The weekend in-store community post

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Note: I will run new posts over the weekend but continue to have this post on top of the blog to encourage participation.

I have noticed a lot of community members sharing in-store deals and spots in the comments of various posts. Inspired by the weekly Seek & Find posts started by the lovely Alexis over at J.Crew Aficionada, I think now is a good time to start a similar weekly post here.

This post is for community members to trade information. You can ask for help in finding an item, report back on what you saw in-store at your local Anthro, ask general questions, make a request, or just stop by to say hello. I love how helpful this community can be!

OOTD: What I will be wearing this week

This week I'm daytripping so it's all about reducing, reusing and recycling. While planning my outfits ahead of time is helpful for me I have noticed a few things as I ramp up the OOTD posts again. Namely that since I don't really choose accessories until the day of you're not getting the full outfit all put together, which is a bit disappointing to me. And my hair is never fully done until I'm ready to go out the door. So I think I will try to do morning-of shots again next week.

For instance, take the outfit above. Right after I took the shots I realized that these accessories would look perfect with the outfit. The pumpkin necklace really picks up the warm brown tones of the belt. But since I'd already taken the outfit off...well it was a little much to put it all on again before I'm actually going to wear it.

As for the outfit itself a couple of months ago I was this close to donating both the blouse and cardigan because I never wore them. I try not to hold onto items I'm not wearing because I'm trying to build my forever closet. But in this case a second look helped me see how great they go together! The blouse has little clusters that look like cherries. It's quite darling.

In this outfit:
Sweater: Banana Republic cashmere blend cardigan in navy (similar here, here and here)
Blouse: H&M (similar here, here and here)
Skirt: Elevenses skirt from 2008 (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West Babealish in grey ($71)
- don't forget to use ebates!
Belt: Leaps and Bounds Belt ($34)

Reusing the belt but making a completely different outfit = just what you need on the road. For a long time I was anti-belt mostly because come midday they start to feel constricting. So on trips I forgo the leather belts in favor of elastic ones like this. Sitting on my natural waist they allow some breathing room below for my tummy.

The shirt is from Ann Taylor Loft and it's become one of my favorites. The blue color is so rich and the wavy tuxedo ruffles somehow streamline. I have to say I feel pretty dressed to impress in this outfit.

In this outfit:
J.Crew jewel-buttoned cardigan in navy herringbone (similar here)
Top: Ann Taylor Loft Ruffle Cascading Shell in navy (slim pickings online but still in stores)
Skirt: Oldie Express pencil skirt (similar here, here and here
Tights: Target Crosshatch Tights (similar here, here and here)
Nine West (similar here, here and here)

For this outfit I'm reusing the entire bottom portion of Monday's outfit. (Quite convenient, really.) Since I'm seeing different clients with different co-workers, only you will know EA community! It'll be our little bloggie secret. Once again after taking this picture I realized it was missing something so the final look will include my grey Snakebite belt. This is especially helpful because I've noticed that after wearing the tank for a day it begins to sag a little bit from the weight of the stitching. A quick toss in the dryer brings it right back to life.

The shoes, despite having 4-inch heels, are really comfortable. They've got a 1-inch platform inside so once you get used to the height you're fine. I must warn you though that they were very, very hard to break in. Walking in them was fine but standing in them was downright painful. Two wears later though they're a fast favorite among my ever-growing collection.

In this outfit:
Sweater: J.Crew tartine cardigan in pewter (this year's version here)
Top: Sewing Basket Top ($68) in grey -- seems to be a store-only color
Skirt: Elevenses skirt from 2008 (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West Babealish in grey ($71) - don't forget to use ebates!

On Thursday I'll be reusing the cardigan, belt and tights. Two appearances this week by Ann Taylor Loft...amazing. I bought this dress right when it came out during one of their sales. Now I see my size languishing in sale at $20 and well, I wish I'd waited. It's been a date nite favorite so I suppose it was worth it. The one annoyance with this dress is that even with a slip it's been incredibly static-y. Not sure if that's the tights, the dress, or the combination of both.

In this outfit:
Sweater: J.Crew tartine cardigan in pewter (this year's version here)
Belt:Snakebite Belt ($32)
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Gap grey chevron tights (similar here)
Shoes: Madden Girl Raazle Open Toe (similar here and here)
Necklace: F21 from the lovely Gigi!!

Friday I'm back in town and wearing brown. No particular reason other than that I love the streamlined look of this one. I'll make my hair much softer when I actually wear this out. One style I've been dying to try is an upside-down braid that trails across your part. I have seen this on a few lovely ladies around town and I'd love to just ask them how the heck they do it. My shyness takes over though so I'll be scouring Youtube to see what I can find.

The Odille blouse is from 2006 or 2007, can't remember which. It was right at the beginning of the rufflepocalypse and has two understated trails down the front. Things were so much simpler then...

In this outfit:
Earrings: from the birthday haul!
Top: Odille oldie (similar here and here)
Skirt: J.Crew Vintage Cord Pencil Skirt in glazed pecan (similar here, here and here)
Tights: Simply Vera Wang brown plaid ($7)
Shoes: Ganache Pumps aka Seychelles Apple-a-Day Pumps ($90) - don't forget to use ebates!

Stream of consciousness: Anthropologie February catalogue

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Want to flip through the February catalogue on your own? Here it is. I am disappointed that the new online catalog pages don't allow you to zoom. We need zoomify back, Anthro!!

Natty Blazer ($88), Beaming Links Belt ($24),
Pictureshow Dress ($298) & Fresh Greens Sandals ($218)

Even the model is thrilled to run off with the circus...

...the escape is even better when there's a cute guy involved...

Pictureshow Dress ($298)
...yes, we do have to jump through hoops
to afford some things from Anthropologie
(it's worth it)...

Curio Collar Jacket ($158)
...our clothing performs acts of derring-do...

Florid Dots Bag ($108) & Picnic Platforms ($418)
...even walking on tightropes...

That's-A-Wrap Necklace, Large ($228) & Small ($178),
Unfreezing Coin Necklace ($318), Nickels & Dimes Necklace ($248)
& Dripping Light Coin Necklace ($228)
...curiosities resembling undersea creatures...

Abuzz Cardi ($88), Three-Beat Belt ($48)
& Plains & Prairies Dress ($148)
...balancing acts of cardigans worn in deserts...

Shrinking Violets Booties ($368) & Wild Meadow Booties ($298)
...illusions of a fake horse drawing with nicer boots than mine...

Rising Orbits Vest ($98) & Slate Stripes Shift ($128)
...stripes like a circus tent all over this dress,
with a sparkled ringmaster's vest...

Dripping Light Coin Necklace ($228), Leading Role Dress ($98),
Come One, Come All Booties ($188), Collected Calico Dress ($138)
& Acrobatics Wedges ($148) of the pairs of shoes in this shot is named after something
you'd see at the circus. The other is something you'd see there...

Cockadoodle Dress ($168) & Dockline Belt ($34)
...the magician realized she should have used
an opaque cape for the big reveal too late..

Blooming Brilliance Blouse ($228), Looping Lanes Belt ($44)
& Galloping Filly Skirt ($128)
...a western-tinged bottom meets a bold, modern top...

Night Flora Sandals ($118) that make you invisible by day, given this shot...

Midnight Canopy Bedding ($68-$428)
...after the show's done, this looks like a great place to rest a weary head.

Reviews: Preppy & Peppy Blouse, Ad Infinitum Blouse, Dollops-of-Cream Blouse

Must. Own. This. Entire. Outfit. (Must also achieve the hair.)

I haven't been able to find the vest and the blouse from the outfit above in the same store. Here's half of that equation, Odille's Preppy & Peppy Blouse ($78). While Odille's blouses tend to be an exercise in frustration for me their button-downs fit impeccably. I have no idea how one brand can create such a dichotomy.

I grabbed an 8 (one size up) which was large everywhere. There was no 6 for me to try for comparison but I'm sure it would have been fine. I love the soft pinstripes and the shiny black buttons. I don't mind the asymmetric ruffly hem either. Some will not like how loosely the front hangs. A belt will fix that. It is very Dead Poets Society or Leo/Claire's Romeo & Juliet to me. That's not a bad thing. I was not enamored with the contrast lining inside the collar. Everything else in this top is to love. Wishlisted for now. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

One more from Odille. This is their Ad Infinitum Blouse ($68). It comes in two soft hues, one with a blueish tint and one on the candy-striping pink side. This time around I went for my normal size 6 which was a perfectly tailored fit. Odille really nails blouses. The sleeves have just the right amount of gentle pouf. The darting around the bust is flattering and the seams are perfectly placed to streamline and flatter. I couldn't resist bringing this one home with me. It will be a warm-weather work staple.

Notice's Dollops-Of-Cream Blouse ($88) is a good alternative if you missed Ruffian's Flocked Chiffon Blouse. The ruffles are placed differently but the overall effect is similar. This top is incredibly fitted. My usual 6 was so close to my body. I think it would have looked better with a cami underneath to hide how sheer it is (sigh). To buy I'd size up to an 8 just for a bit more room. There are tiny swiss dots on the top layer of ruffles with soft brown stripes on the layer below.

The ruffles on this top are insanity. In the catalog shot it looks like they must have cut out a whole underlayer of ruffles. Because these ruffles announce themselves! Under a blazer I think the top would work quite well (or belted with a long cardigan). Not quite right for me, so back to the rack it went.

Quick PSA: The Climbing Cowlneck is back online....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks to Merula, who let me know that the Climbing Cowlneck ($48) is back online. Purple only for the time-being. I have gotten tons of questions about this one -- read the review here.

Guest post: Reviews by Hometown Queen (from London!)

Proving that Anthropologie is a brand with fans worldwide, this morning's guest post comes from London. Meet Hometown Queen, who visited Anthropologie's Regent St store and sends us some reviews. She also just started her own Anthropologie blog dedicated to the UK perspective. Check it out (after you read this post of course).

I made my weekly trip to the Anthropologie store on London's Regent Street just yesterday and it looks like some of the new pieces have already been out for a few days: here's the British scoop! Right away though, I must apologise for a few things: a) the shocking quality of the photos - I blame it on not having eaten anything. b) the fact that I never take my boots off, I actually have a phobia of trying on clothes without a pair of high heels on to back me up. c) The pained look on my face most of the time, just chalk that one up to the whole British thing. And just before we crack on, a word about my sizing: I'm using the American standard to make things easier. I'm a size 6, generally, with a 36-27-36 set of measurements and, ahem, a generous amount of "bosom". And on with the show.

First up was Odille's Swathed Gingham Blouse ($78/£48) in green; they had the black and yellow variations which I might try on next time. I'm afraid I did actually have front shots of this top, but I just looked like too much of a prat to live, so you'll have to satisfy yourself with this! The shirt feels like cotton so I was surprised to find it's actually a blend - but it is machine washable which is a definite thumbs up in my book. It doesn't feel as though it'd get too warm in the summer.

I was impressed with the coverage, usually wraps like this are a no-no with any amount of boob. It ties comfortably, and more importantly, securely - my chances of accidentally exposing myself seemed slim. I found this to be true to size, but recommend pairing with a pair of formfitting jeans or a pencil skirt as it's slightly voluminous around the middle, not enough to drown your figure but enough to cause a missing waist alert if you wore it with a full skirt (like I did).

Next was the oddly named Fragmented Pipevine Dress ($148/£118) by Maeve. This was seriously cute. It fastens up the front with snaps, no zip or anything - rather terrifyingly you can take it off with one great, downwards pull in a bodice ripping move, so I might be a little nervous about something coming undone, but then it's so pretty... It ran true to size and fitted nicely around all the curves. I have to say that I'm not hugely taken with the print - it doesn't exactly scream "Spring, Glorious Spring!", does it? However, again, it is machine washable, so woo. Weirdly, I'm pretty sure that the belt (which you can hardly see) was a loose fabric belt whereas on the website it seems to be part of the dress... hmmm, maybe I'm just losing my marbles.

The Lime Juice Dress ($138/£128) by Girls From Savoy looked very cute on the rack but doesn't seem to do much on anyone, does it? It's very mumsy, would be my complaint - the only bit of skin the dress shows is a small v at the neckline which is then hidden by the excess frills around the neck. And that neck tie - a safety hazard! I had a potentially very embarrassing situation when I tried to yank this off over my head but forgot to undo the neck and spent the next two minutes flailing around like a dying fish trying to shuck it off. Fits true to size but think you need to have a leaner frame than I do and a big belt in order to make it work.

The Optimist Dress ($148/£118) from Moulinette Soeurs was tried on earlier by Ali but thought it would be helpful to see how it looks on a different shape. This is another adorable dress - but, dare I even say it, too adorable? I can't stress how lovely the belt and the fit of the dress are. There's an exposed zip, which I think is an attempt to modernise it, which doesn't bother me but might bother some. But at the end of the day, I felt like I'd just waltzed out of the von Trapps and, unless you're Julie Andrews, that's not necessarily a good look.

Lastly we have one of the more contentious pieces on the Anthro website at the moment, RicRac's Rising Vapour Dress ($118/£88). Firstly, the material is simply lovely, the jersey soft and stretchy and the chiffon very floaty and slightly ethereal. The colour of the dress is a mid-tone grey whilst the chiffon is a slightly smokier, almost brown tinted grey. I thought this dress fit great, I wouldn't have any other size. Now the contention: the ruffles don't go around the whole dress. This seems to have caused some people great distress, going by the Anthro reviews, and I must admit I was a little taken aback when I saw. I took it off and relegated it to the "no" end of the rack but then felt compelled to try it on again. And you know what, reader? I bought it. Now I'm still ever so slightly on the fence - a toe on the fence, if you will. I thought I'd leave it to you lot to see what you think.

Well it's been a pleasure, and who knows, if this goes down a treat I may be back with a second batch (including the Blooming Sapphire Wrap Dress ($148), Emmer Corset Top ($78) and the Four Petal Cardi ($88)).

Guest post: Outfits (on a budget) by Lola

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tonight please welcome Lola to the guest blogger fold! She does a great job of explaining her concept so I'll leave it to her words. If you're interested in writing a guest post, please email me or click the "contact" link near the top of the blog. On to the guest post!

I approached Roxy with the idea of creating a blog post that focuses on affordable Anthropologie outfits after realizing that many Effortless Anthropologie readers are graduate students. Anthropologie's target demographic may be 'women with an annual household income of $150,000 to $200,000,' but most grad students don't have nearly that income to work with. Even those of us who receive research stipends or are paid to teach earn, on average, one tenth of those figures.

Regardless of whether I should be able to afford it, I'm still drawn to Anthropologie clothing. I've managed to build up a wardrobe of Anthro items through sale maneuvers and generous gift cards from family and friends. Today, I will share some outfits that I have created using only items that cost under $100. Most of these items are currently available on the Anthropologie website or on sale racks at Anthropologie stores across the country.

Because I spend a large portion of my days teaching undergraduates and meeting with faculty, I try not to wear anything that is overly short or low-cut. For those who are curious about fit, I'm approximately 5'6". I generally wear sizes 4-6 in Anthropologie dresses/skirts and size small in sweaters/shirts/tights.

Verite Dress - $80 (on sale right now)
Pinwheel Tights - $10 (on sale right now)
Submerged Necklace -$48

This is my 'hip professor' outfit, although I tend to wear it on days when I don't have to lecture at the blackboard (I get nervous about raising my arms above my head to write while wearing a strapless dress'). I love to bring out the chocolate brown belt on the Verite Dress by matching it with my tights and shoes. The sweater adds some much-needed color to the ensemble. In the picture, I'm wearing the Dawn's Break Cardigan (purchased at Anthropologie last year for $50) but any monochromatic cardigan in a bright color would do the trick.

Fluttering Pencil Skirt - $80 (on sale right now)
Wind Rippled Tee - $30 (on sale right now)

Some might say that the Wind Rippled Tee with the Fluttering Pencil Skirt is a combination with too many ruffles. I personally can't get enough of Anthropologie's ruffled pieces, so I wear them whenever possible. The only caveat is that you want to make sure that the ruffles don't add too much bulk. Fortunately, this isn't a problem for the slimming Wind Rippled Tee or the figure-hugging Fluttering Pencil Skirt. Since the ruffles are a little overpowering, I try not to wear any accessories with this outfit. I also pull my hair into one clean upsweep so that it doesn't compete with the neckline of the Wind Rippled Tee.

Solo Stroll Skirt - $50 (on sale right now)
Gentle Current Cardigan - $88 (no longer available - the Graceful Point Cardigan ($88) is similar)
Shades of Gray Tights - $10 (no longer available)

The Solo Stroll Skirt is tricky because of the diagonal ruffle. You must wear it with a fairly short shirt or the ruffle will get hidden underneath (and give you a lumpy physique). I like to wear mine with a basic black tee that I bought on the Anthropologie sale rack for $20 last year. I'm a huge fan of wearing different shades of gray together, so I decided to pair the skirt with a charcoal-colored Gentle Current Cardigan and the Shades of Gray Tights. I splurged on a pair of Flaxen Wedges ($138), but any brightly colored shoes will add a little pizzazz to this outfit.

Sideswept Sweater Dress - $70 (on sale right now)
Scarf Trick Sweater - $80 (on sale right now)
Duchess Headband - $32 (no longer available - the gold Triple Strand Headband ($32) is similar)

This is my 'first day of teaching' outfit. As a young instructor, it can be difficult to get my students to see me as an authority figure rather than a friend, so I try to look a little more mature on the first few days of class. I like this combination because the burgundy in the dress matches perfectly with the burgundy in the scarf, plus the sweater has more of a 'blazer' feel to it. I know that it sounds crazy to wear a sweater over a sweater dress, but the Sideswept Sweater Dress is very lightweight (and short-sleeved) so it can be layered underneath of a more substantial sweater.

Sidewise Denim Skirt - $88
Climbing Cowlneck - $48 (only available in stores - call Customer Service to track one down)
Lacy Floral Tights - $15 (on sale right now)
Seychelles Ballet Flats - 44 (no longer available through, but you can find them on in a variety of colors)

This outfit is ideal for a quiet day of research. The Climbing Cowlneck is extremely comfy and the Seychelles Ballet Flats are more like slippers (beautiful, silky, d'orsay cut slippers!). The Sidewise Denim Skirt gives the outfit a casual feel, but even when I'm being casual I like to dress things up a little by pairing the ensemble with Ruffian's grey Lacy Floral Tights.

More tips and tricks for Anthropologie's site

As we all know (and HATE), Anthropologie has recently started redirecting sold out product pages back to their homepage. I have no clue why they're doing this and quite frankly it's beyond annoying. Lots of times these items get inventory restocks due to returns, etc., yet the page continues to redirect.

But this post isn't about my annoyance. We've got some crafty community members that have kindly shared their tips & tricks. If you haven't read through the initial post, it's right here. This tip comes from Glenda and involves finding reviews for items that are redirecting. My hope is that Anthropologie will not disable this function once I've shared it...because that would be lame.

In order to make this trick work, you'll need to know the style number of the item you want to look up. It's on the product page shown via arrow in the photo above. We'll use the Openwork Vines Skirt ($128) as an example.

Using this URL as a template:!!!/reviews.htm

Replace the exclamation points with the style number. So for the Openwork Vines Skirt ($128) the URL would look like this:

Paste the URL into your browser's address bar and voila! Reviews appear.

Let's try another one -- the Ice-Capped Blouse (now $60) -- an older item, style #913786. Once again, replace the exclamation points in the template URL with the style number so it looks like this:

And once again, we've got reviews. Love how easy this trick is -- though I never would have thought of it! Thanks so much Glenda! If you have any other tips or tricks, please share in the comments. Cheers to a wonderful community!!

Reviews: All Seasons Shirtdress, Larkspur Capelet Dress, Akebia Dress

One can never own enough pretty dresses, a mantra Anthropologie seems to subscribe to as well. Despite being cold January has seen four straight weeks of beautiful frocks. My arms still hurt from carrying so many around the store to try on.

Anthro introduced the All Seasons Shirtdress ($98) by Odille via email recently. The dress has that country bumpkin feel to it, especially in the yellow. I prefer the navy color but chose the yellow to try on since it photographs better in the dark caves that are some of Anthropologie's dressing rooms.

Since Odille tends to run tight in the bust I sized up to an 8. If you're not busty your true size will be perfect. The v is pretty deep -- I would be fine with no cami on the weekends but for work I'd want something underneath. The dress has two long slant pockets and ties back with a generous sash. This dress is going to wrinkle something nasty. Take care when packing this for trips. At least it's machine washable. Another great thing is the length. I love how it hits right at the knees. It makes this dress so much more versatile. The shoulders don't thrill me but everything else about this dress does. Wishlisted in navy.

You've already seen Corey Lynn Calter's Larkspur Capelet Dress ($188) on Ali. I decided to give it a go as well drawn in by the pretty floral print. I grabbed my true size 6 and found it a bit oversized. But I would not size down to a 4 because the bustline was already pretty revealing even with the lace inset.

This dress is a bit tricky to put on -- you have to position the capelet correctly and it's all pullover. The material is a beautiful silk and I love the way the skirt portion drapes. The ruffled hem is a nice detail. What I do not like is the capelet. I wish this dress were a tank dress or even short sleeves might be fine. But the capelet takes it away from practicality and into costume for me. Beautiful and well-made, but back to the rack.

Moulinette Soeurs' Akebia Dress ($168) has a print I'd expect to see on a bathing suit. It's a vibrant print but a bit overwhelming on a dress. I land between sizes in this brand so I grabbed an 8 (one size up). I found it to fit well.

The skirt portion of this dress is pretty cool with its tiered layers of ruffle. I particularly like that the lowest tier is inset rather than outset. It keeps the dress from looking like a Christmas tree. I could have done without the ruffle on the bodice -- but can you even see it?? The print has so much going on it almost blends right in. I want to find the wallpaper of this exact pattern, stand in front of the appropriate spot and disappear. With a cardigan over it this dress is a winner. Plus it's too meta awesome to pass up. Wishlisted.

Just thought you might like to know about...Sine

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

photo from The Cut

I'm sure most of you already know about Sine, makers of the Hollyhock Dress (now $40) and more recently the Oscillating Folds Blouse ($88) that I reviewed this morning.

Today New York magazine's wonderful fashion blog The Cut has a post devoted to Sine's designer Micaela Ezra. It includes a delicious Spring line mini-slideshow. Oh my goodnesss -- I die. I just love the blouse at the top of this post. I want all the pieces! And the necklace in this shot too please. I'm very excited to see these pieces in real life.

Reviews: Balletomane Tank, Striped Pursuit Top, Oscillating Folds Blouse, Debonair Doily Top

A non-sequitur start to the post: I have a February catalog preview up on Facebook! Plus lots of new arrivals this morning. I always love it when Anthro goes to the circus.

This post is dedicated to tops. Each day Anthropologie seems to be releasing 2 or 3 new ones that I want. This spring is going to be budget-deadly I can already tell. First up is Burlapp's Balletomane Tank ($78). Frills in the front, business in the back. This top is made of layer upon layer of tulle with a flower on the left shoulder for good effect.

I tried on my true size medium and it was a bit big on me. I'd size down to a small to buy this. I wasn't expecting to like this top. It was a very pleasant surprise! The color reads as greyish-blue in real life. I wish it was a richer shade like red or purple. I suppose this shade makes it more versatile as a layering piece though. Added to my wishlist; see it on the lovely Kim from Anthroholic here.

I was eager to see Odille's Striped Pursuit Top ($98) to evaluate its summer vacation potential. I was hoping to try on an 8 (one size up) as I'd heard this top runs short. Unfortunately the 8s were all gone so I tried on a 6 instead. The overall fit of the 6 was fine but I'd have preferred the 8 for an extra inch at the bottom.

The top is made of smooth silk and has a beautiful smocking detail at the waist. It was pretty friendly on my larger bust and I also saw this looking fab on a mannequin. The split shoulders aren't really my favorite though the look works on this top. No complaints besides the length. It seems perfect for summer but it's only 38 degrees here. So for now this top is content on my wishlist.

Sine continues to impress me. Their most recent effort at Anthro is the Oscillating Folds Blouse ($88) which comes in grey or the lovely yellow (with slight hints of citrus orange) you see above. Anthro calls this shade "taupe." Not in my estimation. Sine normally runs small so I sized up to an 8. That was a mistake -- it was loosely hanging off of me. This top is true to size.

Other bias cut ruffle tops have done an unflattering number on me -- I'm looking at you, Tutu Tank!!! ($68, review here) -- but this one looked pretty good. The ruffles are almost like a sash across the shoulder. I can see this top looking very cute with shorts or a mini skirt (I'll go for knee-length though, thanks). Yet another top on the wishlist!

This is one.september's Debonair Doily Top ($98). It's unfortunately unlined...I guess Anthro figures this way you can throw whatever color tank you want underneath. The size medium was just about perfect on me. I felt a little bit like I was wearing a tablecloth. It's a slightly thicker alternative to straight lace though and I appreciate that.

This top is a little outside my comfort zone but it's very cute. Just another beautiful top for the wishlist. 4 for 4, Anthro!