A small after-holiday Sale to keep us warm

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just a tiny set of markdowns this morning, which makes sense given the huge markdown from last week. If any of these items are on your wishlist you're in luck -- the 25% off sale items is still in effect! And it will be until January 3, 2011. I'm safe for this week which comes as a great relief to my wallet.

I'm trying out something old: photos on the sale items, which I used to do back in the day when sale lists weren't so long. I can't promise I'll do them every week but it was pretty easy to do when the markdown list is small. Will you be buying anything from this sale? If one of your wishlist items went on sale or if you see any 2nd/3rd/etc cuts please let us know in the comments! Style #s and price much appreciated. And as always, Happy Hunting!

Hopi Basket Cardigan (now $80), style #19181361

In For A Frill Cardigan (now $70), style #19100718

Millie Cardigan (now $90), style #19267020

Warming Up Cardi (now $60), style #19722354


Falling In Love Vest (now $60), style #18948968

Free-Spirited Tunic (now $40), style #19723774

From-The-Canvas V-Neck (now $30), style #19164136

Kediri Tee (now $40), style #19471853

Olympian Entry Tee (now $40, review here), style #19467604

Thornbury Tank (now $60, review here), style #19391010

Whirlpool Flora Top (now $40), style #19465228

Omberg Denim Jacket (now $70), style #19297324

For All Days Crops (now $50), style #19296607

Joe's Sateen Skinny Cargos (now $80), style #19290998

Pilcro Zip-Pocket Slims (now $50), style #19405497

Inked Marble Mini (now $70), style #19631944