You say it's your birthday...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Attention Libras and Scorpios! Just in time for (most of) your birthdays, Anthropologie has updated its birthday discount packaging. This perk, distributed via a lottery to anthro card members, has gotten an update just in time for Anthropologie's birthday later this month. Want a closer look? It's right after the jump.

Thanks to Lauren and Patti B for the photos! I looooove this new packaging. The candle was cool, the buttons the year before were fantastic, but this is just plain purdy. It comes with the usual 15% off your in-store purchases.

Also worth mentioning? Some people are now receiving birthday discounts that are valid online. This is huge! A promo code! Anthropologie has acknowledged their existence. It's great news for Anthro lovers far away from the store, or for the devoted among us who want a bigger (or more diverse) haul than one brick & mortar location can provide. Things like shoes, jewelry and intimates which are only stocked at certain stores now become attainable. I think it's a great move.

While the pouch is here for the next 12 months, I'm not sure about the online promo code. For now it seems to be going to a small pool of people. I hope the online version of the discount is here to stay. October community birthdays, have you received the birthday discount? Did you get the store version or the online version? A curious community wants to know!