Styled with Anthro: the party-ready and versatility show

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dancing all the way to Radio City Music Hall.
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If you missed the first Styled with Anthro post head on over and check it out! For the second half of our shoot, Anthropologie's Head Personal Shopper for NYC Jeff and Merchandiser of Apparel and Accessories Christina from Anthro's home office in Philadelphia had some more surprises in store for us. Part 2 features one dress shown three ways for a holiday party or event plus some casual work or weekend options. Plus how you can make your own personal shopping appointment!

When the styling team asked me which dress we should feature, I immediately thought of the Peggy Sue Dress ($168). This Girls From Savoy dress has gotten a lot of love in the community and we thought it was a great starting point for a holiday look. Jeff and Christina created three variations for the same event: a modern take on me, a flirty feminine look for Usha and a classic chic look for Keenan.

Our thoughts on fit for the Peggy Sue Dress ($168):
Usha wore this in a size 2 and found the dress comfortable overall.
Keenan wore a 12 and felt that the chest and bodice were tight.
I wore a 6 and felt the same as Keenan -- bustier ladies will want to size up in this dress.


For Keenan's classic look (she's on the left), Anthro's talented team chose the beautiful Tyndall Coat ($248, full review here). I love the choice! The shape is rather timeless, with wider sleeves, a herringbone pattern all up and down and a removable faux-fur collar. The lighter color draws the eye upward, since we want the focus to be on the dress and coat.

To help the bottom half "hide" and keep the eye's focus up, the team selected Hue's Opaque Tights ($13) in green and the Linnaean Pumps ($158). Keenan wore a 10 in the Linneas and said they felt small -- she normally wears an 11 in shoes. She wore a 3 (aka a large) in the tights. The colors are a more Anthro-like choice than the basic grey, black or brown we'd reach for on our own. The finishing touches to Keenan's look are the Fair-Isle-Formal Gloves ($48) and a clutch that is not online.

Note how both she and Usha are wearing green with the dress -- this works because of the darker blue color of the dress. In Keenan's outfit, the dress is acting as a neutral color. Anthro's team applied an earthly palette of greys (the coat), greens (the tights) and browns (the shoes) on top of it. This keeps everything in one color story. Both adornments have rusty red accents, keeping in that same palette.

Over on the right, Usha's look focuses on the accessories. While she's traveling to her party they all star, but once she arrives and takes off the cardi and hat the dress once again becomes the focus. She was given one of the Preloved Jackets ($168) that I reviewed over the weekend. Her variation featured Fair Isle sleeves which I love for a winter look! She sized up one size to a small as this cardi runs small. Her hat is the Finely Feathered Cloche ($48), which quickly sold out online but is still floating around the NYC stores. (Read reviews here.) Her tights are the Sunset Scrolls Tights ($18), which look neutral online but have a decidedly dark pink hue in real life.The final touch are her shoes, the Slinking Frills Pumps ($158) which she wore in her usual size 8.

My look is a more modern take that you can't take your eyes off of. While Keenan got the longer proportions of a classic look and Usha took on the shorter elements in her delicate look, my look is on-trend for this year. Something sparkly, something non-traditional and a great dress as the start. The tones here are eye-catching colors: bright reds; sparkling golds, and a deep green. The Lowland Booties (now $140) are a trendy choice. My usual size 9 was very comfortable, though I felt they made my feet look very long from the side. After seeing how great the Golden Fleece Bolero ($158) looked on Usha I was thrilled to get a shot at it myself. I wore my usual size 8 which fit well through the shoulders and back.

Like Keenan, I took a size L in the Opaque Tights ($13). These tights are red, but they have a purple undertone so they're not as bright as the red in my Waved Spectrum Scarf ($48). The eye gets pulled right towards the scarf. Right before we headed outside Christina put a Carnation Pouf ($15) in dark yellow in my hair. It was the cute whimsical touch all Anthro looks have.

The team! From left: Keenan, Christina, Usha, Roxy, Jeff.
Not shown: Freada, our makeup artist, 
who was kind enough to take this photo.


Back inside, it was time to move on to our next look. Putting the focus back on versatility, Christina and Jeff assembled three day-to-night looks for chilly weather. With the holidays here their thought was to give us looks that are perfect for friends & family gatherings and still play nicely as work or weekend outfits.


We shot these photos before Thanksgiving. I mentioned that I was headed to Vermont for the holiday, and this look was inspired by my holiday destination. I hadn't been impressed by the Fall Classic Coat (now $170) online. But in person it was warm, comfortable and perfect for trips from the city to the country. An 8 was comfortably large on -- perfect for layering. The Swingy Tassel Trapper ($98) may look like a normal winter hat from afar, but the chain detail between the hat and the tassels give this well-loved design a modern update. I didn't want to take it off! To keep the look soft, Jeff chose the Ribbon Moss T-Straps ($178). These run a bit small. I found them very comfortable in a 40 (one size up from my usual 9/39) and I only wish they'd been available in the spring! Still, for this late fall outfit the green color worked well off the Opaque Tights ($13) I still had on from the Peggy Sue look above.

With just a peek of my skirt showing below the Fall Classic Coat (now $170) and a uniform tights color that matches the coat, this look is easygoing but complete. We called this the Friday afternoon look -- work options underneath with weekend readiness topping it all off.


Keenan and Usha had already tried the Rumpled Moto Jacket ($398) in brown (store-only color for now) and with this look I had my chance. It fit easily under the coat and could also work as an outer layer on its own. The Deuxhill Cowlneck ($88) in black motif is back for this look, paired with the sapphire Acting Out Skirt ($88). I took a 6 in the top and an 8 in the skirt. Once again the look returned to earthy tones -- Anthropologie has plenty of items that mix and match well in their fall line!

By tucking in the Deuxhill Cowlneck ($88) this look becomes work-ready. I could easily see myself wearing this at the office or on a client visit. Anthro's styling team tried a couple of differenct accessories with the look: the Crown Of Baubles Bag ($148) plays well off the Rumpled Moto Jacket ($398) and adds a bit of subtle sparkle, while the Ice Wine Clutch ($188) makes the outfit more evening-ready. Note how the crossbody bag makes the outfit feel more casual while the clutch dresses it up. It's amazing how something as simple as one accessory can completely transform a look!


After cooing over the Tyndall Coat ($248) on Keenan, Usha took the coat out for a spin herself. She wore a 2, and like Keenan and I found her usual size big. Size down for sure in this coat! Her shoes are the fun and adorable Bursting Sky Slingbacks ($228) in her usual size 8. The base for this look is the Rugged Carats Dress ($118). While her usual size 4 fit she found it a bit close across the hips and she would have tried a 4 before deciding which size to buy.


The Feather-Clasped Belt ($58) lent an elegant final touch to Usha's look. As I've mentioned in my OOTD's before, don't be afraid to wear a belt over your coat. It tailors that which is shapeless and is a chance to wear something fun over a heavy winter coat.


If my look was Vermont-ready, we were getting Tahoe or Aspen vibes from Keenan's version. This was probably due to the Set Free Cardigan ($128, full review here), which plays the role of warm topper well. Like Usha, Keenan found the Rugged Carats Dress ($118) a little close-fitting in her usual size and recommended sizing up. The Olea Boots ($268) worked well with the Opaque Tights ($13) -- the green turned out to be more versatile than we models expected! The Baffled Box Scarf ($38) completes the cold-weather accessories.


Speaking of accessories, Keenan had some amazing ones in this look! We all oohed and aahed over this beautiful necklace, which hasn't hit the website yet, and the Colorful Crags Ring ($198), which comes in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. If you're searching for something to dress up your look a large accessory is one way to do it. As someone who loves adornments I wholeheartedly approve!


One last set of looks to go! How could we do a styled post without some skirts? Keenan, Usha and I noted that we're all partial to them. This final set features three skirt styles: full (Usha), cropped (me), and straight (Keenan). Like all of the looks we've seen so far, these can go from work to weekend to out and about easily.


Usha asked for a chance to try the Ribbon Moss T-Straps ($178) and loved them just as much as I did. She found her usual size felt alright -- since I felt sizing up was needed you'll want to try these on for sure. Usha returned to the Sunset Scrolls Tights ($18) which she'd worn in the Peggy Sue look above. This look starts with the Pointedly Skirt ($128) from Edme & Esyllte, which was true to size. Taking a cue from the vintage shape and chevron pattern, Anthro's styling team paired the skirt with the Ethereal Blouse ($148). Usha mentioned that she wouldn't have even looked at the blouse normally but loved how it worked in this look. It ran large and she recommended sizing down.

Her comfy coat is the Snow-Tipped Bomber ($198), which Usha found true to size. Her gloves are the Holkham Gloves ($38), which she didn't want to take off once she had them on! Usha also wore one of the Artist's Imagination Necklaces (now $30) to complete this throwback look.

Shapewise, Anthro's styling team picked a longer skirt and chose a floaty blouse which they tucked in. If you want to give this look a modern spin, a thick belt will do the trick. The sherpa bomber adds to the throwback quality -- the Rumpled Moto Jacket ($398) would be a more modern take, or try a sweater jacket that ends two to three inches above the skirt's hemline for a classic look. Since this skirt is longer, you don't need to match the hemlines.


I'd tried the Rutledge Sweatercoat (now $90) without much luck but after seeing it on Keenan I want to go find it again! The colors in the coat work perfectly with all the other outfit elements. The skirt is the Spitalfields Skirt ($78), which has metallic accents on a soft honey velveteen base. We paired that with the Flower Vendor Top ($78), which recently debuted online in this beautiful red color. Rounding out this look are the Opaque Tights ($13) in green and the Linnaean Pumps ($158) which Keenan wore in previous looks above.

This look would be perfect for so many situations, from work to a party to an event to a date to a nice weekend look -- can you tell I want to copy it from head to toe?


Hello again from your post author! My final look centered around the Knitting Needle Cardigan (now $70) which just so happened to go on sale today. How convenient! I'd already worn the purple last time around, so for this look I sported the gold. The Hanami Scarf ($58) pulls out several colors from the look and adds a nice pop to this look. I loved the fit of the Hop, Skip, Jump Skirt ($78) in my true size but wish it was two or three inches longer. My top is the Fancified Boatneck ($58), which fit well in my usual size medium.

I was still wearing my red Opaque Tights ($13) and Jeff miraculously found a pair of the Times Three Booties ($198) hanging out in my size. If only I'd known these were sold out! I probably would have bought them. And again I felt this look could be a work look or a weekend look for me. I added all of these items to my wishlist and am searching for the boots I let slip away.

Overall, all three of us loved our personal shopping experience. Over the course of the shoot Christina and Jeff quickly understood our senses of style and picked items that both fit into those realms and challenged us to step outside our usual boundaries. They weren't pushy about any items or trying to force a sale. Usha, Keenan and I each purchased some of the items we tried. I asked my fellow models if they'd try personal shopping again and they both said, "Absolutely!" without hesitation.

If you're interested in trying out the personal shopping experience for yourself, here's what you should know: Not all stores have a personal shopper, but customers within distance of a store without a personal shopper can still schedule time with another store employee. All personal shopping appointments and services are complimentary. Customers can check with their local store about scheduling an appointment.

I cannot recommend this service enough! I've worked with the personal shoppers both for myself and for my own clients, and every time I've had a great experience. I don't always buy something -- some times I just walk away with an idea of what I want rather than the actual items. I love that Anthro's personal shoppers are never pushy.

If you live in the New York City area, below are the personal shoppers for each store.

Rockefeller Center (212) 246-0386:
Jeff Banks: Senior Personal Shopper & one of Anthro's consultants for this series!
Ty Thomas

Fifth Ave (212) 627-5885:
Lina Ospina
Robin Goldberger

Soho (212) 343-7070:
Harriet Berkovitz

Chelsea Market (212) 620-3116:
Ashley McCampbell