Eye Candy: Anthropologie Accessories store

Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you to everyone who sent along photos from Anthropologie's new accessories store in Chevy Chase, Maryland! The store opened on Friday to the delight of adornment lovers everywhere. I'm thoroughly impressed by the photography skills of the community and clearly I need to brush up on my own barely adequate picture-taking prowess. A slideshow is below for all to enjoy.

Did you go the store? What were your impressions? Some community reports below the show.

Want to see a full-screen version of the slideshow? Click here.

The shop is so cute. Smaller than I was expecting but well stocked with shoes, shoes, shoes! Super friendly sales associates. I was told they carry 80+ pairs of shoes and it looked like it! Everywhere you turned there was another lovely pair. The accessories (hats, bags, rings, necklaces etc.) filled the gap of what isn’t carried in the mid-sized stores (meaning, the more expensive items). The displays were amazing, like out of a catalog shot. I am really happy to have the shop in my neck of the woods! - Anthroyogi

...It was a beautiful boutique though! The front was decorated in a patisserie theme, and overall it was just a lovely environment. I was a little disappointed (just a little) that there wasn't anything there that I hadn't seen before on the website, but they had many of the one-of-a-kind or artisanal items that the site has been adding over the last few weeks. And rest assured that everything looked as good in person, if not better! - AL