the top of my wishlist for sure.

Maeve, you have redeemed yourself in my eyes. Whatever crazy fit issues the line had over the winter seem to be resolved now. The State Fair Dress ($138) is the latest perfect frock Maeve has unveiled. My true size 6 was a perfect fit with the accented waist hitting at just the right spot. Do not trust the color in these photos -- the product shot is more accurate to real life. This dress would be perfect for work or weekend. Love it! Wishlisted.

I had a request to review the Slate Stripes Shift ($128) so here it is! This is another Maeve piece though the fit is...tentlike. It's the pattern! It looks like a circus tent or an awning or something like that. The size pickings were slim so I grabbed a 4. It was too tight around my thighs but fit fine up top. My true size 6 would work perfectly. This dress would look best with a cardigan or top over it. By itself the shape isn't working for me.

anthro email: The beauty of march

Who has a new catalogue up to browse? Anthropologie. So says their latest email which also confirms Free Shipping for anthro members. This offer expires on 3/31 and as of now is USA only. The catalogue is gorgeous, it's hard to pick a favorite shot! Hopefully the clothing starts rolling to stores soon so I can drool some more.

Reviews: Tic-Tac-Toe Blouse, Point-De-Venise Tank, Lambent Amaryllis Blouse, Green Thumb Blouse

Oooh, Floreat. You have truly achieved cropped perfection with your Tic-Tac-Toe Blouse ($98). Now normally I'd be complaining left and right about the length of this top BUT in this case the cropped look completely works. It's meant to be worn over a high-waisted skirt (or pants, or sailor shorts) and I just love it.

I grabbed my normal 6 and while I thought it fit fine in the dressing room I see the front flap isn't supposed to be open. I would probably have to size up at least 1 size and maybe 2. No matter though. The print is just adorable and this top has a decidedly mid-century look to it. It's work appropriate but could also be worked into a weekend outfit easily. This will be mine at some point. Wishlisted!

I wasn't really interested in the Point-De-Venise Tank ($68) but goldenmeans looked pretty fantastic in it and what am I if not the occasional Anthropologie lemming? So I grabbed this deceptive cotton tank with lace overlay and tried it on in my normal medium. It's serviceable.

I suppose that sounds like a backhanded compliment. I can't put my finger on it but something is not quite right. My hope was to look pretty and feminine in it but I feel frumpy. The pulling under the bust is not OK with me and why is the lace overlay so much longer on me? Sale could bring a reconsideration but this one's a pass for now.

Lil loves them some appliqued sparkly flowers this year. First the Glimmering Magnolia Dress and now the Lambent Amaryllis Blouse ($118). I have to admit that when I hear lambent these days I think Gears of War and I doubt that's the comparison Anthropologie was hoping to draw. But the shirt looked cute on the website's main page last week so I gave it a shot.

I tried on my true size 6. The problem with this flowy style is that if you have a larger chest it ends up looking like a muu muu. The flower is nice enough and I like the flutter sleeves a lot. The sheerness is frustrating though the material is right. There is not much hope for this shirt and me to be friends. Back to the rack. And it only gets worse...

...muu muu number 2! Aka the Green Thumb Blouse ($118). Once again this is my true size 6. I'm not even going to comment on this one -- I think the pics speak for themselves. If you need me I'll be playing shuffleboard in the back.

In case you've ever wondered what an Anthropologie survey looks like...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So ladies...which three would you choose? My choices in the comments. Thanks to Christine who sent this along!

March catalogue preview and FREE SHIPPING is back!!

Some Anthro news and eye candy in this post! Thanks to Maureen who gave us the heads up that Free Shipping looks to be back for anthro members! Not sure if this is US only or if our international friends are included. As of now looks to be no minimum which I love, because $150+ is J.Crew shenanigans and has no place at Anthropologie. Just hoping this is a real upcoming I hope. If you're not an anthro member you can sign up here. What are you going to buy with Free Shipping? Curious minds want to know!!!

Did you international Anthro fans see the announcement yesterday? Guess who now ships to Australia? (And 90 more countries!) Visit Anthro's International site for the complete details. And one final note -- Anthropologie is coming to New Orleans!

Looks like the upcoming March catalogue is going to be filled with eye candy galore! Below are some of my favorite images -- see more in my Facebook album. Shop the new arrivals here.

Ridgeway Blouse ($88, review here)

Reviews: New York New York Dress, Fiber Optics Dress, Above-the-Fray Skirt, Air Mail Skirt

We Love Vera is back with a dress I can actually wear (and for that I am thankful). Her prints are always fantastic and this one is no exception. I find the ever-changing product name -- currently the New York, New York Dress ($168) for those of you playing along from home -- a bit odd. The product description cites Rockefeller Center but when I think tulips I think Park Ave and not the plaza. Maybe that's just me.

Knowing the fit issues I had with the Snow-Covered Fields Dress ($148, review here) I reached for an 8 in this one. It was loose. I'd grab my normal size 6 to buy. This dress has a much easier fit with an a-line skirt. I love the style of the low scoopneck but I found it to be more revealing than I'd like for a day dress. There are two blue pleats on the sides of the skirt that add some extra interest as well as thick zig-zag stitching around the neckline. I'm not sure where I'd wear this dress so I've wishlisted it for now for further consideration.

I was bemoaning the lack of green just a couple of weeks ago. Anthropologie must have heard my whining and came through with the delicious Fiber Optics Dress ($198). I even love the name -- very work-appropriate for me. Maybe it's the color but I also find this dress to be Peter Pan reminiscent. The wrap belt is very long. Even double-bowed there was plenty of extra length.

I started with my true size 6 but found it to be too big. It was droopy, specifically in the chest. So I sized down to a 4 for the photos above. I will need to wear a camisole underneath this dress for sure. This dress doesn't seem to be designed for a bigger chest. As you can see there is some loose material underneath the bust, above the wrap belt. Some well-placed fabric tape will fix the issue. I couldn't resist bringing this one home with me.

I'm not sure what made me reach for a 10 in Edme & Esyllte's Air Mail Skirt ($98). It was practically falling off. I puffed out my tummy to keep it in place for these shots. I will buy this in an 8. I know a lot of my fellow Anthro bloggers have been down on this skirt but I really liked it! The pleats in the back are admittedly odd but how often are people really going to see them? They weren't so cumbersome to be unflattering. Most of the time in a skirt I will be walking or sitting anyway.

I like the belted waistband and the print is just spectacular. Note that the pleats on both the front and back are nowhere near as pretty as the product shot shows in real life and I think that is contributing to the negative returns. This skirt has a lot of movement to it as you walk which I love. Wishlisted.

I had the rare joy of being in a well-lit, big Anthropologie fitting room so I took advantage with a couple of full shots. I have a head after all! This awesome green top is by Tabitha and it's new on the website this morning as the Ridgeway Top ($88). I tried on a size 6. It's not nearly as wrinkly in real life though there are lines throughout the fabric. The bold color is ready for spring. I didn't mind the cap sleeves. And the length is perfect on my 5'8" frame! I just wish the price was $58 instead, so I've wishlisted it for now.

Paired with the top is Tiny's Above-The-Fray Skirt ($88). The skirt is somewhere between a straight skirt and a bubble skirt. The hemline is somewhat tapered in. I tried on the large which was a close fit. I was comfortable though. This skirt likely works best with something tucked into it. The tie waist is made from a distressed gingham belt and the skirt itself is slightly distressed.

I love this skirt. The vent in the back is enough to let you walk comfortably and the light striation works perfectly for the warm months. I stopped myself from bringing this home immediately only because I have so many denim skirts already. I will be purging one to make room for this pretty little thing.

Have you tried any of these items on? Have you checked out all the pretty new arrivals this morning?? I am dying. (And so is my wallet.)